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Bali’n On A Budget– Tips For Your Bali Honeymoon

The beautiful waves of the Indian ocean crushing through the shores, the unique temples, the vibrant colors of the rice fields, and the luxurious private villas are just some of the things that makes Bali stand out as the honeymoon capital of Asia. Attracting not only newlyweds, but also people of all ages from all over the world, Bali’s tourism is growing day by day. It’s a destination worth traveling halfway across the globe for, and with such a rich history and a unique culture, Bali will easily blow you away.

But compared to other southeast Asian tourist hubs, Bali is not a cheap island. When you think of a Balinese honeymoon, you think of private infinity pools overlooking the ocean or the jungle, yoga retreats, and amazing spa massages. And no doubt will they leave your wallet dry and your bank account struggling when you return. But here’s the good news: a honeymoon on a budget is possible. You just need to do a wee bit of research and know a few things beforehand to successfully celebrate a blissful beginning to your marriage. Some simple tricks and hacks will give you just the Balinese honeymoon experience you know you want and deserve. So read on for a few good tips to help you plan a luxurious honeymoon…on a budget.

1.) Decide precisely how you would like to spend your honeymoon. Would you rather be spending your time privately sipping cocktails by your villa or spend most of your days exploring? Do you picture enjoying each other’s company in the ocean more or being in a secluded rice field? Once you figure out how you’d like to be celebrating, it’ll be easier to decide what kind of accommodations would fit your needs and what kind of activities you should go after. This is also a necessary step to finalize which area you’ll be staying at. Here’s a simple rule of thumb about the main locations in Bali:

Ubud – the main cultural town of Bali. There are no beaches here, but here is where all the lush jungles and lovely rice fields are located. The beautiful lush setting in Eat, Pray, Love were partly filmed in this area. The Ayung River, famous for white water rafting, can also be found here.

Kuta – parties, surfing, backpackers. It is the more affordable area. Do not expect a gorgeous beach here though, as it caters more to surfers.

Nusa Dua – The beach here is mainly for water sports activities, not for chillin’ and relaxin’, but it’s a nice area away from all the noise in Kuta.

Seminyak – Seminyak is nice. It’s a little more upperclass here, and most five star hotels are located here. The beach is gorgeous, especially the sunrise.

Here’s a few ideas on what to do In Bali: Here, here, and here.

2.)Β Pick your accommodations smartly. Privacy is one of the biggest concern when planning your honeymoon. This is probably why Bali stands out so much in this division because of their famed villas. The good news is that there are plenty of very affordable villas, especially in Kuta. However, as I’ve said earlier, Kuta is a pretty busy area where most backpackers and twenty something partiers will most likely be at. Not exactly where I wanted to be on my honeymoon. The villas that I had my eyes on were located in Ubud but there was just no way we could afford an entire week staying at a five star accommodation. But since I already knew that I want to be exploring for the first half of the week, which wouldn’t require us being in the room for too long, we decided to opt for a cheaper room for those days. That way, the second half of our honeymoon was spent in the privacy of our own private pool villa while cutting our expenses in half. Our last days also fell on a Balinese New Year and Silent Day, so it was the perfect time to book a private villa.

I booked through Agoda, which never fails when it comes to discounted rooms in southeast asia. I’ve mentioned it before in my previous posts, but sometimes, you can get app discounts or web discounts, depending where you’re booking from. We ended up booking with a nice brand new hotel in Nusa Dua for $30/night for our first half of the week, and the next couple of days at a private villa in Ubud originally $400 a night, but booked it for a little less than $300 a night instead. It was a win win situation. (Read about where we stayed here)

3.) Invest on your transportation to make the most of your time.Β Bali is such a huge island with so many beautiful places to see. If you prefer exploring in your own time on a motorbike, that’s fine, but know that most of the places are very spread out and far away from each other. It’ll be cheaper and will be much better if that’s how you really want to spend your honeymoon. I prefer exploring on my own too, but I don’t know about you, but I want to just chill and be driven around in an airconditioned car on a vacation like this. Renting a car starts from $40 a day and it comes with a driver already. It’s the best form of transportation here because taxis will be expensive considering the distances. Booking through companies for an organized package tour worked out pretty good for us tooΒ (except this one mishap when our guide tried to rip us off). But still, I suggest finding a reliable company or driver where you can arrange your own itinerary.

4.) Find alternatives for the luxuries you can’t afford. For example, your hotel doesn’t have a nice pool. Head to a day club instead for a lazy day by the pool. My favorite is Potatohead Beach Club in Seminyak. They have a nice infinity pool overlooking the beach, and they play great music! You’ll have to spend a certain amount from their menu for a day bed, but trust me, it’s worth it. Or you could just bring a towel and layout in the grass like many people do. It gets pretty busy around sunset so make sure you head out there early to reserve a spot.

Can’t afford a private beach dinner? Head to Jimbaran Bay for a good seafood dinner by the beach instead. Can’t afford a private villa? Head to a quiet, less crowded beach. Mengiat and Pandawa beach are my favorite. Just find a spot and if you go at the right time of the day, you may have the peace and isolation you’ve been wanting. If you have time to check out the Gili Islands, even more amazing.

