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Date Ideas For Adventurers

Dates are fun, but the usual movie and a dinner can get pretty old. If you’re just like me, or you’re trying to impress a girl whose idea of a great date involves an adventure and trying something new, then I’m sure getting wined and dined wouldn’t cut it. This piece is for those unconventional lovers. The ones who would rather get (literally) dirty than get dolled up for an evening out. I present to you a list of 28 date ideas guaranteed to get to know each other even more without being too predictable.

1.) Go beach camping.


If camping in the woods is too mainstream for you, take your tent to the beach instead. What’s more romantic than star gazing while listening to the sound of the waves by the ocean? Pack some dinner and a bottle of wine, smore’s ingredients, a good playlist and a speaker, and some comfortable blankets for a night of storytelling and long make out sesh (and skinny dipping)! (Click here for a list of islands to camp at near Manila)

2.) Explore the town/city in a bicycle.
Save money on gas by renting bicycles. Go on a tour around your area, or a nearby town that you’ve been meaning to explore. Take breaks at cozy coffee shops you find a long the way, check out art galleries you come across, and find hidden spots that are Instagram worthy.

3.) Chase waterfalls.


Although some waterfalls require some serious hiking, there are some that are easily accessible. It’s always a great idea to get to know someone while you’re out with the nature. Just make sure to pick a good spot away from bugs that might ruin the mood. (Click here for a waterfall inspiration)

4.) Go on a “food tour”.


Do you remember that show in Food Network called $40 a Day? To put a twist to the typical dining and wining experience, my husband and I would come up with a budget for a day and hit up a few different restaurants and only ordering one single item from the menu. That way, we get to try out different restaurants, and let’s face it, it’s quite an adventure.

5.) Take a hike


Whether it’s your first date or your 100th, hiking is a great way to spend time with your boo thang. It’s not only a great form of workout but you’re also rewarded with a great view after you reach your destination. Bring a bottle of champagne for a celebratory toast. (Check this out or this one for hiking inspiration)

6.) Rent a motorbike and explore further.

If a bicycle ride wouldn’t do it, take a motorbike instead. Go on an expedition to your neighboring towns and make new discoveries. Find hidden beaches and any unknown little gems as you cruise around under the sun. Just don’t forget to load up on sunscreen.

7.) Play tourists.

Get to know your city by playing tourists. Go to the most popular spots, eat at the highest rated restaurants and cafes, drink at the most crowded bars, and don’t forget to stop at the local museums to learn about the history. Go on a walking tour and admire the sites and architecture. If you’re willing to take it further, purchase a souvenir t-shirt and wear it the entire time.

8.) Watch a local game.

Not every city is fortunate enough to have their own professional teams. If that’s the case, support your local university or high school and sit down for a game. Grab some hotdogs and hide some beer in a water bottle to add some authenticity. Do drink at your own discretion, however.

9.) Go people watching.

It’s a great way to witness and learn about culture just by simply watching people walk by. Go to the center of the city where it’s the busiest, find a great spot to sit, and just…watch people. Make observations and let it work its therapeutic magic. It’s fun and I guarantee a lot of things will come up that you’ll both enjoy talking (or laughing) about.

10.) Go on a dessert expedition.


Scavenge your city’s best desserts by trying out the best sellers of the best spots. What’s a more romantic expedition than the ones that involves sweets?!

11.) Take a cooking lesson together.

Culinary skills is a turn on, so go the extra mile and learn a new recipe or two together at a cooking class.

12.) Make your own drive-in movie.

Take your laptop with a movie, find a good location of your choice (a hill overlooking the city? the park?), and watch at the comfort (or right outside) of your own car. Bring fruits and other snacks to munch on. Movies under the stars? Yes please.

19.) Go iceskating.

And then treat yourselves to ice cream afterwards.

14.) Visit haunted buildings.

Look up the most haunted abandoned buildings and houses in your area and go on a ghost hunt. Take pictures and look for evidence.

15.) Play a sport together.


Play mini golf (or big kids golf), hit some baseball, challenge each other to a game of a pool…there are endless 2 people sports and games that would be enjoyable as a date. A little competition ain’t neva hurt nobody!

16.) Go to a shooting range.


Guns, bullets, shooting…. why the hell not?!

17.) Bring out your inner child and spend the day at the arcade.

Pick a price you want and make it a goal to win it by the end of the day. If that doesn’t seem feasible, then win as many vending machine stuffed animals as you can.

18.) Go fishing.


Find a nearby lake and test each other’s patience by going fishing. If you get bored, rent a kayak and explore! It’s a win-win situation.

19.) Go to the local zoo.


Pet a snake, feed some monkeys, annoy a tiger..the zoo always promises a good time. However, if you have strong feelings against keeping animals as captives, head to the aquarium instead. Or better yet, go to a dog/cat cafe. You’re guaranteed to leave your worries out the door. Seriously, who doesn’t love animals?!

