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Bangkok’s Chillest Hostel Is Here: Good One Hostel Cafe Bar



Traffic was at its peak when the taxi driver told me to look for my hostel on my own as he dropped me off on Silom street. With hand gestures and poorly constructed sentences, he instructed me that my hostel should be somewhere along that aisle I was standing at. None of these complexes looked like a hostel. I looked for an alley hoping to find an array of hostels and bars, because as far as my hostel experience went, it’s never in a convenient area like this. It’s a pretty nice neighborhood, and I was beginning to worry that I might be in the wrong place. There’s no way there’d be a budget hostel in this area. I asked around, walked a little, and thought someone finally pointed it out to me, but as I hit the stop light, I thought I’d go back at the cafe I passed by to use their wifi and figure out where the hell I was, and how the fcuk do I find this hostel.

I went back and found myself inside this cozy looking cafe that was basically a few feet away from where my taxi dropped me off. If these guys here can’t help me, at least I could buy something and use their wifi. I could even just hang out here before checking in at my hostel once I figure it out because instantly, I felt comfy enough. The guys on the counter welcomed me and asked if I was checking in and I thought I heard wrong. Must have been cause I missed lunch because my flight from Mandalay was at 12:30. Nonetheless, I showed them the screenshot of the map with the hostel name and address. “Yes, it’s this one”, said a guy that was neatly dressed, making it even more impossible for me to believe that this is the actual budget hostel I was looking for. “This is Good One Hostel.”

I thought I was delusional at this point. There’s no way this cozy hipster spot is my hostel. There are no loud music, but instead what filled the air were amazing bossanova that kinda made me feel like I was elsewhere rather than Bangkok. From someone coming in from a series of youth hostels, this is definitely not what I was expecting. I couldn’t tell if I was more relieved that I no longer had to look around, or excited because this hostel is already making me feel at home.

If you’ve been all around Southeast Asia, you would agree that Thais aren’t the friendliest ones. Usually, their customer service isn’t always on the bright side, but being welcomed back into Bangkok by the staff of Good One Hostel was such an incredible way to start my short Bangkok trip. I wasn’t expecting their bubbly and laid back personalities at all. Sure, I’ve met awesome hostel receptionists that were cool af, but they were usually foreigners. Not locals. So right away, it was already a different hostel experience.

Good One Hostel Cafe Bar


I stayed at a private room with shared bathrooms on the 6th floor. Here’s a fact about me: I love small rooms especially when I’m traveling alone. I find it cozier and more comfortable being in a smaller room compared to being in a big space. It feels empty that way, you know when you’re all by yourself? So when I saw my room, I felt right at home. It’s a basic private room with a huge queen size bed, a desk, and a chair. The AC worked instantly and wonderfully well. In a hot city like Bangkok, that’s exactly what you want after a long day walking around in heat and humidity. The room gets pretty cold, just like how I like it, but they also provide comforters of good quality to keep you warm in your sleep. They also provided drapes thick enough, which is very important to me because I’m quite sensitive to the sun in the morning. The brightness gives me a headache! But my room was everything I needed because it provided enough lighting (perfect for SnapChat selfies) and like I said, drapes thick enough to let me sleep in after a long night at Khao San Road.


There are two shared bathroom a few meters away from my room and both were up to my standards. And when I say my standards, I mean squeaky clean with comfortable toilets to sit in. As per typical Asian toilet, it comes with a bidet, and well, I’m pretty damn Asian so that was a plus for me. The hot water supply was endless for me, so it’s safe to say that I had amazing showers throughout. The best part about it is that they’re always clean every time I use the bathroom.

Being open for only a few months, Good One Hostel definitely isn’t a youth party hostel. But if you’re looking to socialize, you can still meet pretty cool people in the cafe. You’ll most likely meet pretty chill people, and you’d definitely come across lots of hip locals stopping by for a good cup of joe during the day time. The cafe is a great place to sit down, sip some coffee, and have amazing conversation. Since it’s pretty new, there’s not much drinking going on yet, but so far, I enjoyed the laid back vibe. No, it’s not your typical hippie-ish hostel lounge with barefoot backpackers chilling with beers in hammocks, but it’s still pretty damn chill. Just more in a low key hipster type of way. And hey, that’s not a bad thing at all! If you’d rather play your own music or perhaps watch tv, there’s a common area on the 7th floor complete with some kitchen appliances and a rooftop for a sweet view of Silom and a piece of Bangkok skyline.

Since I’m spending my final days in Bangkok before flying back to Manila, I wanted to pick a location that’s less action packed like Khao San. Obviously, I made a great call here. One of the highlights of staying here is the awesome location. Located about 5-10 minutes walk away from Patpong night market, great street food is literally just a walk away. There’s also some pretty decent food stops along the street right below the BTS, much closer than Patpong. And speaking of BTS, yes, there’s nothing like staying at hostels literally right next to a stop. The location is simply spot on.

But despite all the amazing services they offered, one thing stood out the most. The employees are amazing. From the instant I got there, to the moment I left, they made sure I wasn’t only having a great time in the hostel itself, but that I was having a blast in Bangkok. Every morning, while I eat my free breakfast of toast and cereal with REAL milk, they’ll ask me what my plans are for the day and then they’ll make sure I have the right directions. Every time I come in, they ask me if I want a glass of water. And every time I’m taking a taxi, they made sure to talk to the driver to take me to the right spot. They would literally go out of their way to make sure I was taken care of.

Good One Hostel offers mixed/female dorm rooms for 345 baht a night, unbelievably affordable for the quality of service you get. A private room with shared bathroom like mine is 880 baht while a private room suite with your own bathroom will cost you 1,060 baht. A real steal. So the bottom line is this. If you’re looking for wild parties inside the hostel, this is not for you. But if you’re all about a nice comfortable setting, a chill relaxed vibe, with affordable rates, then you’d absolutely feel at home here. And since Bangkok is clearly my favorite city, you know I’ll be back. And you know where I’ll be staying.

For booking and inquiries, check out their website here.

Disclaimer: Thank you so much to everyone at Good One Hostel Cafe Bar for inviting me to stay in return of a review. Thank you for the impeccable service! As always, I only write about things and recommendations I know would be great for my readers.Β 

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24 thoughts on “Bangkok’s Chillest Hostel Is Here: Good One Hostel Cafe Bar

  1. It’s a nice spot to stay in if you’re looking for an affordable place, one that’s in the city as well. I love that the beds look really comfy. I wouldn’t mind staying in a place like this especially if I’m travelling alone.


  2. I have not tried staying in a hostel before. This is a tempting option to try. My brother lives in BKK but not in the city proper. We should try to stay here when we go visit my brother one day.


  3. Omg I want this hostel. I don’t like noise and I want to be in a relaxing place. The people are also nice. I want to visit this place not because I need a place to stay, but just to check it out.


  4. the photos you have here are pretty awesome and by how you take those ones, I find it really calming too. This place is sure a perfect place to stay most especially for travelers.


  5. Whoa! This is one heck of a hostel! I’d have stumbled too like this. Budget hotels look much cheaper and filthy while for a hostel this looks neat & posh!!


  6. This looks like nothing I’ve ever seen before in a hostel- I love its interior design! Has a Scandinavian feel to it, and its wonderful to know you’re in good hands. A real gem in Bangkok!


  7. As I grow older, I often look for these types of hostels. I am over the big party hostels, but at the same time I love meeting new people and just chilling. This definitely seems like my type of place πŸ™‚


  8. I think I stopped looking for wild parties a long time ago haha! part of getting old I guess. The Hostel looks pretty nice, and I like the idea of curtains over the bunks. just a bit more privacy!


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