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9 Things That Happen When You Marry A (South) Californian

My husband and I are very different creatures. I’d like to think that we’re living proofs that opposites do attract and could possibly work out wonderfully. Although we do have plenty of things in common, growing up in different places are bound to create more differences than we probably could notice. While part of my childhood was spent in the Philippines and the rest of my life in different cities in the States, he’s full on, homegrown, born and raised in California. To many people, like him, apparently, where you came from is pretty vital to your self-identity, without even knowing it. Not that it’s a bad thing, but let me share with you a few things that happen when you’re in relationship with a hardcore California native.

1.) Tacos become a regular part of your diet.

taco girl, unspotted

Not that I’d ever complain because tacos are my 2nd favorite food (sushi is first, pizza is third). But marrying a Californian, specifically the southern kind, requires some pretty decent taco making skill especially if you’re not going to be living in the golden state. They have pretty high standards with tacos too, because incidentally, they have had the best of the best. Regardless of their travel history to Mexico, they know what good taco is, because it’s quite simple– SOCAL HAS AMAZING TACOS. And mexican food in general. Sure, Californians love burritos, but tacos are just as essential! Where else will you find a land in America where fish tacos cooked in a variety of ways always end up being amazing? Naturally, making my husband tacos once a week was a part of my unspoken vows. And who knows, it might even be the secret to our happy marriage.

2.) You have to withstand complaints regarding “extreme” temperatures.

Californians are spoiled when it comes to amazing weather. Unlike him who was born and raised in the land of the perfect temperatures, I lived in different cities that was either too hot (Las Vegas) or too cold (Northern California) so I’m pretty more adaptable when it comes to weather changes. Living in the Philippines where the biggest struggle is the humidity, he’s surprisingly been pretty tolerant of that. But when we travel around to places and the temperature drops at like…60 degrees, he gets quite cranky already. I mean… that’s when I usually start wearing shorts in spring, but whatever.

3.) You’ll feel stupid panicking at a minor earthquake.

“It’s just an earthquake”, he’d say. Maybe I tend to overreact because I do have a fear of earthquakes so any minor tremble I feel terrifies me. But it’s normal to them like…rain is normal here in the Philippines. Strangely enough, he’d even go as far as saying earthquakes makes him feel like home. I just watched San Andreas last night, and well, he might need to do a better job in convincing me to settle down in his hometown.

4.) Your safety is guaranteed when you’re in a car with them.

Contrary to what they say about them being horrible drivers, the best drivers I’ve ever gotten in a car with are actually from California! I mean they should be because they have to drive everywhere. But they really do know how to maneuver the ffff out of a vehicle, which is great for me because I hate driving. Although sometimes, his driving could get a little obnoxious, but at least he knows what he’s doing completely.

5.) No theme park is ever going to be good enough.


He has high hopes for Disney World in Florida, but other than that, no theme park is ever going to be good enough because he grew up surrounded by the best already. He is pretty open-minded though, but it’s not easy to impress him. Of course given the fact that we’ve only explored the mini Asian versions of those theme parks together, it’s a challenge I have accepted to find him the best one in the world.

6.) Tapatio and Sriracha is a constant kitchen shelf necessity.

girl, unspotted

Refer to #1. But this, I’d completely have to agree with. Tabasco, Cholula, and other wannabe brands just doesn’t hit the spot as quite as good as Tapatio does. Sriracha on the other hand is pretty essential too, but to me, nothing beats legitimate fresh thai chili for my Asian food.

7.) Burgers other than In n Out are mediocre.

Because duh! I could actually personally attest to this because there are In n Out’s all over Las Vegas. So I’m speaking in a very subjective perspective when I say that no fries and burger (animal style or not) will measure up. If Anthony Bourdain claims it’s his favorite restaurant in the world, then you know it’s the real thing.

8.) You’ll need to step your game up in the water.

I claim to be obsessed with the ocean, but I’m the type to enjoy being in the shore and just swimming to the deeper ends from time to time. Lately though, I find myself being dragged to the open water a lot more than I can really handle. It’s a challenge because even though I can swim pretty decently, I’m not really the best swimmer. That, and because wearing a life jacket is just lame! It’s not enough that he was in the swim team, but he was also in the water polo team, which apparently is a big socal thing other than surfing? Needless to say, I can’t keep up with him in the ocean sometimes. We’d spot a turtle in the middle of the ocean and he’ll end up chasing it for God knows how many meters away while I stay there in the boat resenting him just a little.

9.) You will be brainwashed that California is the best place on the planet.

Although we’ve only seen a small portion of the world together, his undying love for his hometown is pretty hard to top. But I guess that’s something I’ll never understand because moving around so much starting at an early age, I never really had the chance to stay in a certain place long enough to call it home. However, he speaks of it so highly with so much pride that I’m starting to believe this may actually be the most awesome place in the world. Although I have spent a summer in southern California, and a few months during the winter in the northern part of the state, I never really got to appreciate it that much before. But hearing his stories makes me feel like I have been missing out. From the perfect daily weather, the easily accessible beaches, the amazing Mexican food, plus the scenic hikes I keep reading about, I think I may just start to believe California has it all. West coast, best coast, amirite?

