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20 Things Harry Potter Teaches Us About Life, Adventures, And The World

The entire Harry Potter series didn’t just take us in a magical world, but also touched our hearts with its captivating story that sparked many different emotions. It’s filled with life lessons that covers every aspect of life– from friendship, family, love, death, and everything in between. But if there’s one thing Harry Potter knows a thing or two about, it’s definitely how to handle a real adventure. As an ode to the series (and my love of adventure), I’ve broken down 20 real life lessons that Harry Potter has given us about adventures, life, and the world.

1.) Adventure isn’t something to be afraid of.


Harry Potter may be the chosen one, but you don’t need a prophecy to tell you that adventure is out there waiting. Harry was just an average, ordinary boy from the Muggle world and if a boy like him can live an adventure none of us can top, then we sure as hell can get out of our comfort zone. His friends lived an adventure as well, proving us that you don’t need to be destined to chase an adventure of a lifetime.

2.) Trust no bitch.

Peter Pettigrew is the biggest bitch of all. Those who act like our friends aren’t always FRIENDS, so don’t even get me started with strangers. Some people may seem like sweethearts until you’re stabbed in the back. Some locals may seem like genuine people until you’re robbed. So, just be careful who you trust.

3.) Not everything in this magical world is quite what it seems.

With all that trust issues said, Harry Potter also taught us that what appears superficially isn’t always determinant of people’s character. Hagrid, for instance, is a very intimidating giant who happens to be such a sweetheart. This is also not limited to physical appearances. Places can seem so magical, yet so damaged at the same time. People can seem a certain way but can be a complete opposite of that. And let’s not even about Snape.

4.) Racism is a terrifying thing and it does exist.

Hate and racism sometimes goes hand in hand. We have Hitler in history to prove that, and we also have our modern day Voldemorts. But whether it’s  pure bloods vs “mudbloods” (excuse my language), white vs minorities, or christians vs muslims, one thing remains the same– it’s all fueled by pure hatred. And it’s a scary, scary thing.

5.) Home is anywhere you want it to be.

Home doesn’t necessarily mean the place you grew up in or a place where your family resides. Home was not 4 Privet Drive to Harry for very obvious reasons, but he sure made a home out of Hogwarts– with friends who soon became family. As cliche it sounds, home is truly where your heart is. Sadly in my case, that’s when I’m out and about in somewhere totally foreign.

6.) It’s okay to ask for help.

Harry wouldn’t have succeeded in his final battles if it weren’t for his friends and support system. He’s shown us that there’s nothing wrong with being vulnerable, or to ask for directions if you’re a little lost. We’re humans. It’s okay to feel the need to be rescued sometimes.

7.) But sometimes, you gotta do things on your own.

Yes, Harry had the full support of his friends and elders throughout the series. But many times, including when he faced the Hungarian Long Tail Dragon and when he had the one on one battle with The Dark Lord, he was completely on his own. Sometimes in life, all we’ve got is ourselves. And who needs a Voldemort when we’ve got responsibilities to face.

8.) The true magic is believing in yourself.

Let’s skip Harry’s obvious bravery to defeat Voldemort. Remember when Ron was feeling insecure about a quidditch match and ended up winning for the team after gaining confidence from a shot of Felix Felicis which we later found out to be just a placebo all along? It just proves to show that you can be anything you want if you believe in yourself. Even if you’re a muggle.

9.) It’s okay to break the rules sometimes.

Sometimes, it’s necessary. And when we’re lucky, those adventures could be one our most memorable experiences. Harry Potter doesn’t really advocate it, but he sure as hell broke a lot of rules. Being such a goody two shoes is just too basic. So color outside the lines. Don’t listen to what society tells you. Free the damn nipple. #MischiefManaged

10.) Insurance will save your life.

If there’s one thing we can learn from The Dark Lord, it’s the importance of insurance. He didn’t have just one, but SEVEN insurances to make sure he stays immortal, which we all know as the horcruxes. Now we might not have horcruxes in Muggle land (and it’s too dark and too evil to even consider), but there’s all kinds of insurance services that we should definitely not overlook or take for granted. Travel insurance, anyone?

11.) Chocolate heals.

The greatest Wizard of all time, Dumbledore, sure loved his sweets. But it was Professor Lupin that confirmed the power of chocolates– an antidote for Dementor’s kiss.  When shit gets bad, like after nearly getting your soul sucked out of you by any means, (which is way more extreme than a broken heart) chocolate clearly is the answer.

12.) Hate is a strong force, but love is more powerful.

Hate indeed can be a very frightening thing, but love is the most powerful weapon, as proven by Lily’s love for Harry. At the end of the day, love can conquer even the strongest of all monsters.

13.) Loyalty is everything.

