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20 On Point Travel Quotes For The Free Spirits And Wild Hearts

Quotes are all over the internet because they inspire us. Call it a cliche, but any form of motivation never gets old. And although I’m aware that there about a thousand other articles circulating the Internet compiling all the best travel related quotes, I went ahead and gathered my favorite lesser known ones anyway. Consider it my own personal self-affirmation, and because hey, you can never be too inspired. So forget all the haters, and indulge in the cliches. Post a selfie with a quote in it if you must. But don’t leave it at that. Let it actually drive your passion to go chase adventure. After all,ย the real clicheย are people waiting for things to happen, whileย not doing anything about it.

Here’s my personal favorites, some of them from my favorite authors that I love. Compiled and designed for women like me who’s chronically afflicted with wanderlust, the free souls and wild spirits that live with no boundaries, and the curious that will eternally search for the unknown. I give you 20 motivational quotes that will hopefully make you want to plot your next adventure right away.

Girl, Unspotted Quote 1

Girl, Unspotted quote 2

Girl, Unspotted quote 3

Girl, Unspotted quote 4

Girl, Unspotted quote 6

Girl, Unspotted quote 7

Girl, Unspotted quote 8

Girl, Unspotted quote 9

Girl, Unspotted Quote 10

Girl, Unspotted Quote 11

Girl, Unspotted Quote 12

Girl, Unspotted Quotes 13

Girl, Unspotted Quote 14

Girl, Unspotted Quote 15

Girl, Unspotted Quote 16

Girl, Unspotted Quote 17

Girl, Unspotted Quote 18

Girl, Unspotted Quote 19

Girl, Unspotted Quote 21

Girl, Unspotted Quote 20

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31 thoughts on “20 On Point Travel Quotes For The Free Spirits And Wild Hearts

  1. I love the Anthony Bourdain quote yes if you are young you should get out there and travel and experience. Great post of inspiration quotes and life lessons. I have my own quote and its goes like this
    “i travel because its too easy to think where you live is how the world is”


  2. I love quotes. These words bring form to our thoughts and passion. Often we already know the truth in our heart but we still love to read and hear these inspiring words because they echo what is within us.


  3. I love the Paulo Coelho one, it’s so true that I love stress but at the same time I hate it. Afterwards, the adrenaline beats every nerve though and I always try to keep that in mind when doing something adventurous!


  4. You do not need to convince me to travel. Haha! This is an essential activity for me which I enjoy sharing with my family. So lucky the kids of today that they can see so much of the world while still so young. – Fred


  5. I’ve never heard the one from Anthony Bourdain and he’s my favorite! All of these are so inspiring. You’re making me want to travel more than I already am… AND that’s pretty much impossible ๐Ÿ˜‰


  6. Those are wonderful quotes to live by. Traveling is an experience people must go through, it makes us feel alive and eager for life.


  7. Yeah! Maybe! LOL! Wild and free! ๐Ÿ˜€ I am an adventurous man. I said, “If one day, you’ll find me dead while travelling or doing adventures. Please throw a party! Don’t be sad, because, if I die while travelling or doing some adventures, that means, I was happiest, in my death.” Hahaha ๐Ÿ˜€


  8. Beautiful quotes you have here, I also love quotes especially success quotes, i have a dedicated page about quotes in my site, where i keep on adding quotes that touches and resonates with me


  9. Now I really want to travel and complete my bucket list. I am definitely pinning this on my pintrest’s quotes board.


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