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I Went To A Cat Cafe And Found Out I Don’t Like Cats

Cats. It’s easy to fall in love with them. They’re sweet, they’re beautiful, and there’s something so captivating about they way they are. They move so graciously, and at the same time, they remain such mysterious creatures. It’s easy to see why everyone goes crazy over them.

They say it’s either you’re a cat person or a dog person. I’ve never had a cat, and I have the sweetest pug as a pet. But somehow, I have always identified myself as a cat. Sometimes feisty, sometimes sweet. Not everybody’s cup of tea. But still. I’ve always thought I’d enjoy cats, and that I would eventually want one of my own. Well, turns out, I don’t. And it cost me $12 SD to figure that out.

The first time I’ve heard of a cat cafe, I immediately knew I’d have to check that out. One of my guilty pleasures as a grown woman is watching cat videos. I especially find the asshole cats very entertaining. So when I found out a few years ago that a cafe filled with these entertaining creatures actually exists, I knew I had to go. Unfortunately, there wasn’t any in the Philippines. I tried looking for one in Hanoi, but sadly, it was no longer open.

I was headed to bring my husband to Singapore for his birthday, and I couldn’t resist but to ask the wise one (Google) if there happens to be a cat cafe in the city. My husband and I love dogs, but he had a cat before so I thought it was something he’d appreciate as well. Turns out, there’s a cat cafe right in the heart of Singapore. And as you already know, I had to see what the fuss is about.

Cat Cafe Neko No Niwa is purrfectly located in Boat Quay. It’s in the second floor so it’s not entirely easy to find. But being surrounded with restaurants that serves delicious chili crab and also offers a wonderful view, the convenience of the location couldn’t be more central.

Because it’s a small cafe, they limit the customers and charge them per hour. It costs $12 for the first hour, and every hour exceeding that is an additional $5. It doesn’t include any food or drink so damn right it is quite price to pay just to be around cats. But it was the experience I was after, and I was really looking forward to go crazy over the cats. Or so I thought. It’s best to come in early to make a reservation because they get full fast. Luckily when we went, there was an opening right away.

It’s a cute little place that’s obviously well kept. It’s small, but very cozy. There were about a dozen cats, and each of them has a special story. What I truly adore about it is the fact that all the cats were rescued. Some of them were in really bad condition when they were found and you wouldn’t be able to tell so because of how well they’re taken care of today. They offer drinks and desserts here but just like the rest of Singapore, everything was pretty expensive. I didn’t really felt the need to order anything because I was looking forward to devouring local food after.

Before entering the room, they make you wash your hands and remove your shoes. You’re also briefed on how to properly interact with the cats. For instance, you aren’t allowed to wake them up. You can let them sit on your lap but you’re not supposed to grab them and place them there. I understand that cats want what they want, when they want it (like me). So it makes sense that they’re giving you precise instructions on basically how not to annoy them.

When I finally got in, most of the cats were taking their siesta and only a few were awake. Those who were weren’t really playful, as it seemed like they wanted to be left alone. I did pet some of them, but they just laid there, minding their own business, and not giving me the slightest hint of attention at all. At this point, I was already bored, but I wanted to understand cats so I lurked and lurked until they were sick of me. Maybe I was being a little clingy when I got hissed at, but cats are just so different from dogs. I like it in a way that they remind me of myself, but they’re just a little too mellow for me. In other words, they’re just not as fun as dogs!

Since it was in the late morning, most cats were asleep during those hours. So if you do try to go to a cat cafe, try going early when they’re awake so you can interact with them more. Perhaps your experience wouldn’t be as boring as mine. I mean, I didn’t really completely hated the experience, but if cats are usually like that, then I just don’t think they’re for me at all. I felt a little disappointment in myself because I grew up obsessing over Hello Kitty. How could you love Hello Kitty and not like cats? Shame on my childhood.

Maybe it takes having an actual cat as a pet to actually be captured by their charm. Or I wonder if it’s just me. We do have an outside cat that I named Mrs. Ferguson and I do find her extremely annoying. So perhaps it’s confirmed that I don’t belong in the Cat Club. But either way, a cat cafe was a fun experience that I actually didn’t mind. I’d probably go again if I’m yearning to be surrounded and interact with a lot of animals without going to the zoo (because captive ones just aren’t fun). So whether you’re a cat lover or not, cat cafes are quite purrfect for anyone who’s looking for a quirky experience. Unless of course you’re allergic.

Have you been to a cat cafe? How was your experience? Tell me down below I’m not the only one not as amused?

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13 thoughts on “I Went To A Cat Cafe And Found Out I Don’t Like Cats

  1. I think that you’ve confirmed that you’re not a cat person. This cafe in Singapore is the only cat cafe I’ve ever visited, and my experience was similar with mostly sleeping lazy cats, except that I loved it! I used to have cats but not anymore since I’ve become an expat and I have to exercise great restraint to resist playing with the street kitties in Jakarta. I look forward to my next quiet afternoon in Singapore to return to the cat cafe, even if it expensive for what it is.

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  2. Hahaha this cracked me up! Im a dog person as well. Cats are definiteky much more aloof, dogs are just big puddles of love. That said, ive been to a lot if cat cafes and they seem to all be exactly how you described. Expensive. Trendy AF. Unfriendly cats who could care less. But when I was in Prabang, I went to a cat sanctuary out in t eluk behang called “Cat Beach”. It’s an actual rescue where they take in hundreds of strays that are sick, injured, kittens with no mothers, etc. But the cats there are so friendly and playful, I was there more than two minutes before a big tabby jumped in my lap wanting to be petted. And at any given time, they probably have 500-100 kittens running around.

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  3. I find it interesting that you were bored, but I can completely understand why Like you said, cats want what they want when they want it and just like any other animal we can’t expect them to perform on cue. I think this is why the cat cafe’s exist, because the cats can be lazy most of the day. Can you imagine a dog cafe with that many dogs! Now that would be something worth paying for!

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  4. Too funny. I love cats, and I really want to go to a cat cafe, and I don’t care if they’re sleeping. I just love being around cats but my mother was allergic to cats (I mean, she still is, I just don’t live at home any longer), my husband is allergic to cats and I travel too much to take care of a cat on my own – so my only option is a cat cafe!

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  5. I’m a dog lover too. I find cats can be quite dismissive of attention whereas puppies are always happy to see you. And $12 just to be near them.. I think you have established no only that you are not a cat person – but neither am I!

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  6. Hi Erica!!
    I´m a cat lover! Crazy about those furry creatures and passionate about good cat cafés… However, I totally understand that cats are not for everybody. They are mysterious animals and different from dogs they don´t need /want humans around all the time. They are very independent and that can frustrate people that go to the cat café searching for cuddles and a good play. Maybe next time search for a cat cafe with baby kittens that are tons of fun to play around!

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  7. haha, I love that you like the asshole cats on videos 😉 I’m not sure what all the hype about cat cafes is either. I do love cats, but to be in a room of strange ones with that many people? Also, cats that I’ve been around generally don’t like to be around a lot of people, so they’re probably not in the best moods at these cafes!

    Thanks for sharing you experience.

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  8. Cat cafes are popular here in Korea too, although I’ve never stepped foot in one before. I’m kinda like you (before you went to a cat cafe that is) – I’ve never owned a cat before, but I love them and I also think I’m more of a cat person that a dog person haha. Maybe my perceptions will change completely if I visit a cat cafe… 😦


  9. Ohhh woww!!! those cats are so cuteee.
    I love cats, infact my sis has two of them. she is really very touched to them and the cats as well. 🙂


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