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A Manifesto: 30 Adventures Before 30

Here’s a confession: I don’t believe in bucket lists, simply because I’m a huge believer of immersing yourself in EVERYTHING you can at any time of your life. Why limit yourself when you can do it all if you really wanted to? I understand it’s nice to have a little guide and a list of goals to pursue, but to me, it doesn’t make it any more official than just ACTUALLY doing it. Not only that, but here’s another confession: I’m also a little bit superstitious sometimes, so I feel like, putting it down may possibly jinx it. I know, I know it’s silly. That’s why you should understand how hard it is for me to write this…my 30 before 30 list.


You guys, I’m turning 30 in a couple of years and the time is ticking. I feel like there’s so much more things I need to accomplish before settling down and becoming a *boring* version of myself. I have about 2 years left to be exact. With a sharp epiphany like this, I think a manifesto is in order. Not a bucket list, but a manifesto. Something that would help put my desires out in the universe. I tried to make this as realistic as possible, meaning, I included things that I know would be feasible within the expiration date of my 20’s. There are many other things I actually wanted to include, like sky diving and cliff jumping– but I didn’t want to kid myself. I just don’t think I’ll actually do those in 2 years. I need more time to convince myself! I also tried as hard as I can not to make it destination specific, because that just sounds boring to me. Seriously, why would I want to write about the countries I want to see, when in reality, I want to literally go everywhere. So forget things like Tomorrowland, Harry Potter theme parks, and Jellyfish lakes…because that’s just too specific. You should know by now that *EVERYTHING* is on my to-do list anyway. But here are some things I want to get done before I hit my prime (hi 30’s!). Read on!

1.) FINALLY GO SCUBA DIVING. I’ve finally made a commitment to make this happen as soon as necessary, but as my luck would have it, some things would come up. For the last three months, every time we’d find the time to get around to doing it, things just…happen. Monsoon season, a typhoon, oops ran out of budget, and most recently, a death in the family. I was actually supposed to go this very weekend, but looks like it’s going to have to wait. Luckily for me, I’ll be living in the Philippines a little longer so the ocean will be around anytime. But hopefully, I get to do this before the month ends.

2.) SWIM WITH THE TURTLES. And I don’t mean chase a turtle and die halfway there. I mean be surrounded by a couple of turtles and be able to take a couple of pretty awesome selfies with them. Again, luckily for me, I live in the Philippines and I actually just booked a flight to the famed island for thanksgiving weekend!

3.) HITCHHIKE. Nothing serious, and possibly not on my own. I don’t think I have enough courage to commit to that. A minor one hour ride with a stranger will do. That counts as hitchhiking, right?

4.) GO PARAGLIDING. I’ve done parasailing a few times so it’ll be nice to go for something a little more extreme. I found a spot nearby to do this so definitely getting to it within this year!

5.) TRY WAKE BOARDING. I’d probably suck, given my experience with surfing, but it’ll be nice to give it a try. I also live close to a wakeboard park so I don’t really know what’s been stopping me.

6.) VOLUNTEER SOMEWHERE FOREIGN. I’d like to put my nursing skills to use when volunteering, so I don’t want to just teach English. I want to do this for a little longer than a month so it’s really just a matter of committing my time. I’m already reading up on some possible opportunities so when the time is right, all I have to do is commit.

7.) COUCH SURF. I know, I know, what a noob. For someone who travels as much as I do, I haven’t really tried couch surfing yet. I haven’t even booked through Airbnb neither. I’d like to believe that there was never a time that it felt right for me to couch surf. It will happen though!

8.) TRY KITESURFING. It sounds a little ambitious if I say I’d want to actually do it successfully, but I’d love to give it a try!

9.) GET SCUBA CERTIFIED. I like to dream bigger so as soon as I give scuba diving a try within the next month or so, I already have a bigger goal to achieve.

10.) DIVE WITH THE SHARKS. First things first: Get scuba certified.

11.) ATTEND A LANTERN FESTIVAL. I know I said I don’t want to make this list destination specific, but I really want to experience a legitimate lantern festival in Asia. Perhaps Loy Krathong in Chiang Mai? Or maybe the one in Taiwan? Either way, I have less than two years to make this happen.

12.) VISIT A PANDA CENTER. Oh please oh please oh please great universe?!

13.) GET BETTER AT SURFING. On a scale of 1 to 10, I’d give myself a 9. Of course I’m talking about a scale of sucking at it.

14.) LEARN HOW TO FREE DIVE. Here’s a confession, I call myself a mermaid but I can’t really free dive. YET. I can swim, but I really need to learn how to dive underwater. Snorkeling gets boring when you only stay above the surface. I was supposed to learn this weekend, you know, together with my scuba diving plans. But nevertheless, we’re gonna try to see if we can do it in the next couple of weeks! We’re actually going snorkeling gear and flippers hunting tomorrow!

