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How To Get Out Of Your Comfort Zone In 5 Simple Steps

“I want to, but I don’t knoooooow….”

“I wish I could do that!”

“I’m scared.”

We’re all familiar with these lines. We’ve probably all said it at one point in our lives. Truth is, even the bravest and most fearless people have doubted themselves before too. Our comfort zone is a beautiful place, but it’s very easy to get trapped there. And once you’re trapped, do you think it will still be fulfilling? I wouldn’t know, but it does sound like it could get dull quickly. Although I do find myself going back in my little bubble from time to time, a trip away from my comfort zone is a luxury I try to incorporate in my life on a regular basis. But how easy (or hard) is it really to get out of our comfort zone? Whether you’re planning to move to a different city, or travel in a foreign country alone, or even if you just want to jump off that cliff for fun, here’s a little something to help you talk yourself into taking that leap in life.

1.) Analyze

Ask yourself why is this important to you. Are you doing this for yourself or to prove others something? Are you doing this for your personal growth or to please your parents? Are you doing this because you want to or because you’re being peer pressured? If you’re doing it for the reasons other than yourself, then really, what are you doing?! You need to reevaluate your life a little and stepping out of your comfort zone should be the least of your worry right now. But if you could honestly say that this is all for yourself and for the sake of your own happiness, then proceed to step 2.

2.) Visualize

You’ve got to start believing it. Have you ever heard of The Secret? Something I’d like to think as a way of life, The Secret basically means that whatever energy you put out there in the universe, it’s exactly what you’ll be getting back. In other words, it’s the religion of positivity. Practice it. Let the universe hear your thoughts that you can achieve it, and it will reward you back with all the motivation you need to pursue your dreams. Self-affirmations, visual boards, or just simply tattooing it in your mind will help give you the focus that you need.

3.) Take baby steps

You want it? You gotta work for it. Things don’t happen overnight and anything worth having isn’t just going to present itself to you on a silver platter. Begin with little steps and take it one day at a time. You want to travel alone? Start by eating on your own at a nice restaurant. You want to move to another city? Work on stabilizing your financial situation. You want to go bungee jumping? Start with the diving board at the Y. You get the drift. Start from the bottom and eventually, you’ll find yourself way, way ahead of your comfort zone.

4.) Be with the right people

Just like self-affirmations, the type of people you surround yourself with could very much influence how you approach your goals and your general disposition in life. If you associate with people who constantly make you feel down and negative, it will absolutely have an effect not only your goals, but also with you as a being. Find yourself with the company of people who has the same drive and who shares the same common aspirations as you. Be with people that inspire you. That person you’re secretly *hating* on because she posts amazing photos of her adventure on Instagram? Befriend her and find out how she does it. If you can’t beat ’em, join them. Find those free souls and be one of them. Learn from them and let them inspire you.

5.) Go all in

At some point, you’re just going to have to take that leap. As a matter of fact, sometimes, you’re just gonna have to say f*** it  and go with your impulse and jump right in. The hardest part is usually deciding to finally JUST DO IT. Committing is easy as soon as you decide it’s time. Whether you’re ready or not, sometimes, the best way to get out of your comfort zone is by going at it up front and overcome the fear at its rawest. It sounds scary, right? Well, all the best life-changing decisions are. So go ahead and book that flight before you talk yourself out of it. Climb that mountain. Swim with the sharks. Jump off the damn plane. I can’t promise you how fulfilling it would be, but I can tell you that the grass outside your comfort zone is much, much greener.

“The free soul is rare, but you know it when you see it – basically because you feel good, very good, when you are near or with them.” -Charles Bukowski

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32 thoughts on “How To Get Out Of Your Comfort Zone In 5 Simple Steps

  1. I have an issue with going out of my comfort zone, at least during my younger years. As I grew old, I found that if I don’t dive in, I won’t gain new experience or learn new things. Thanks for the tips!


  2. Life is a collection of memories, and memories stem from life experience, which inevitably leaves you with a canvas of stories. When I go ‘all in’ it’s because I want a life full of stories. I’m in it for the story. Great post.


  3. Learn from them and let them inspire you. – this one soooo true. Instead of just getting jealous of how much success he/she has achieved, learn from it. How did he/she get there, can I do it too?


  4. I e can still go out of the box within our comfort zones as long as this zone is not too narrow. Still we need that jump to go for it, the change we dread but we need to do. – Fred


  5. Lol. Great photo jumping off the river which I can never do that coz I do not know how to swim! Poor me! Haha I once did rhat back when I was still working in a corporate world.


  6. Baby steps and going all in is vital I think! Great tips for people to get out there and do it. Fear can be very strong so it may not work for everyone but everyone is definitely not cut out for travel. I love your tips though and think with an open mind that is a process that can work for just about anything. Quitting smoking, losing weight, etc!


  7. I agree, you have to give lots of things a go even when you might not want to. It is hard for some people to step outside of their comfort zone, but with support it can be done.


  8. Thank you so much for this. I absolutely loved this post, because as much as I hate doing so, I do tend to get stuck in my comfort zone. I really need to push myself harder. This was a good reminder to do it ASAP. 🙂


  9. It’s always good to keep pushing back the boundaries of your comfort zone. Life should be an adventure, and something to be enjoyed after all!


  10. Blogging to me was definitely getting out of my comfort zone. I always fly low on the radar by choice and letting my thoughts known by the public was a huge step for me. Great tips!


  11. This is inspiring! I did several jump shots before, but these are great ones! I haven’t done jump shots on waters recently though, I’d have to do it again now.


  12. Surrounding myself with the right people is key to getting me out of my comfort zone. As I had a pretty tumultuous childhood, I thought the comfort zone was the key to my happiness so I strived for it. Now, that I’ve lived in that zone for awhile, I’m all about stepping away from it.


  13. I agree with this on so many levels! Especially surrounding yourself with other people that inspire you. I have had some “friends” that always made me feel that my decisions are silly or not worth it, and it was a huge relief when the friendship was over. It is also true that sometimes you just have to do things. This was the case when I moved to the UK for my Master degree. I was so worried all the time about the money and everything, and then one day I just decided that I’m going, because I really wanted to go. Sometimes this is all it takes.


  14. Getting out of the comfort zone is not really easy. It would take you into a lot of sh*t but it will eventually lead you to deep realizations who you really wanted to be.


  15. Agree 100 percent with your points. We have several friends who were once afraid to try rock climbing. We urged them to get out of their comfort zone and try the sport. Now, they’re addicted to the sport. 🙂


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