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20 Things All Beach Girls Understand

I know I’m not alone because I share this beach obsession with so many victims. So here’s 20 things that I’m sure any girl who’s obsessed with anything that has to do with the beach could agree with. We’ve got 99 problems but a beach sure ain’t one.

1.) Three words: overlapping tan lines. And you’re completely okay with it.

2.) Your hair may not always be healthy, but it sure does look great in its natural messy and wavy form.

3.) You have more bikinis than underwear. While normal people buy them because they’re going on a vacation, you buy them because it’s Thursday.

4.) The feeling of sand between your toes is almost synonymous as the feeling of your head on your pillow.

5.) The most important epiphanies and decisions in your life were made while sitting on a beach.

6.) You’re the queen of packing light because what else is there to pack other than bikinis? (READ: A Beach Bum’s Guide To Packing Smartly)

7.) You’re more comfortable doing anything in a bikini, tbh.

8.) You have different bottles of sunscreen that’s still yet to be emptied.

9.) Your idea of a perfect date would obviously be set on a beach. Perhaps watch the sunset, or maybe even camp under the stars. Or better yet, a private candlelit dinner while listening to the sound of the waves. #relationshipgoals (READ: Date Ideas For Adventurers)

10.) Skinny dipping? Been there done that.

11.) Sex on the beach? Either you already have, or you definitely want to.

12.) You’re the crankiest bitch in cold temperatures.

13.) You understand that there’s a thin line between a good tan and just borderline burnt. But reaching your max tan limit doesn’t necessarily make you avoid the sun nonetheless.

14.) You do worry about aging and what the sun gradually does to your skin. But it’s just so hard to care when you’re in paradise.

15.) There’s always sand inside your bags and you’ll never know where it’s from because you’ve taken it to too many beaches. (READ: 5 Beautiful Islands To Camp At Near Manila)

16.) Your honeymoon goal is either Hawaii, Bora Bora, or Maldives. (READ: 15 Kickass Honeymoon Destinations)

17.) You’ve once dreamed of a surfer boyfriend.

18.) You’re immune to sands in your crotch.

19.) Even though you’ve seen the most beautiful pristine beaches, you appreciate the less immaculate ones equally. Good beaches, bad beaches, you love them all, that’s your effin’ problem. (READ: An Intensive Analysis To Philippines’ Best Islands)

20.) You believe in mermaids, because duh. (READ: Mermaid Academy)

Girl, Unspotted - Mermaid Academy

Girl, Unspotted

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24 thoughts on “20 Things All Beach Girls Understand

  1. Again a very entertaining article to read. Personally though, I am not a beach person as I prefer hiking on mountains. However, a day at the beach is also quite welcome anytime.


  2. I am not immune to sand in my crotch or want a surfer dude to be my man … must not be a beach girl 🙂 Love this though. Funny and entertaining! I love walking on the beach, looking at the beach and hearing the waves, but I would much rather be in a pool. Although reading your article led me to an epiphany of my own: my husband is a total beach girl!


  3. Love the mermaid tails, always wanted to try to swim in one 🙂
    I do love the beach but like Dang says, i don’t really welcome the sand between my crotch and butt crack haha!


  4. That was a fun read. It’s the laid back feel of that the beach gives you that makes things feel a lot better when you’re there! Ah, the good life.


  5. I had a roommate who had just moved back from Hawaii and she comes into my room one day and says to me, in a very somber & serious voice, “Natasha, I have 58 non matching pairs of bikinis.”


  6. Oh I adored this post! I don’t think I’m quite as much of a beach girl as you – I live in London so it’s a little difficult 😦 – but I can totally get on board with most of this. The beach hair, the tan lines, the numerous amounts of bikinis and the sand in my toes. Put a pina colada in my hand and it’s my happy place 🙂


  7. Interesting post. I may not be a beach bum but i travel light. I alwaya wear and bring light clothes. Mostly dress type


  8. I had a lot of fun reading this article 🙂 And I understood many of the lines so well – even if I am not a true beach girl (I do enjoy going to the beach, even if I don’t do it too often). Great article 😉 Have fun at the beach!


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