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98 thoughts on “9 Things That Happen When You Marry A (South) Californian

  1. Your post is funny to read because you’ve delivered the differences in humorous way! I just get confused though with the weather. (o_o)


      1. Actually I converted it into celsius (since we’re used to measure it that way) but still got confused. Anyway, it’s clear to me now. You look good together ❤


      2. Haha glad you got that 🙂 But yes, anything below 60 degrees is freezing to him already and when spring starts to roll in back there, it’s considered warm to me, at least! 😂


  2. So be it! How I wish I could visit your place, particularly the southern California and I have to experience what you have written about the culture of the said. – Gil Camporazo


  3. That’s quite funny and sweet at the same time. Hehe. I’m glad you guys enjoy each other’s company and try to adjust to each other’s taste.


  4. While reading this, I found myself laughing extremely as I could relate. I am not married to a South Californian, but I am with a South African ( ummm, not married) … I feel stupid when there’s an earthquake too and OMG when we travel through Asia or the Philippines… I hear excessive complaints about the weather. I can really relate to this article except for the tacos, I’m the one who enjoys tacos but yes, a lot of adjustments but its hella fun! 🙂


  5. Very nice to be able to enumerate the good things about your husband by being from SoCal. My wife grew up in the Bay Area, so she has her own qualities growing up in that part of California. I would agree about the skills with cars and driving.


  6. And, that’s why opposites do attract. It’s these differences that make our lives more colorful and more interesting that even if we’d complain about the weather ( lol ) … well, at the end of the day you’d still be together. My howe and I are the exact opposites too – he’s an introvert & I’m an extrovert, etc but I guess differences become a good thing in relationships. It’s like having the best of both worlds – he gets to experience a world that’s totally different from his and you get to his enjoy his world, too.

    PS. Tapatio must be good. I love Sriracha and I would like to try Tapatio.


    1. Opposites really do attract. Personally, I prefer that we’re so different from each other because there’s a balance between us that I think wouldn’t be too possible if we’re too alike. And you’re completely right, it is having the best of both worlds! And yes, girl, Tapatio is so essential for mexican food!


  7. And, that’s why opposites do attract. It’s these differences that make our lives more colorful and more interesting that even if we’d complain about the weather ( lol ) … well, at the end of the day you’d still be together. My howe and I are the exact opposites too – he’s an introvert & I’m an extrovert, etc but I guess differences become a good thing in relationships. It’s like having the best of both worlds – he gets to experience a world that’s totally different from his and you get to his enjoy his world, too.

    PS. Tapatio must be good. I love Sriracha and I would like to try Tapatio 🙂


  8. I stayed in California for almost 6 months for a long vacation with my eldest daughter, the weather is perfect specially in San Francisco. Guess when you’re used to that kind of weather, the Philippine climate indeed is going to be a challenge! Haha.


  9. Haha I enjoyed this list. It is quite funny but well, that’s the truth I guess. I have heard a lot of people saying that indeed, In n Out Burger has the best tasting burgers and I really wish that they open an outlet here in our country. Lol at brainwashing you that California is the best place on the planet. :))


  10. A good insight on how you can live with Latino guy of California. Of course, California is for Latino people and at least you know him personally. Adjust and love him truly because Latinos are good people, expert drivers and great lovers!


  11. Reading through the blog post and looking at your pictures, I was smiling. Genuine smile. Your happiness is contagious. Enjoying the positivity of this post! Worth the marriage to a South Californian! 😀 All the best!


  12. My husband and I are polar opposites too! lol I agree, that sometimes opposites do attract. We tend to bring out the best in each other and offer some kind of balance to each other. lol I love tacos too..they are definitely in my top 3 favorite foods list!


  13. This is awesome!! I’ve lived in southern California for 17 years and I married a native Californian. I can agree with this list, wholeheartedly!! SoCal is the best and you can never have enough tacos or hot sauce. 🙂


  14. Ommgg haha I loved this post! As a SoCal native, I chuckled all the way through it because it’s so realistic. Like, I relate to pretty much every point except being a great swimmer. I feel obnoxious sometimes because I love traveling, but I always have to find a way to humblebrag about being from California. I also agree that even though others see me (or I guess most of us haha) as crazy drivers, most of us really do know what we’re doing! We have to to survive all that traffic somehow! 😀


  15. SO funny! We go to San Diego every year and get our fill of Mexican food while we are there. We just don’t get food like that here in Boston.


  16. Very well said kabayan I can totally relate to you. I am married to New Yorker it wasn’t easy but its all worth it. 🙂 American loves sport at least most of them are fan of Baseball, Football or Ice Hockey 🙂


  17. You both are sweet looking couple. My husband is an American citizen and I am Filipina. We came from different parts of the Earth but we get along well, too. He doesn’t eat Filipino food, but he loves Mexican dishes. I think when it comes to temperatures, I got spoiled in air-conditioning.

    Mhar Sefcik


  18. I travel to see the beauty of the world but I wouldn’t live anywhere else. I always look forward to coming home to Southern California. I’m from Cebu so I think the Philippines is AMAZING, but your right, the humidity is crazy. By the time I get use to it, the vacation is over.


  19. First of all you or your hubby need to give me some tips on where to get the best tacos in SoCal as we’re visiting for the first time next year and they look delicious! Also, San Andres scared the hell out of me and I’m now wondering the hell I planned a trip to California!! 😉


  20. Great Post, I was able to find Florida in this as well! We have Disney World over here so yeah 🙂 Tacos are also pretty much always on our meal list. We are a spicy family so there are always different hot sauces in our house. My hubby prefers Ghost Pepper.


    1. I can only imagine how amazing and diverse Florida dishes would be. I’ve never heard of Ghost Pepper but I feel like I’m missing out. I have a thing for hot sauce and I need to try this!


  21. If you lived in NoCal then you might be used to earthquakes. They had quite a large one in 1906 then in 1989 plus all the smaller ones since then.


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