We all know about Snape’s undying love for Lily and that his loyalty belonged to her the entire time. We know that Voldemort valued the Deatheater’s loyalty so much even if he didn’t have any. We’ve also witnessed the house points that has been awarded to Harry and his friends because of their characters, proving us that loyalty in fact, can go a really long way. Literally a long way with reward points, am I right?

14.) The mask you put on will eventually wear off and people will realize who you truly are.

In other words, don’t be such a fake. We all know that the Polyjuice potion only lasts for so long. You can front all you want, but people will eventually see through you and your motives. Just be your damn self. Believing your own lies only makes it worse. You can also learn from Gilderoy Lockhart, the smoothest lying son of a bitch.

15.) Fear is nothing but a state of mind.

Remember boggarts? The ones that takes the form of a human’s greatest fear? It can’t be defeated by a single wave of your wand because it requires deep concentration. Focus less on your fear, and it suddenly seems hilarious. Mind over matter.

16.) Stand up for what you believe in.

Hermoine hated how house elves were treated so she founded The Society For The Promotion Of Elfish Welfare (S.P.E.W.) to fight for their rights. Whether you’re against animal captivity, sex trafficking, child abuse, or whatever issue it may be, stand up for it! You don’t have to go all out and start knitting socks for distribution. You can start by spreading awareness.

17.) Take note of cultural differences.

Hermoine’s passionate effort for S.P.E.W. kind of backfired when the elves actually took it the wrong way because they actually enjoyed working at Hogwarts all along. We’ve got to remember how the world is such a big place and that cultures differ from one another. Don’t make assumptions and judgments, but learn instead.

18.) Trust your instincts.

Other than using Hermoine’s brain and knowledge, the trio had to rely on their instincts too to tackle some of their adventures. It’s simply the best tool there is.

19.) You don’t have to be extraordinary to do extraordinary things.

Harry was so average and basic af. Many of his success weren’t even innate, but was achieved through help from different people. But maybe that’s why he’s so relatable– he’s ordinary, yet he did extraordinary things. All you need is the courage to do so.

20.) Magic is something you make.

You can’t change your past, but you sure as hell can change your future. You’re in control of your life and it’s up to you how you’re going to live it. Forget what society says and ignore the doubts in your head. Find your courage, build your strategy, and make shit happen. So travel far and wide. Chase the wildest adventures. Do what you love the most. After all, you’re never too old to believe in magic.

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27 thoughts on “20 Things Harry Potter Teaches Us About Life, Adventures, And The World

  1. I loved this Erica, there’s something about GIFs that really bring posts like this to life. Harry Potter really did teach us a lot about life and world adventures but it wasn’t until reading this that I realised it πŸ™‚ There are many themes through the books and movies that you mentioned that really resonate with me, especially about fear and believing in yourself because because they can often stop people from travelling and achieving everything they want in life. May Potter live on πŸ˜‰


  2. I can tell that you worked hard on this post. I love it! I’m a huge Harry Potter fan. I followed the franchise very closely. I definitely enjoyed this post. I love how you shared how much you’ve learned from the Harry Potter movies. I find it amazing how we can learn important lessons from the most random sources. lol Thank you for sharing! Keep it up.


  3. It’s okay to break the rules sometimes….as long as it’s Worth it! Who cares! (#Lekeleo ‘s Theory) Can’t deny you simply touched every nook and cranny of the Harry Potter brand. Also taking time to relate it to life experience is remarkable! Keep shinning, Erica like Harry’s magic!


  4. Lol, love this post!! So many great things to live by! #1 is my favorite–Adventure isn’t something to be afraid of πŸ™‚ I have to be honest though, I’ve never read or watched Harry Potter…I’m thinking it might be about time, haha!


  5. Actually I have never watched any of the movies, so I was not always sure what you refer to but at the end we should go out and do what needs to be done to make us happy (as long as it does not hurt others) πŸ˜‰


  6. I absolutely love these life lessons. All are accurate and can be applied to the challenges that life throws at us. Harry Potter is close to my heart and my kids’ hearts too.


  7. All strong life lessons to live by, I personally like “Chocolate Heals”. I have not seen the movie or read the books, but I’m intrigued πŸ™‚


  8. Even though I never read any of the books (I know, shame on me!), these life lessons are definitely great for everyone to live by! Great reminders πŸ™‚


  9. Hate is a strong force, but love is more powerful. I think that recaps the whole Harry Potter. It’s always been love that has saved Harry countless of times. There are indeed a lot of realistic lessons we get in the magical world.


  10. In every movies I watch at end all have a nice suggestions and lessons. And Harry Potter is the movie that you can share it with your children regardless what level..


  11. Very fun and creative! I love Harry Potter and this post is great. Many life lessons and I think love is more powerful than hatred is something we all need to remember right now. Thanks for sharing!


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