Girl, Unspotted

When I was little, my mom bought me a huge cardboard book- a children’s atlas. It was about my size at the time. Each page was a map of each continent with interesting cartoon pictures that represents each countries. On the cover, all the flags are listed. I remember loving it so much I’ve memorized the names of some capitals…and the countries alphabetically (I’m not sure if I still possess that skill right now though). Most little girls at that age loved Cinderella, but not me. This is the one. Right at the tender age of seven, I knew. I knew I wanted to see the world.

My name is Erica. I’m currently sojourned in a beautiful archipelago tucked in the Pacific called the Philippines with my husband. I was born here, although I did most of my growing up in a wondrous land in the west known as the US. My dream of becoming a Nurse is what led me back to my homeland six very adventurous years ago. My lust for travel has never been the same since. Victim to chronic wanderlust, I chase places to quench my thirst whenever I can. But that’s the thing about this thirst…it’s insatiable. I thought it’s about time to create a manifestation of my journey of letting myself wander astray from one place to another, constantly searching for new cities, hidden gems, or perhaps an unlisted island. So come along and wander with me as I share my adventures. But I warn you. Once you get lost, you’ll never want to be found.

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