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10 Ways Travel Is Basically The Same As Falling In Love

If you’re like me who sees travel not just as a form of leisure, but as a legitimate essential part of your life, then you probably also have compared it to relationships in general. So you can understand why many travelers are completely happy and content without a significant other, because from the physical manifestations to the sublime life epiphanies we get when we’re under its natural high, the two makes the perfect substitute for each other.  Here’s why:

1.) It’s like entering a whole new world.

Anyone who’s fallen in love could agree that the process of falling and getting to know someone is just like entering a new universe. It’s a magic carpet ride that takes you on an experience that you can’t quite explain to yourself. You introduce each other to new things, you find yourself in adventures together, and you look forward to the novelty that it brings your life.

….That is exactly what happens when you travel.

2.) You can’t get enough.

It becomes sort of a need that you thrive on. The thought of it makes your heart beat faster. Your thought revolves around it. Your body craves it. And when you have it, it’s all a natural high from the biggest dopamine explosion in your brain.

3.) You let your guard down.

Even when it’s sketchy, you’d give it the benefit of the doubt. At this point, barricading yourself just seems silly. It isn’t easy, but you know it feels nice to let yourself feel vulnerable at last. Plus, your instinct tells you everything will be okay.

4.) You learn to accept their flaws.

The more you find out personal things, you find yourself falling even more. Learning about its saddening history and heavy baggage doesn’t change it either. You learn to just accept it and maybe, just maybe, you end up loving all of its flaws too.

5.) It keeps you inspired and motivated.

You set new goals because you want more. It makes you want to work harder, be a better person, and strive for even more. You’ve never been as motivated because this time, you’ve got your eye on the price.

6.) It gives you perspective.

The things that you thought mattered in the past doesn’t anymore. Everything else seems trivial because for once, you’ve actually found the real thing. Except this real thing doesn’t require monogamy.

7.) You make sacrifices.

You refuse to adhere to what society says. You’d fight for it and you’ll continue on because you know it’s worth it. You’ve done things you never thought you would do. You’re giving up so much comfort in life that at one point, you don’t even know yourself anymore. Except, you actually like the person you’re becoming.

8.) It breaks your heart when it’s over.

…except time doesn’t heal it. But rebound adventures do.

9.) There’s no experience like it.

It’s incomparable to the other experiences you’ve had in life. You’ve grown from it, you’ve become stronger, and you’re completely wiser prior to making your commitment.

10.) It’s always an adventure.

Just like falling in love, no matter how many times you do it, it’s always an adventure. Whether the experience was good or bad, it was something you know you’ll never forget. The memories you make takes a big piece of your heart that you’ll forever cherish. And even if it breaks your heart, you know you’ll do it over and over and over again.

Happy travels!

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62 thoughts on “10 Ways Travel Is Basically The Same As Falling In Love

  1. Wow! What an analogy! Relating the similarities of traveling and falling in love takes an experience. In some instance, I may agree in the point of falling in love and in some cases I may not for I have not gone to any places traveling and no experiences whatsoever.


  2. I can’t really relate since I’m not into traveling at all. Not travel-friendly, had motion sickness as a child, maybe that’s part of it. Mine would be Food Trips or Restaurant hopping haha.


  3. Totally agree with this. When you are in a new place that is tremendously beautiful, you could not help but feel the elation of getting there. It’s like a feeling when you get to know a person you are really interested with.


  4. I love this analogy. Travelling and falling in love just gives you the euphoria of great feelings of wondrous nature. Thanks for this lovely post. Reminds me of the lovely times I travel with my then boyfriend (now husband) 😉


  5. Love this… I agree with all of it! And it’s true, time doesn’t really heal it! Instead, you miss it more and more! This is the one case where rebounds and “returning to an ex” aka your favorite city is actually good for you! 😉


  6. Can’t get enough, let your guard down, make sacrifices…I second all of those! When I am “at home”, I have the most boring existence because I want to save all my money for travels!


  7. Ahaha I was smiling while reading your blog post. And the “You can’t get enough is so true!” I do travel too. Travel a lot! And yes, I’ve never had enough. Haha there are times really, that I’m still on a trip, but already planning on another trip! hahaha 😀


  8. I never would have compared travelling and falling in love myself, but that is the beauty of getting to read interesting blog ideas of other people. You have certainly made your point very clear in your article.


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