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The Architectures of Singapore


Western. Modern. Contemporary.

Those are the first three words that first comes to mind when I think about Singapore’s architecture. And then I remember Singapore’s other facet– traditional, customary, and sundry. Singapore’s diversity is not only mind-blowing, but wandering its street is inspiring in different levels as well.

I remember the first time I went to Singapore. Coming straight from Malaysia where I almost missed my flight because I went to the wrong airport, I was running on empty but I was  immensely determined to make use of the wonderful morning. It was during my first solo trip and although I had a great time roaming the streets of Kuala Lumpur, I looked forward to letting my guard down at the place dubbed as the world’s safest city. I landed on Changi Airport, and instantly, I was in love. I mean, who doesn’t fall for Changi’s charm though? (READ: 5 Free Things To Do In Singapore)

As I explored the city that day, there was one thing I knew for sure. I’m coming back. There was no denying the fact that Singapore is a beautiful city. I knew I had to return with my husband because he would love this cosmopolitan paradise, which I did, a year later for his birthday. And as I’ve predicted, he loved it as well. After living in the middle of a chaotic third-world country in southeast asia for years, my first world husband was impressed.

It’s surprising to see the differences of Singapore to its neighboring countries. How developed and organized it is is almost a conundrum if you were to compare the southeast asian countries. And though I’ve walked the streets of many major cities in the states, there was something about Singapore that separates it from most developed places. Its cleanliness, maybe? Perhaps its location? The people? Or maybe its diversity?

Some people say you can easily get to know a city just by its architecture. Take a walk around the city, spend the day admiring the structures, and make keen observations through it. Though it comes hand in hand with the people in its society, architecture sure does give you a glimpse and shares with you a story. The city’s diverse culture is unlike the diversity I’m used to in the states. It’s the kind of diversity that is widely shared among the society, so minority is almost non-existent. Varying from Chinese, Malay, and Indian cultures, it’s a complete melting pot. That being said, the variety of the buildings is tremendous.


Contrary to to its traditional facet, Singapore is a fast-growing country whose transformation is irrefutable– as proven by its superb contemporary buildings. You’ll see it everywhere. From the Durian-shaped theater to the magnificent boat-shaped Marina Bay Sands, down to the many skyscrapers along the city, it is clear that there is nothing mediocre about Singapore’s architecture. (READ: Singapore’s Little Secret– A Trip Down Haji Lane)

To be walking the streets of such an inspiring place puts me in such a pleasant disposition. It’s hard not be in awe when I see how orderly and extremely clean the country is. I’ve had conversations with the locals who voiced out their boredom in the city, and I could see why. I mean, it’s without a doubt a wonderful and peaceful place to visit…but I can understand how that could get really old if you wake up there every single morning. But isn’t that the case everywhere else? You could live in the most beautiful city in the world, but at some point, insatiability creeps in.

People come to Singapore for many reasons. I went for the sake of going. To scratch a constant itch for novelty. To give in to my never ending curiosity. Whatever reason you find yourself going, I do suggest taking your time as you stroll across the city to admire more than just the architecture, but to indulge in every inch of this wholesome city. There’s so much to learn and so much perspective to gain. It will make you wonder.

And when you do, let it inspire you.

 Girl, Unspotted -- Singapore

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22 thoughts on “The Architectures of Singapore

  1. Your photographs capture the architecture so well. Even that traditional tourist photo of the Merlion looks very good. Those Hindu and Muslim sections I have not visited yet.


  2. Singapore really has beautiful buildings and since they are multiracial you’ll see a variation in the designs. It would be a treat for your eyes to walk around the city! It’s really awesome.


  3. Wow! Now, that is one amazing city with jaw-dropping architecture, I always try to check out the architectural designs of a city whenever I travel. Your photos are fantastic! Great job!


  4. I must admit that Singapore is low on my priority list, but still I know I can’t completely miss a trip there. I do love concrete cities as much as provinces!


  5. “And when you do, let it inspire you.”

    I really love how you wrote this. It just inspires the inner wanderlust of anyone reading it! Can’t wait for my Singapore trip this weekend!


  6. Singapore is an amazing city. I haven’t been there in a long time and I think it time to go back to see the vertical gardens they have built. The pictures look amazing.


  7. I am a huge fan of small, colonial cities. I don’t know if i would like Singapore too much as it seems really very modern. But I must admit that those shiny buildings look interesting!


  8. SG has so much history and story. I havent been to that place where there is a tower of people (hindu). I dont jnow but on pictures is kinda freaky for me


  9. Nice photos, impressive article. I believe SG should be the model country of every SE asian country. Should I say SG is close to perfection. I never been to SG and I’m afraid to go there for 1 reason. I might don’t go back home hahaha! 🙂


  10. There is so much variety in Singapore! I lived there for 2 years and was always finding something new. One of my favourite areas is Katong – lots of old shop houses and a great beach nearby.


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