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7 of Southeast Asia’s Most Affordable Romantic Getaways

Just in time for Valentine weekend coming up, I have compiled some of the most romantic places around Southeast Asia that will without a doubt set the mood for love. From sunsets to breathtaking views, one does not need to shell out a lot of cash to put a little love in your soul. So whether you’re married, dating, or single, trust me…these places will make you fall in love nonetheless.

1.) Hoi An, Vietnam

Vietnam’s most romantic city is also dubbed as Asia’s Venice. This UNESCO World Heritage Spot screams out amorous in the most unique, yet unpretentious way. A walk around ancient town while munching on banh mi sandwiches and checking out art galleries is enough to guarantee you to feel the love down your spine. I’m telling you, you don’t need to try very much to get that romantic mood here. I actually spent Valentines here in 2015… BY MYSELF. And believe it or not, my date with the city did not make me feel alone at all. Although, yes, I wish I could have spent it with my husband because it is a beautiful place to spend a lovely day. Despite all that lovey dovey factors, Hoi An is just downright a bucket list worthy place for other essential reasons too– food and people. The BEST of Vietnam, hands down. (READ: How To Spend Valentines Day Alone)

2.) Coron, Palawan, Philippines

Girl, Unspotted -- coron, palawan

This, I’m including because of a more personal reason– I fell in love here. Not just with the place, because I’m pretty sure I literally fell in love with my husband in this paradise. Our first getaway happens to be in this lovely island in the Philippines, and while, sure, we were already on the verge of falling in love, the setting definitely made it a lot easier to knock down our walls and just give in to each other. There are so many little gems here to set the mood right. A beautiful hidden lake with the clearest water will absolutely make you feel like you’re on your honeymoon. Not enough to convince you? Try catching the sunset on top of Mt. Tapyas and then ending the day with a dip in hot springs. Better yet, get on a boat and enjoy a cruise while admiring beautiful limestone formations and stopping in pristine islands in between. If you’re lucky like us, you might have an island all to yourself the entire day where fishies come to meet you right on the beach. (READ: I Fell In Love In Coron)

3.) Angkor Wat, Cambodia

Girl, Unspotted -- Angkor Wat

I had to really think long and hard if I wanted to include Angkor Wat in this list. I went here alone, so it was more of a spiritual trip for me if anything. In fact, this was the most spiritual trip I’ve ever embarked on, and I completely loved that I went on my own. However, I thought about it, and well, it can definitely pass as  a romantic place. Watching the sunrise here may not give you the most privacy since it’s full on tourist central, so I would suggest finding out from the locals a good sunrise/sunset spot where you could enjoy it with your loved one. Trust me, you’ll find a good spot. Either way, exploring thousand year old temples with a special human being in your life sounds every bit of lovely to me. (READ: Crossing Borders From Bangkok To Siem Reap)

4.) Ubud, Indonesia

Girl, Unspotted -- Bali, Indonesia

I cannot NOT include Southeast Asia’s honeymoon central. Bali may be overrated to some, but it is visited by many for all kinds of legitimate reasons. I picked Ubud out of all Bali because indulging in learning a new culture is just as romantic as a private dinner by the beach. From the lush rice terraces to significant ancient temples, Ubud is swoon worthy. Just get past the insane humidity, and I can guarantee you some special precious eye contact moments that you will remember for the rest of your life. (READ: Tips For Your Bali Honeymoon)

5.) Gardens By The Bay, Singapore

Usually when you read “affordable”, Singapore isn’t the first to come to mind. But did you know that there’s a few things to do here without having to spend a dime? One of them is Gardens By The Bay, and although, there are some spots here that requires payment such as the indoor gardens, you can still find precious moments for free by taking advantage of the the open spots. The super trees for instance, is quite a site to behold. Prepare to bust out your ardent emotions as you perhaps go on a picnic under this perfectly lit magnificent trees at night. There’s also a restaurant on top of a tree if you want a fancier delight. Either way, romance will be in the air. (READ: 5 Free Things To Do In Singapore)

6.) Phi Phi Islands, Thailand

Thailand may be packed with tourists and expats, but it is a swarmed country for a reason. I mean, you might want to stay away from Bangkok if it’s romance you’re seeking, but once you find a good island of your preference down south (and trust me, there’s a lot to choose from), you may just consider Thailand as one of the most romantic places. The Phi Phi Islands for instance will take you on an extraordinary otherworldly experience as you cruise along the exotic paradise. If clear blue water, white heavenly sands, great food, and cotton skies on sunset doesn’t lure you enough for a romantic getaway, then perhaps I should remind you that it’s super cheap to be here. (READ: How To Survive Tourist Sites 101)

7.) Sagada, Philippines

Girl, Unspotted - Kiltepan Sunrise, Sagada

It may not be full of romance when it comes to reaching this mountain gem, but once you’re there, I shall warn you– you will be filled with so much emotions for this place! It’s a bit more adventurous, to be honest, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be romantic? I don’t know about you, but anything that involves adventure is my kind of romance anyway. Here in Sagada, you and your boo thang can celebrate by watching the sunrise over a sea of clouds, trek to amazing waterfalls, and perhaps going underground by spelunking through different caves. Not your thing? Not to worry, as being in Sagada itself is already as romantic as it can get. Just by looking over beautiful mountain views of rice terraces, enough will be said. (READ: Kiltepan Sunrise)

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Girl, Unspotted

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39 thoughts on “7 of Southeast Asia’s Most Affordable Romantic Getaways

  1. I literally just messaged my boyfriend “do you want to go to southeast asia?” after reading this, haha! Even if I don’t get to go with my boyfriend, I would love to go with just friends or family – or even by myself! I hope you and your husband have a wonderful V-day this year!! 😀

    Liked by 1 person

  2. You put Hoi An at number one so now I am very curious to go visit it together with Hanoi. I am one of those who think Bali is overrated. Hehe. Did not really enjoy my time there back then, but it may have improved by now.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Hanoi was our first choice for honeymoon! Alas… we had to go to KL to visit my husband’s late grandmother (who was sick then, and couldn’t come down to Singapore for our wedding banquet). So we did Langkawi for our honeymoon instead 😉

    Liked by 1 person

  4. I’m clearly doing pretty well! I’ve been to 4 out of the 7 locations here all as a solo female traveller >< and yes, they really are lovely and romantic. I also recommend watching the sunset in El Nido Philippines. Possibly one of the most romantic experiences I had by myself haha!

    Liked by 1 person

  5. I haven’t been to any of these places. I would love to go to the Philippines, that’s first on my list from the above. And I hope one day I can go back to this article and think – hell yeah, visited them all already! 🙂 Greetings! Your posts are always lovely and interesting!

    Liked by 1 person

  6. Never knew Hoi An was such a beautiful place, anywhere that reminds you of Venice must be romantic! And agree that Bali should make the list…until we went we too thought it would be an over-rated tourist mecca, but totally fell in love with Ubud. Can’t wait to go back some day.

    Liked by 1 person

  7. I am more a mountain than beaches lover, but Phi Phi Islands are just a drop of heaven! Wow. All places are lovely, but these islands just mind-boggled me!

    Liked by 1 person

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