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Abandoned Resorts On The Beach

Skyscrapers are awesome. Modern architecture leaves me in awe. But nothing, and I mean NOTHING– can take away my odd penchant for old, abandoned buildings and ruins.

I have this unexplainable fascination with any worn down structures; houses, temples, schools, hospitals– the creepier it looks, the better. I find beauty in mossy walls and broken doors. My curiosity sparks from the graffitis on the wall. My imagination goes wild when I find anything bizarre. I’m obsessed with stories, and I know even the most forgotten places holds its own secret history. And maybe that’s exactly why I’m drawn to them. They’re like unsolved mysteries.

You can imagine my excitement when I found an abandoned resort right on the shore of a forgotten beach. Talipanan beach is the beach furthest away from Puerto Galera’s main hub, White Beach. It’s about 30-40 minute walk away, and although others find it challenging, because of bouldering rocks here and there, it’s a very tolerable walk. Granted of course that I did it on a cloudy day. It’s not the cleanest beach, although a few minutes walk away from it is my favorite beach in town, which I’ll tell you about another time.

I came across only one couple visiting the beach when I was there. It’s a hidden little spot which I couldn’t help but enjoy not only because of this amazing ruins I found, but also because of the fact that it was right next to a beach, literally, where I can hear the sound of the waves and jump into the ocean if I wanted to. A few of my favorite things in one spot definitely makes a good, successful day of adventure to me.

I do not know anything about these resorts. I don’t know how long they’ve been there, or how long they’ve been abandoned. I am completely clueless on whether they didn’t even finish building them, or if they just simply went out of business. I didn’t bother asking around because like I’ve said, I like that they remain a mystery to me. There are three main buildings next to each other. It looks like each building could have been three different rooms. They’re small and doesn’t have much secret corners to offer, yet they’ve got my imagination all riled up.

Graffitis are all over. Vandalized with names and words I do not understand, they add a nice little chic touch to these relinquished structures. Still, the spooky vibe I usually like to chase after when I explore abandoned buildings is there. I’d let some photos speak for itself;

Since the sun was hiding behind the thick gloomy monsoon clouds, we decided to walk back all the way to White Beach for lunch. We passed by a lot of big rocks that looked quite beautiful, a beach where locals reside, and an area where a few big resorts and hotels are located. I must say, I’ve been to Puerto Galera a lot of times, but I haven’t really seen this side of it. It’s very humbling, really, to be reminded that there are definitely so many things to discover regardless of how much I think I’ve already seen…

How To Reach Talipanan Beach:

From Manila, take a bus headed to Batangas Port where there are plenty of boats that goes to Puerto Galera. From White Beach, Puerto Galera, it takes at least 30-45 minutes walk. You can also charter a tricycle for 100php ($2) one way.

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83 thoughts on “Abandoned Resorts On The Beach

  1. I immediately recognized this spot from your pictures — it was one of my favorite spots from my first trip to the Philippines! I love ruins as well, so I had a great time climbing all over and exploring the place. You got some great shots here, thanks for sharing!


  2. Wow, that’s crazy!! What a discovery. The abandoned building in ‘paradise’ are so haunting. What a mystery — I’m so curious about their demise! I live in Detroit, so I am VERY accustomed to abandoned buildings, dilapidated homes, and compromised structures. It’s fun to explore, but always sad to see.


  3. Abandoned places and objects make for some of the most amazing photos, don’t they? I used to take photos as a kid by abandoned structures and pipes next to a small beach that was down the road from my house. And in Maine by Portland Head Light, there are abandoned forts I always took photos of. I love these photos from your abandoned findings!


  4. hihihihi!!! love love love them too! I love finding rustic abandoned houses in the wilderness, they are soo picturesque!!! 😀


  5. I also enjoy going to abandoned places but then again I am easily creeped out. There is something about those buildings that draws me to explore them ( only when I am with someone though). I love that this one was painted and all that and it is really sad when you see nice things like this and then you realize people are vandalizing it. WHY?


  6. You got it. The unresolved secret mysteries. It’s like trying to know how the people live a life in that old building. The scents and aroma of the food they shared on the table. The footsteps of the children running upstairs…. Stories, untold stories you can feel just by looking at the ruins. 🙂


  7. Have you been to pagudpod? I remember seeing a few abandoned resorts on our way there, but we didn’t have time to stop and take photos. It’s not my thing, but I can see why these places charm you, the mystery makes it even more intriguing.


  8. Old and abandoned building have this inexplicable charm. They are full of mystery and people can’t help but be curious. They are definitely fascinating!


  9. While I am game for spooky stuff, my wife is not. If she was with me, we would never leave White Beach to explore these remote abandoned places. – fRed


  10. It may be a bit remote but the good part here is it’s isolated where you can have more privacy. The building may have already a lot of stories in its wall and could be a good site to visit.


  11. It looks sad. You wonderfully captured the feel of the place. Might be a good place for those dramatic shots. I can imagine some OOTD poses in this place. hehehe -katrina centeno


  12. Amazing! I’ve got the same fascination too! Infact we’re really hoping to hit up some of those abandoned ghost towns in Malta!


  13. I’m obsessed with old abandoned buildings too! My dad used to take us on these dangerous ‘adventures’ as kids and we’d explore places just like this!


  14. It would be so amazing to know how they ended up like that right? Such a haunted and mysterious place. even the weather played its part in making them look even more fascinating


  15. This sounds incredible! We also have a huge fascination with exploring abandoned places, and living in Florida this was an awsome place for it – we discovered a bunch of old abandoned buildings throughout the Everglades which I think were once sites for missiles during the US face off with Cuba in the 60’s. Something like that. I would love to get to Manila to start taking some of these trips!! Thanks for the continued inspiration Erica!


    1. That sounds awesome, Meg! Those are definitely my favorite kind of discoveries– other than virgin beaches. Get to Manila asap, but don’t stay there too long. The islands are the best part 🙂


  16. I am definitely fascinated by abandoned places, but they are really more creepy to me than intriguing. There’s something very sad about seeing an old place go into disrepair and begin to decay and fall apart.


  17. I love to find abandoned buildings too and explore them. They always seem to be so inviting. There was one building in Boracay Station 3 that i managed to avoid security and spent a few hours wandering around the building and grounds. Amazing place it was.


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