15.) LEARN HOW TO DRIVE STICK. We’re looking to purchase a manual car here in the Philippines, so it looks like I’m gonna have to sooner than later.

16.) SEE THE CHERRY BLOSSOMS ON FULL BLAST. This is originally our plan for our 2 year anniversary. I mean, it does sound romantic despite a hundred other tourists I guarantee would be there. This reminds me that I need to start researching about this and looking for flight deals.

17.) POLISH MY SPANISH. I’ve been lagging on this for the longest time and I really need to get my sh*t together. I loved when I used to be able to say “I understand a little Spanish”. It would be nice to get that skill back and be even better at it.

18.) HOST THANKSGIVING. Now this is more of a domesticated goal than an adventurous one, but if you look at it objectively, successfully cooking a 19-pound turkey plus a couple of other sides and pies… that sounds like an adventure to me.

19.) RIDE A HOT AIR BALLOON. My original plan for my 30th birthday includes a hot air balloon ride somewhere majestic already, but it’s never too early to cross this off my list!

20.) PLAY FLIGHT ROULETTE. Go to the airport with a packed suitcase, book the cheapest ticket to any destination, and go.

21.) GET A TATTOO. I already know exactly what I want and already have an idea where I want it. But I’m still uncertain if I really want to permanently mark my body. Maybe including it in my list makes it pretty official then, huh?

22.) EAT AT A MICHELIN RATED RESTAURANT. Hopefully, this would be Jiro’s sushi. But anything else will work.

23.) LEARN HOW TO COOK KARE-KARE. It’s a Filipino dish that I happen to really love. Making it sounds complex, so hopefully I get around to actually wanting to learn how to make it. (Click here for more info on this food)

24.) GO TO A SPA RETREAT. A spa retreat never really appealed to me. To relax and stay still…where’s the adventure in that? But it does sound like a nice change from all the activities that I’m so used to. So maybe on a special occasion, like a birthday (probably not mine because this is not what I’d want to be doing), or maybe valentines, I would consider this.

25.) LEARN HOW TO DRIVE A MOTORBIKE. First of all, I already suck at riding a bicycle, so this is a little more ambitious than it sounds. I need to learn this because it really sucks not being able to rent one when I’m traveling. It would make transportation so much easier.

26.) STEP FOOT ON EUROPE. Because, duh.

27.) CAMP IN A MOUNTAIN. Ambitious, because I have scoliosis.

28.) MEET A SEAHORSE DEEP IN THE OCEAN. Not in an aquarium, and most definitely not on a stick in China.

29.) ORANGUTANS AND GORILLAS IN THE WILD. Okay, the gorilla would probably have to wait a little longer, but I know there are a few Orangutan tours here in SEASia and since I’ll be here a little bit longer, this is definitely happening.

30.) KEEP THIS BLOG GOING. So far, my first three months had been a lot of fun. Writing about my adventures is almost like BEING on the adventure all over again. Sometimes, it triggers my wanderlust a little too much, but that’s okay! If I could keep inspiring others to go after their dream adventures, then it’s enough to encourage me to writing about mine!

Wish me luck, guys! Countdown begins now. Also, I would really love your support on Facebook. It does help to know that my words are actually getting out there to inspire others. So a nice little like on my page will go a long way! Click here to follow me. I’m also on Instagram (click here) so check that out for some pretty awesome travel photos!

61 thoughts on “A Manifesto: 30 Adventures Before 30

  1. Life doesn’t end at 30… I turned 30 last year and decided to buy a one way ticket to uk. If I had done it when I was younger I’d probably have ended up spending all money in a week and had to ask my parents to bail me out. I’m not a big believer in bucket lists either cause I keep finding new and amazing places and things I want to do before I’m “old” haha. Loved your “list” though


    1. Thanks, you really give me a lot of hope! I actually didn’t mean that I’d be done being fun after 30, because I’m pretty sure even more awesome things are coming my way at that time of my life. Hearing it happening from people like you even makes me even more excited! This list is just a guide I can use so I can make room for even more amazing things to pursue 🙂


  2. Haha I have a feeling you and I are going to be the few old ladies who constantly travel when we’re older… with our without our other halves haha. Keep going girl, you’re dreams will too!


  3. Sounds like an awesome list that will keep you very busy these next couple years! I’m excited to read about all these adventures as you have them. Happy Travels! 🙂


  4. Hey Erica,

    This is a long list of things to do in 2 years! I deeply believe that you can achieve all of them and if that comes true, you will become an inspiration for people like myself who is just starting to explore the world while seeking out fun and exciting things to do.

    I’ll be heading over to Facebook now to give you a like for this post.

