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5 Lies And Excuses For Not Traveling– Debunked

Money. Your job. The future.

The lies we tell ourselves to accept our mundane reality and settle with everything we’re accustomed to. Even the most seasoned travelers have given themselves excuses to travel. They do work though, the excuses, don’t they? We trick ourselves into thinking and making believe that there’s simply no way to chase after the world, as much as you want to. So you stay there stuck, as what you’d like to believe.

And you probably will remain stuck, as you’ve predicted.

Unless you choose not to. Unless you DECIDE that those are just lies and excuses that you tell yourself. Unless…

Unless you accept the fact that there are ways to make it happen, and that you can make your very own adventures.

…If you only stop believing the lies.

1.) It’s expensive.

Traveling doesn’t have to cost a lot. There are many beautiful places in the world that doesn’t require you to spend your lifetime savings. Many backpackers choose the route carefully particularly going for what’s cheaper. You don’t even need to backpack. I’m sure there are plenty of beautiful places wherever you may be. Go on a road trip. Go camping.

You don’t need a fortune. It just comes down to prioritizing your spendings. Some prefer a lease on a luxury car, while others would rather have stamps on their passports. Some people trade their weekend shopping habits for overtime hours and travel funds instead. Do you really need Starbucks when you can make your own coffee? Start from prioritizing what’s important to you, find things to eliminate in your budget, spend your money wisely, and then start making things happen.

2.) It’s unsafe to go alone.

Originally, the excuse was “there’s no one to go with”, but then it always ends up with the misconception of the danger in traveling solo. Here’s a fact; whatever danger you can imagine happening to you in a foreign country, there’s just as much probability that it could happen in your hometown. If you choose your destination wisely, you may even find more comfort there than your own home. Plus, people are generally kind and will do their best to help anyone in need. Travel smart and don’t do anything to provoke danger. Read up on where you’re going in advance. Keep your guards up and learn to trust your intuition.

3.) You should be saving your money for the future instead.

Investments are always a good idea, but as I’ve said in the beginning, you need to figure out your priorities. If you really wanted to travel, then you need to commit to the fact that travel is rebellion in its purest form. It’s letting go of the norms of society and embracing the world with nothing but wildness in your heart and spirit. If you don’t do it now, then when? When you get a promotion and you can’t leave your job? When you meet the right one and you start a family? When your kids are going to college but you’ve spent all of your money on them? Or when you’re retired but your health has caught up to you? I’ve said it once before and I’ll gladly say it again– you can always make money for a beautiful future, but you will never experience the true beauty of life while you’re confined in your cubicle. Collect memories, not money.

4.) There’s no time.

Then make time. There will never be a more perfect time than NOW. You don’t necessarily need to quit your job and book your one way ticket pronto. All you need to do is make a commitment and start visualizing that you WILL travel. Once you do, the rest is easy. It’s almost like the universe will automatically align the stars for you and point you in the right direction.

5.) You don’t need to.

If you’re honestly happy and complacent and do not find travel important at all, then that’s good for you, and I mean that in a non-patronizing way. However, if you do have strong aspirations to see the world, yet you tell yourself that you don’t need to, then know that I am rolling my eyes at you condescendingly. Of all lies and excuses, this is the worst. The world is such a big wondrous place, and to deny yourself your very own desire to experience that is such a sorry thing to do. You need to, and you know it.

51 thoughts on “5 Lies And Excuses For Not Traveling– Debunked

  1. Absolutely agree 110%
    I literally said all these things before I told myself to shut up and save my money to travel. Booked a one way flight and moved to the UK so I could see the world more.


  2. Number three is the excuse I hear the most from my friends at home. We are at an age where the natural thing to do in be married, buy a house and have kids. They all think I am nuts because I have no savings other than what I need to travel and I don’t own my own home. What I do have it memories of the amazing experiences I have had all over the world and of the people I have met along the way.


  3. We found when we lived on Kaua’i that if you’re bound and determined to talk yourself out of something for whatever the reason, you’ll say anything. Every week we’d have the conversation with a vacationer who would say they dreamed of living there, and when we’d say do it, they’d talk themselves right out of it. The same with travel. We just don’t even indulge the conversation anymore.


  4. We’ve been on the road now and find that it is waaaaaay cheaper to travel than it is to “live’ in the States! This logic is why our blog is called ‘Forget Someday’… it means stop saying “Someday, I’ll… [fill in the blank]. We say “Forget SOMEDAY” and do what you can to make your dreams become a reality!


  5. I hope someone reads your post and finds the courage to follow their dreams and travel. There are always reasons not to – but what a shame to not take opportunity and GO!


  6. I liked the way you have put it. Every travel must have gone thru such phase.
    I believe in finding reason for doing things…..and i ahve found for my travel.
    Thanks for putting things in perspective.


  7. No, I have to say there is no more time not to travel. My husband and I are 67 and 71. We have no more time and are traveling full-time for 7 years now and we have only touched four continents.


  8. Interesing post.We definitely make excuses not to travel – I know definitely that recently i’ve been making excuses such as saving for when I get back to China. Need to get back into stop making excuses!


  9. I’ve lived abroad for about 3 years now. The most common question I get is “why?”, (Meaning, why would you leave the safe boundaries of Australia with beautiful weather, food & lifestyle).

    I answer, “why not?”.

    Nice post, you’ve addressed many excuses. I think I could list 100 more I’ve heard, I’m sure you could too!


  10. Girl ! These are things I have been encouraging my friends to do . It’s always save for the future but then again in the future, you will have more responsibilities… it’s never enough blah blah blah… I try to encourage them that now is the time or they should make the time but oh well…. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion and priorities but I can so relate to this post.


  11. When I finally declare that I will travel – full time, eye brows raised, shocked big eyes and a lot of you must be rich comments are all I received. I used to get sad and affected in negative way, but I finally learned that I should not give a shit what they will say. After that, I’ve been concerned with anyones comment to me and my traveling.


  12. I love this post, too many people get caught up with careers and money that in the end they regret putting all their time and energy into something that they are not really passionate about instead of really building a life! Get out there and go for it, these people who keep making excuses are the ones who will have to live with the regret.


  13. Great points! Although the first one (money) is still tricky. I do travel as much as I can but it’s very hard to get much further abroad than Europe which I would like to when your rent is over half your salary. And it’s not a big place either, it’s just London! haha


    1. I agree. It’s definitely tricky. But there are some people who makes such big complaints about the lack of it but they’re all rocking Chanel purses and driving BMW’s, sipping Starbucks on the daily, and eating out every other night. They do have money, they just have other priorities like we do 🙂


  14. Ahhhhh number 3!!!! People always tell me I should be saving money for the future and that I’m being irresponsible. I think it’s irresponsible not enjoying youth and freedom while you have it! haha awesome post girl! xx


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