5.) It’s okay to splurge a little. It’s your honeymoon! You deserve to be pampered so don’t regret spending just a little more cash for a little upgrade to a better quality. You want that final massage to be amazing. You want your last dinner to be unforgettable. It’s okay. It’s your honeymoon. Make some adjustments and prioritize which is more important to both of you. As long as you plan the general things right, then you shouldn’t feel guilty indulging in the pleasures of Bali. It is why you’re here to begin with. In all honesty, we could have done a lot better with our budget, but honeymoon is *once* in a lifetime. Make the best of it!

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87 thoughts on “Bali’n On A Budget– Tips For Your Bali Honeymoon

  1. I would love to get to Bali someday. My honeymoon has come and gone, but I would love to go there for an anniversary trip!


  2. I just got back from Bali a few months ago, isn’t it amazing! I love all your pictures, it sounds like you had an amazing honeymoon!


  3. I’ll be married 12 years in April and we’ve yet to get to go on a honeymoon! lol We’ve been saving for something really spectacular and waiting til our kids get a bit older. Bali might just make the list of possibilities! Love the tips too…definitely smart!


  4. Absolutely right it is alright to splurge a little on your honeymoon. That is the most memorable trip you will have as husband and wife. – Fred


  5. Bali is one of the sweetest islands that I know. You don’t necessarily need to bring someone special to go there though (for solo travelers). Haha. But having someone special with you will make it extra special! Thanks for sharing your budget trip πŸ™‚


  6. Bali on a budget? When I think about the place, I think of the word splurge haha. Thanks for proving me wrong, I won’t scratch off Bali from my list of places to visit that won’t break the bank!


  7. Bali is one of the places I would go to for a vacation, but if it’s beyond the budget I might have to do a lot of research first like you said. It’s a beautiful place though, I bet it’s worth it.


  8. When I visited Indonesia, I wanted to go to Bali, but due to time constraint I wasn’t able to. On my next visit to Indonesia, I’d love to go to Bali too! Great pictures. And enjoy your honeymoon!


  9. What you said was right, Bali isn’t really some cheap island you could go to as compared to the other Asian islands out there. I really appreciate the tips you shared here, they’re really simple and straight to the point. I’ll take note of these and share them to my friends too. Now, fulfilling that dream honeymoon in Bali wouldn’t really be that impossible anymore thanks to your tips.


  10. Bali is really a perfect place to be with your special someone. And thank you so much for the hacks! Not all of us wants to splurge so much. It’s really nice to know we have a lot of options and alternatives to make the trip budget-friendly. πŸ™‚


  11. The daughter of my dad’s boss got married here a few months ago and it was no joke. The expenses were just too much but as you said in number 5, it’s okay to splurge a little and besides, it’s their wedding so it’s an event to really spend for. I’ve always wanted to visit Bali. Hopefully before I turn 30. Hehe.


    1. Thanks. And any swimsuit question is always welcome! Haha I literally get them anywhere, everywhere. Online, the mall, the stores wherever I go. My favorite is VS and there’s a bunch of online stores I find I’m IG that have really cute stuff. I have too many to be honest, probably more bikinis than underwear itself!


  12. Great tips! I’m contemplating going to Bali soon, though not for a honeymoon. It seems like a beautiful place, though quite touristy. You give good options for what to do no matter your budget.


  13. I am going to Bali soon, I may not be celebrating a honeymoon (congratz!), but there’s plenty of useful info for me here! Thank you so much for sharing. I do have to make a decision private villa v. more money for fun!


  14. This will come in useful, we’re not going for our honeymoon…that was Tokyo in 2013…but we will be visiting when we come through asia and by the time we get down here I think we will be ready for some budget relaxation!


  15. Great article Unspotted Girl! Pleased to read it! We are now planning our honeymoon to Bali and got confused with offers. We already decided with a travel company but it so complicated for us to choose a package. We’ll be travelling in November and seems like many places are the same that you’ve visited. If you’ll have a time please suggest us what package to choose if we would love to experience the real Bali as you did Thanks a lot! Peace!


    1. Hi Jenny! Glad you liked my article! All of these packages all seems so lovely! And since it all includes a driver, it’ll be great because you’ll be able to explore the island! I would definitely recommend picking a package where you’ll mostly be staying in Ubud. And as for having a real Bali experience, you can check my other post on Bali here:

      With your driver included in the package, you may add some of these things in your itinerary! I wish you a wonderful honeymoon! You picked an amazing destination πŸ™‚


  16. Read in one of your earlier comments that you went in March. I am planning my Honeymoon here for November 2017 as my fiance’s job usually prevents her from taking time off from May – October. I would imagine that November and March weather would be comparable in Bali. How much rain did you experience while you were there? Was it spurts of light rain here and there? Or was it mainly torrential downpours?


    1. Congratulations!! As for the weather, it rained only once while we were there which was during the Balinese New Year. It lasted for less than an hour and the locals said they expect a short rain like that during the new year, every single year. I heard that December is full blast rainy season in Bali though, so I’m not sure about November. Anyway, Bali is lovely and I’m sure you and your fiancΓ© would love it!


  17. It worths mentioning that Bali has an amazing selection of romantic dinners, at a very affordable price compared to what you get in other touristic places. We booked our honeymoon package with The price was really sweet. And our honeymoon was unforgettable!!!


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