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Get Inspired With “See Ya Never” + $150 Shopping Spree Giveaway

Before I got to travel extensively, I’ve always been curious about the people who chose such an unorthodox lifestyle to live their lives elsewhere. I mean, here I am, back in the country where I was born, and I thought I was such a badass to endure all the reverse culture shock all the while managing my princess problems in a third world country. And then, as I traveled to different far-flung places, I met people who are complete aliens in strange foreign lands. The people who recklessly abandoned it all in search of a bigger perspective.

Girl, Unspotted See Ya Never

The question wasn’t why they chose that path, because, it was to easy to understand once you get exposed to the idea of travel. It wasn’t even how they manage to pull it off, because I knew from the start that passion always finds a way. The biggest conundrum I find is what inspired them to go for it, because that is always, ALWAYS, the hardest part.

Girl, Unspotted See Ya Never

I was able to have a chat with Louise Henry, one half of this new amazing line of travel-inspired apparel called See Ya Never. The first thing that came to my mind when I came across their brand was damn, why didn’t I think of that name first. It’s so fitting to the lifestyle many of us seek after, isn’t it?! Louise is from Canada who’s obviously chronically afflicted with wanderlust as she now resides in Bali with her partner Nathan, who is the other half responsible for See Ya Never. The reason why I was particularly interested in collaborating with them is not only because they have pretty kickass pieces that offers versatility especially for travelers like me. But, the fact that See Ya Never’s foundation is all about inspiration to chase adventures was definitely something I would love to share with everyone, because, that’s something we can always use a dose of.

Just like any dreamer, Louise and Nathan didn’t automatically just come up with a brand. They’ve had it in them, and they always knew what their aspirations were, but it definitely took some work to put it all together. As what they’ve said on their official site,  “But dreams do as little as the unassembled parts of any machine, nothing.” 

Below is a short little background about their brand. It’s wonderful hearing about how they started, especially the story behind the inspiration. May it motivate you to go and say “see ya never” as well, fellow dreamers and travelers. And to add even more inspiration, we’re doing a giveaway on Instagram, so keep reading to see the rules!

1.) How did you get started implementing your plans to put this company together?

Once we decided that we were going to start a street wear brand and we knew it was going to be called See Ya Never, we really wanted to get a clear idea of what it would look like. Humans are very visual and putting together a mood board was the first step to finding a clear vision of what we wanted to be.

2.) What makes your product different?

We decided early on that our customers would want something versatile. With our brand designed for travel and adventure, it fits that people would want to travel light and efficiently. So we decided we needed to bring a product to the table that would be comfortable on a plane and also look bad ass enough to be worn straight from the airport out to a bar.

3.) How did you end up naming your brand “See Ya Never”?

We were actually lucky in that the name came first and the idea for the brand grew from there (which is quite rare). See Ya Never has actually been in the making for a long time now. It’s something that my partner Nathan and his friends would say sarcastically, often before they were about to catch a big wave or at the airport when they knew they’d see each other again soon. Nathan knew it was a cool name, so on a whim, he grabbed the domain, thinking that one day he’d turn it into a blog.

When we got together, I had somewhat of an epiphany moment. Nathan had told me how he always wanted to start a clothing brand and I had experience with e-commerce. Here was a cool name just waiting for something to be done with it. The name ended up being the glue that brought it all together.

See Ya Never is the perfect fit because we’re all about inspiring adventure. We want you to say See Ya Never to the ordinary, See Ya Never to how you were told things had to be and go out there and carve your own path.

4.) What inspired you to start See Ya Never?

The idea behind the brand is something that both Nathan and I have always tried to embody. We’ve both enjoyed living a bit different to the norm – from starting our own businesses to living in exotic places like Bali, we’ve always aimed to live an unconventional life. When we got together, we realized how much happiness this way of life had brought us and also how many people around us asked questions about how to do the same. We realized that it was an idea a lot of people aspired to and we wanted to do something that could encourage people to do the same.

Now that you’ve read a little about their brand, head on over to their site to check out their pieces. Personally, See Ya Never pieces are genius for travel. They’re light weight, they’re versatile, and most importantly, they’re actually really cool. If you’re all about traveling comfortably but still want to look cute and kickass, then this just might be for you.

So before I end this, let me share with you some good news. See Ya Never is feeling generous and has agreed to do a giveaway of $150 certificate for their site. That’s a whole lot of goodies! Our rules are very simple so head over to Instagram and follow these easy steps;

Girl, Unspotted See Ya Never

1.) Follow both of us on Instagram — @girlunspotted and @seeyaneverofficial
2.) Like the photo of me wearing my See Ya Never tank on the beach as seen as above.
3.) Tag 3 friends who’s all about adventures (on that same photo).You may enter multiple times. The contest will go on from January 31st and will end on February 16th. Winner will be picked randomly and will be announced on my Instagram. Winner will receive $150 shopping spree at


Thank you to See Ya Never for sponsoring this giveaway. As always, I only recommend products that I personally use and believe would be good for my readers.

17 thoughts on “Get Inspired With “See Ya Never” + $150 Shopping Spree Giveaway

  1. What a fun brand! Definitely fits the lifestyle of a traveler. I don’t travel much and I would also love to understand what inspires/inspired people to go halfway across the world and jump to another country.


  2. I actually do not get why “see ya never” is cool, but hey, it worked, so what do I know? Hehe. I guess it means to many people something I do not understand (even when I read their explanation, sorry.) – Fred


  3. I love the whole concept behind See Ya Never, because it’s a phrase the easily captures the wanderlust. On their line, I’m particularly interested in their travel towel, it looks really big but lightweight.


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