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10 Amazing Things To Do In Vanuatu


If you are looking for a great experience and the best summer destination, I (and thousands of other explorers) recommend you to visit Vanuatu. Vanuatu, an underrated archipelago located in the South Pacific Ocean is made up of 83 islands. This paradise offers extraordinary views, landscapes, forests, and hundreds of fun activities. Because of the few people on this island, it has become more of a hidden paradise.

1. Adventure tours


If you want a thrilling experience, Vanuatu Jungle Zipline will definitely satiate your adrenaline cravings. You will get strapped into the harness and zip through four-stories high through the treetops and cross the 80-meter-high canyon.

2. Scuba Diving

Girl, Unspotted -- Vanuatu

The underwater world of Vanuatu has plunged cliffs, grottoes, huge caves and tunnels. The divers can be surrounded by different fish, soft corals, acrocopa gardents, plate corals, and sponges. It’s definitely not an activity to be missed.

3. Fishing

Girl, Unspotted -- Vanuatu

Vanuatu is popular for having a great selection of game fishing operators in the South Pacific. Fishing can be designed to fit each requirement where possible. From deep-sea fishing, reeling-in a 50kg Wahoo, finding secret fishing spots, being surrounded with the perfect views of the sea, to testing your skills against a mahi mahi, tuna, or marlin, Vanautu will guarantee you a one of a kind fishing experience.

4. Watersports

Girl, Unspotted -- Vanuatu

Enjoy a variety of water sport activities including the hydro zorbing, water ball, jet rides, tube, rides, catamaran, ocean kayaking, and many more. You may also opt to indulge in the view from 70 to 80 meters high while parasailing in the air with breathtaking views of Port Vila harbor.

5. Nightlife

Girl, Unspotted -- Vanuatu

Port Vila just recently opened the best nightspots serving party goers. Visit top socializing venues that will give you a chance or opportunity to meet new friends and mingle with local and international visitors. Every Friday night, the beach bar isn’t to be missed to witness their famous Friday Night Fire Show featuring fire dancing, and fire sticks with modern dance music.

6. Cruises

6Girl, Unspotted -- Vanuatu

For an outer island sailing adventure, Vanuatu has the perfect getaway. Sailing on Vanuatu ocean is possible for day trips and yacht chartering within the Port Vila harbor. During the cruise, you can stop to dive and snorkel at the amazing sites with an abundance of marine life.

7. Health, Beauty, and Spa

Girl, Unspotted -- Vanuatu

Vanuatu also have spas where you can relax your tired soul. For rejuvenation and relaxation, tourists can indulge their senses to a day spa magic at resorts in Vanuatu. Pamper packages cater to both men and women, with various techniques of massage therapies.

8.) Scenic Flights

Girl, Unspotted -- Vanuatu

You can enjoy a once in a life time experience in Vanuatu with their scenic flights. Vanuatu helicopters will fly you over volcanoes for you to personally witness the beauty of the island.

9. Eco Tours

Girl, Unspotted -- Vanuatu

Vanuatu has a splendid Eco tour to witness the hidden beauty of their fabulous flora and fauna in its natural environment. You will learn about the history and cultural background of certain natural attractions that made Vanuatu the paradise it is.

10.) Volcano Trekking

Girl, Unspotted -- Vanuatu

Ambrym Island has two of the world’s most active volcanoes. Mt. Benbow and Mt. Marum are located in the middle of the island. You will find yourself amazed as you stand at the rim of this active volcano to view their overflowing lava lakes that light up the night sky.

So, with such a tempting variety of activities to choose from, what are you waiting for ? Are you packed and ready to go? Flights to Vanuatu are easily accessible online for ease of booking. Have fun on your upcoming adventure!


Disclosure: This is a sponsored post. I was compensated by the company to publish this post. However, I only recommend products and companies I personally trust, use, and believe would be good for my readers. 

21 thoughts on “10 Amazing Things To Do In Vanuatu

  1. The tours are really lovely and the watersports is just pure awesome. There are definitely a lot of things to do here aside from just laying on the beach. It’s really worth the trip!


  2. I have only heard of Vanuatu as a member of the United Nations, but this is the first time I have seen photos from someone who had actually been there. Since we already have all of this in the Philippines, and better I would dare add, I may not really take the time to visit this island. 🙂 – fred


  3. I haven’t heard of Vanuatu before. Is it a country on its own or just an island of one country? Do we need visas or special processing of passes to get there? I’m interested! This is like a hidden paradise where we can explore different sports and see wonderful views at night.


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