    P/S: I’ll be keeping you accountable in two years time, if I can remember this manifesto. 😛


    1. Thank you, Wayne! There’s so much to explore in this world. Never stop seeking for beautiful places and never get tired of trying and learning new things. It’s the best gift you can give to yourself 🙂


  5. I loved your list! you are going to love scubadiving!! One of the best thing, I like to do when traveling. You, know it´s another world down there… so much more to explore. Keep Rocking!! 🙂


  6. Exciting!! You’ve got plenty of time! I’ll be 30 next year 🙂

    Your list sounds ambitious, but I bet you can achieve it all! I’d say DEFINITELY on the tattoo, I have 8 and love them all. Also I really need to learn how to drive a manual too, but i’m scared! I can’t even drive the car we own. hahahah lame


  7. Even if you don’t accomplish this before you hit 30, it’s fine. That’s a cool list of things to do and it would still be just as memorable. Although, finishing this would give you bragging rights. Lol.

    Just remember the point you made, why limit yourself when you can do these things any time!


  8. I have done many of these and would be interested to do the rest of these things, EXCEPT the one about getting a tattoo. That is the one thing I do not understand why people do. I wish you’d reconsider that item. Our bare skin is too beautiful to be stained for life. – Fred


    1. Hi Fred. Thanks for sharing your opinion about tattoos. I can see why you would see that. I do have a hard time making up my mind because I do have a penchant for everything natural. I don’t even dye my hair anymore and I barely really use makeup nowadays. However, I think people don’t see getting tattooed as staining their body, but more as an art, which can be really beautifully if done correctly 🙂


  9. Hey, take it one step at a time and it doesn’t end at 30! My mom started continuing her bucketlist at 50. She jumped a cliff with us, she hiked a few mountains and more 🙂 You’ve got a good list by the way.


    1. Girl what are you talking about. This is a list of minor stuff so I can make room for bigger dreams after 30 😜 Sky diving and bungee jumping can wait after 30, I need more courage for that and I doubt it’ll take me two years to convince myself 😂


  10. I like your spirit to do the list with what I need to achieve or do before i hit 30. Thats brilliant and even if something left you will still feel quite happy to achieve rest others.


  11. I hope you add finishing a marathon in your bucket list. Only about 1% of the world’s does it and it can be done with the right preparation. Anyway, good luck on your list. I don’t have a bucket list too though I’ve done some bucket list worthy activities as well as visit bucket list locations.


    1. Okay that’s actually a really good suggestion! I should definitely consider that cause I’ve never done it at all. I do hate running though so this will be a great challenge! Perhaps I’ll join a simple but fun run…like the color run! Thanks for the inspiration!

      Liked by 1 person

  12. This post of yours encouraged me to do the things I have been wanting to do. I just turned 26 and I really haven’t done anything significant for myself yet. I seriously need to start doing the things I want like traveling solo, doing activities others say is not allowed for me since I have scoliosis and such. I think one reason why I’m held too is financial sources. Traveling and doing activities can be a bit a pain in the pocket. But with budget control, I think I can make it happen by next year.


    1. Thanks Louise! I’m glad to have encouraged you! I too, have scoliosis, but only a mild one, however, I don’t think me backpacking around helps with my situation! I hope you do find a way to chase the adventure you’re after. It will be worth it!


  13. I’m already 33, and I haven’t done a thing on this list and there are 30 items haha! Maybe when you make another one for before turning 40 I might just fare better! 🙂


  14. I’m over 30 and I don’t believe in lists either. But I am sure everyone has own desires, things to see and do. And for each there is a special time! Interesting and useful recommendations!


  15. I believe that traveling is for all ages. Stepping on your 30s and going through it doesn’t mean you have to be the boring version of yourself. But I agree with you about lists, but ditched it and said “fckd it, I’m gonna whatever comes on my way”.


    1. Thanks Marie! I probably should have made it clear that this is a list to accomplish so I can make room for even better adventures after 30. There’s too many adventure that lifetime probably would be enough 🙂


  16. Waaah! I also wanted to make a list. 30 at 30. But didn’t. haha I was planning to make it 30 Countries at 30! 😀 Hopefully, I could conquer the challenge. Great list you have here. Can I join in one of your activitieS? 😀


  17. Very attainable items on your list. I see much of your wishes are centered around doing beach-related activities. One item struck my mind. ATTEND A LANTERN FESTIVAL. That is also on my bucketlist. Sa Thailand ang may best lantern festival.


  18. Wakeboarding is actually easier than surfing, so I’m sure you’re not going to suck at that. As for climbing mountains, I have a number of friends with scolio, and climb mountains every two months, and they do just fine,


    1. Perfect! That’s good to hear about wake boarding. I started hiking recently which is fine, but camping at a mountain requires carrying heavy stuff which is a challenge. Maybe I’ll just hire a kuya to carry my stuff, lol.


  19. Nice list, thanks for sharing. I want to wish you all the luck in doing all of them. The lantern festival sounds most intriguing. They look beautiful!


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