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2015 Travel Resolution Accomplishments

2015 has been one hell of a year. So many places visited, so much fear conquered, and a handful of lessons learned along the way. I’ve crossed off a few things in my wanderlist and added a bunch more. But hey, that’s how falling in love with adventure works, right? With all the travel goals I’ve successfully put to reality for 2015, let me share with you my favorites. I can only imagine what 2016 has in store for me!

1.) Go backpacking.

Girl, Unspotted

I’ve dreamed it, schemed it, plotted it, and finally gathered the balls to execute it. It was everything I’ve imagined and more and it was definitely the best way to start off 2015. In January and February, I tackled Thailand, Cambodia, and Vietnam on my own with a tight budget to get me by. From eating Pad Thai and Tom Yum in Thailand everyday, exploring temples in Cambodia, and to traveling through the coast of Vietnam, crossing borders the way I did was definitely one of my best experiences in 2015.

Who knew I could lock the princess in me on a box and rough it entirely? It amazes me how far I could go with a very limited amount of money. People always say you should wait until you can splurge before embarking on a journey. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with that, if that’s your preference. But I, on the hand, believe that it could be just as fun. To me, it was even more meaningful that way. I was instantly hooked, and throughout the year, I did a few more short backpacking trips around the Philippines. I can’t wait for more in 2016. (READ: How To Backpack Southeast Asia for Under $1000/month)

2.) Fall in love with hiking.

I HATED hiking. I also have mild scoliosis and I didn’t even realize that it was actually affecting my physical activities until I realized one time that I was the only person complaining about my back. Don’t worry, it’s very tolerable. That’s why I didn’t even realize it wasn’t entirely normal. Anyway, earlier this year, I hiked my first volcano, Mt. Pinatubo, and well,  I can’t really say I fell in love with it right away. But the sense of accomplishment at the end was undoubtedly an addicting feeling. After that, I embarked on more adventures that required hiking. I went canyoneering, spelunking, and even climbed mountains! This 2016, I want to make sure that I include hiking in my agenda even more than I did in 2015. That’s the beauty of travel– it forces you to do things you don’t want to, and if you’re lucky like me, you’ll end up loving it.

3.) Discover more under the sea.

I’ve always been a beach girl and that’s very apparent in here and my Instagram. However, I wasn’t really the best swimmer. I could barely catch up with my husband so that was a little lame. Don’t get it twisted though, I can swim and I can handle being in the middle of the ocean. But somehow, I have a hard time diving under. Until recently, I’m finally on my way mastering free diving and I’m extremely excited about it because I’ve always been so intrigued with the life down under. What’s the point of traveling if you’re only seeing it from above the surface right?

This year, I was able to swim with whale sharks and turtles, thousands of sardines, and plenty of other marine creatures. To keep this accomplishment progressive, my goal for 2016 is to scuba dive! I made plans many times this year, but every time the day comes, we’re faced with a typhoon or something unfortunate like that.

4.) Endless solo adventures.

The first time I journeyed solo in 2013, I was instantly hooked. I’ve always been one of those free souls living recklessly with complete abandon. But, solo travel is freedom like I’ve never known before. And THAT was addicting. I do love traveling with my husband or my friends, but solo travel is different. You rely only on yourself and your instincts, you learn countless of things, and truth is, you’re never truly alone. Besides backpacking earlier this year, I’ve gotten around to many places on my own. And honestly, I don’t really need a reason why. I just do it, because I can. And you know it isn’t about to stop in 2016 either. (READ: How To Get Out Of Your Comfort Zone In 5 Simple Steps)

5.) Explore my own backyard.

If you don’t have the luxury of time or money, that’s the way to do it. Explore what’s nearby. It taught me how to appreciate the beauty of simplicity. Sometimes, we all tend to take for granted the things that we see on the daily. For instance, I’ve lived next to this volcano lake for two years, and it wasn’t until this year that I finally decided to marvel in its beauty, so I hiked it. I also found a lot of hidden gems close to where I live. From a secret river to a hidden waterfall, who knows what else is there in my backyard to discover? I’ll let you know this year!

6.) Write about my adventures.