20.) Sing your hearts out at a karaoke bar.

Drinks, munchies, and karaoke. But if you’re not a very good singer and you want to impress your date, then do reconsider.

21.) Volunteer.

It doesn’t have to be big. A small act of kindness to the local community will not only be a great day for both of you, but it will be a memory that will last a lifetime (even if your relationship doesn’t). So ask around if there’s any volunteering activities available in your city that you can join. There’s gotta be at least one that would fit your personal skills!

22.) Go to the park and fly a kite.

You can start off with a picnic and then spend the rest of the day flying (or learning how to) a kite. You can buy cheap ones at the store, while some parks rent out pretty cool kites.

23.) Go to a casino.

You don’t necessarily need to gamble your life away. Stick to the slot machines and test your luck. Go for the nicer casinos for free drinks!

24.) Play dress up at a costume store.


Pretend you’re really interested and try out the wackiest costumes and take pictures of each other. You can check out thrift stores for some quirky vintage finds. Compete who comes up with the best costume.

25.) Go to a local high school and observe how different today’s generation is.

Without being a creep, watch how today’s culture differs from your generation. Make comparison with the fashion, the crowds, and the school itself. Even better if you visit your own alma mater!

26.) Try exotic food.


Find a restaurant that offers exotic delicacies that you both haven’t tried before and give it a go. Start off with something a little less extreme like, frog legs or chicken feet at a Chinese restaurant.

27.) Have a picnic at a cemetery.

Because the park is too common.

28.) Live like a local.

What’s more romantic than going away for a weekend and renting out an entire home for you and your boo? Vacation rental companies are making it really easy to experience places by helping you get a glimpse of living like a local by simply… living at a local’s home. By renting out an entire home or apartment, you not only get a great amount of privacy, but it will also allow you to get a better feel of the area in a more authentic way than you would if you were staying in a hotel. It’s an entirely different experience!

29.) Check out street art and graffitis.

It’s another great way to explore a city. Search for hidden alleys for amazing finds.

Is there any thing else I should add to this? Let me know down below. Better yet, let’s chat on Facebook! Click here 🙂

87 thoughts on “Date Ideas For Adventurers

  1. Wow! Quite the list! Lots of great ideas in here. Funny enough I used to work in a high school for years and everyday was amazed at how quickly our culture changes! At any rate, back to the date ideas… lots of these sounds so fun. Of course, I like all of the ideas involving food! Beach campfire sounds nice and romantic, as well!


  2. Great ideas! Even though I’ve been married for a few years I still love planning dates. Not sure about a picnic in the cemetery, but I have to give it to you on creativity!


  3. These are all great ideas! My husband & I have been married for almost 7 years and always go on the same date (dinner, MAYBE a minor league baseball game if we’re lucky). I especially love the dessert expedition, hiking and beach camping.


  4. Thanks for the fun tips- some of these are hard to do with littles, but I am totally always up for a dessert expedition! 😉 My hubby and I like to take long drives in the country and see if we can get lost…always an adventure with your love by your side! ❤


  5. This is great! We’re always looking for date night ideas. Camping on the beach is definitely something I have to try. Also, I can totally concur with the fishing idea. I never thought I’d like it, but since my boyfriend introduced me to it, I love it! I had no idea how fun fishing could be. I think more people should get out there and try things out the box.


  6. You two are adorable! I love the ideas, they are indeed romantic. Nothing beats quality time than learning a skill or experiencing something new together. It makes a couple’s bond stronger!


  7. This is quite the comprehensive list! I love all of them. We always try to have our dates include something active and something delicious to eat. I love walking around a market, buying some food and taking it somewhere to eat with a good view!


  8. This is quite a list of ideas to liven up the husband-wife date. Of course, the couple will have to agree. As much I’d like to go on a haunted tour or try exotic food, I know my wife will never agree. Hehe. Food and dessert trips are the safest bet for us. – Fred


  9. Picnic at the cemetery is definitely not something I will try. Not just because it’s weird, I think it’s not really respectful to the dead too. Unless, of course, we are doing that in front of deceased ancestors or relatives


    1. It’s definitely not for everyone. I haven’t convinced my husband to do this yet because he think it’s weird…and he thinks I’m weird for even thinking it! But I don’t think it’s disrespectful to the dead at all. Not unless of course you bust out some speakers and start putting on loud tunes, or doing obscene things that should be done in private. If done with enough courtesy, I think it should be harmless. However, our cultures may have different beliefs when it comes to this, and in that case, I respect your opinion 🙂


  10. There’s so much to do as an alternative to the usual movie/dinner date nights. These are actually great tips! However, there are some guys (or girls) who are into as adventurous and wouldn’t agree to doing some of the listed suggestions. But it would really be fun if they’d try all of them. These activities would lead them to know each other more.


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