Little Travel Secrets About Yours Truly

This week has been pretty hectic! I’m currently in Manila as I write this, and because running around and dealing with unbelievable amount of traffic leaves me completely drained and exhausted every single night, it’s been a little difficult to let my creativity juices flow. So instead of forcing it and writing something half-assed just to produce some content, I thought I’d write about one of my favorite topic instead… ME! It won’t be my greatest piece and it may just be a filler, but at least it’ll be honest! I’ve done a piece on 20 facts about me before, but this time, I’ll give you the 411 on some exclusive travel facts about yours truly. Ten juicy little facts, to be exact. (READ: 20 Facts About Me)

Shall we begin? Let’s.

  1. I went to Las Vegas High School on my first two years, spent a few months in Patterson High in northern California, and finally graduated in Socorro High School, New Mexico in 2005.
  2. Although my husband is from California and I spent most of my time in Las Vegas, Nevada, 4 hours away from him, it was in Manila where we actually met in 2009. Specifically at a Starbucks cafe. (READ: 9 Things That Happens When You Marry A South Californian)
  3. I find people to be much nicer, kinder, and more helpful when I’m traveling alone compared to when I’m with other people.
  4. The time I realized I wanted to travel alone was during a trip in Macau with my husband (bf then) and his mom, when I failed to get out of the bus on time at the bus stop and I had to find my way back with no cash with me. A story I’ll probably tell you about later.
  5. I get scammed and ripped off in Manila more than anywhere else in the world. FYI, I speak the language fluently. (READ: The Truth About Not Having A Legitimate Place To Call Home)
  6. I have cried once while traveling solo.
  7. Besides the basic travel necessities, my top four essentials would be my microfiber towel, GoPro Hero4, diva cup, and my Thai skirt that I’ve been using as a beach blanket.
  8. I currently have the hots for Turkey, Croatia, and Morocco— making them my top three on the wish list right now.
  9. My least favorite city? MANILA. Oh yes, I shall write about it soon.
  10. The best meal I’ve ever had while traveling (and ever) cost me a dollar in the streets of Bangkok. (READ: Best Meal Ever)

girl, unspotted

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12 thoughts on “Little Travel Secrets About Yours Truly

  1. Interesting choice of worst city. We usually think of other cities abroad, but we have to look at ourselves first. Compared to other cities in the Metro, it is the scariest to walk in.


  2. Haha Bangkok! yes! Why least favorite is Manila? Haha never mind, I have my fair share of experience too! haha Looking forward to more posts! 🙂 Interesting facts!


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