Girl, Unspotted -- Singapore

I’ve always wanted to, and even started one two years ago. That was abandoned just as quickly as I started it, so in 2015, I finally went ahead and started from scratch. This year, I was able to gather all the inspiration I need to….simply inspire others. Traveling has been so wonderful to me, and I’m sure it will be amazing to others too. I want to encourage, inspire, and urge you that it’s not only feasible– but it’s a beautiful investment as well. It took me so long to finally gather the strength to take on the world, because I didn’t think I could. This 2016, I aim to come up with even more incredible content to spark your wanderlust. So with my voice, I hope to spread the word that adventure is just….truly waiting. (READ: I Urge You To Travel And Here’s Why)

What are your travel resolution accomplishments for 2016? Do you have any 2016 travel goals? Let me know down below!

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26 thoughts on “2015 Travel Resolution Accomplishments

  1. Traveling really does bring a lot of magic in our lives. I’m glad that you were able to conquer some of your travel fears – good job. I hope to be inspired by that. Cheers to all your travel accomplishments in 2015 and here’s to more adventures in 2016.


  2. I used to hate hiking too! Hahah! Although I am still a slowpoke when doing hikes, I love doing them, I’m lucky that Tom is very patient with me and doesn’t mind going at a slower pace.


  3. You are an amazing travel writer and you inspire me! I have done the same points, except for number 3. I am also working on the last one: writing about my travels. 😉 I wish you more meaningful travels this 2016! Keep sharing your experiences!


  4. I hope others do use your posts as inspiration as just by reading this post I can see how much you have experienced and grown in the last year, congrats for stepping outside your comfort zone as it seems to work well for you.


  5. wow what an amazing place to live next to. A very inspiring post – I too have grown to love hiking – though it took me more like 20 years!


  6. One of the travel accomplishments which we listed in 2015 but failed to accomplish during that year is to travel abroad. The goal of having a house took over. Hehee! Hopefully, we’ll have the chance of traveling outside the country in 2016.


  7. So happy that you fell in love with hiking! You’re right, at the beginning it sucks ass, but the accomplishment at the end of it makes it all worthwhile. I’ve enjoyed following you and see you grow Erica and I was so proud of you when you went backpacking solo. Keep up the good work and here’s to an awesome 2016! *cheers*


  8. Very nice to see what you’ve accomplished in 2015! You’ve had a very busy year 🙂 Respect that you went on a solo backpacking trip. Keep exploring and writing about it, you’re doing a great job! Happy travelhugs and my best wishes for 2016 🙂 Cheers, Jempi


  9. You’ve had an epic year with many accomplishments. Congrats and best wishes for even more great travel experiences in 2016. I like how you fell in love with hiking, maybe there is hope for me after all. 😉


  10. Cheers to conquering so many wonderful things in 2015! Love that you swam with whale sharks and turtles! That’s on my list for 2016. Looking forward to continuing following your adventures – you’ve been such an inspiration for me this year, my fellow mermaid 😉


  11. Number three is my favorite. I’ve always been a beach girl too and a great swimmer but I feared what was in the water. I swam with whale sharks this year too as well as great whites and thousands of colorful fish in Thailand. It was a game changing year for conquering my fear of marine life and I will continue to push the limits in 2016. Happy New Year! I hope it’s filled with dozens of new adventures and accomplishments. May the world be at your doorstep.


  12. I’m very happy for you! True enough, you made your dreams your reality and you’re sure to go to more places 🙂 2016 will be another great year for you. That’s for sure!


  13. I’m really looking forward to more of your adventures this year. Last year was definitely lovely. Thanks for being able to show me the world without leaving my home. And congratulations for accomplishing your travel goals for last year!


  14. Out of all the things in the list, the one thing I have never tried and am scared of trying is go backpacking. It’s always a great idea to write about travel adventures because you get to reminisce all the experiences and document them so you’ll remember them in the years to come. 🙂


  15. Every year brings some new challenges to ourselves is super great! Thanks for sharing yours. I want to try solo travelling too but my boy will kill me if I do that.. So… Couple travellers only…


  16. You are a very brave traveller and excellent photographer. So good for us that you have decided to share your adventures with us via this blog. I can’t believe it only started last year. Congratulations! – Fred


  17. Yeaaahhhhh!!!! I’m so happy for you on your accomplishments!
    I’ve trekked, hiked, went backpacking, writing about it all as well.
    I’m yet to discover more underwater… Should do it this year.


  18. In my wildest dream, I see myself diving under water like a mermaid but sadly I don’t know swimming 😦
    I love your resolutions because I love travelling myself and your list will help me get some ideas too! Lovely post 🙂


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