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15 Skin Hacks Every Traveling Woman Should Know

It didn’t hit me me until recently that traveling is definitely taking a toll on my skin. There’s no denying it. Traveling, of any kind, compromises your skin. If you’re anything like me who worships the sun, then most likely, this is one of your biggest travel concern too. One of the most common request I get on my email and comment section is to write about skincare. The fact that I’m quite obsessive about keeping a healthy skin has definitely put me on a series of trials and errors when it comes to hacking the system. Never mind that I spent an entire year dealing with hormonal imbalances that put my skin on a strike, so I don’t mean to brag but I would say I’m pretty qualified to hook you up with a few little traveling secrets that will do your skin good. But instead of discussing my skincare routine one by one, I’ve decided to spill the simple hacks I know of instead. Besides, who really cares about how many times I wash my face or what soap I use.

1.) Back to basics.

I would assume that you already know the basics when it comes to proper skincare, but let me remind you anyway. Even when you’re traveling, make sure that you maintain your skincare routine– and I’m hoping that includes a trusted line of products for facial wash, toner, and moisturizer. Don’t skip out on sunscreen— it’s most likely the smartest thing you’ll ever do for your skin! Get enough sleep, watch what you eat, and stay hydrated!

2.) Make coconut oil your best friend.


Meet the holy grail of all travel products. It’s simply the most versatile natural product that you’d ever get your hands on. It can work as a moisturizer, for shaving, a makeup remover, relieve the itch from bug bites, and it even works with skin discoloration such as stretch marks. It’s a product with multiple uses that not only will it do great things for your skin, but for your luggage as well. People swear by its magic as a lubricant too, fyi. Just sayin’.

3.) Toothpaste works for skin too.

Got burnt while curling your hair? A bug bite from a trek in the jungle? Or a fresh new pimple when you woke up? You’d be surprised that toothpaste will help instantly. The cooling effect will relieve the burning sensation on your skin. It will also relieve itchiness, and it will dry up your zit quick and fast. Dab a small amount of toothpaste over the subject and voila! Let it work its magic.

4.) Keep it fresh and dewy.

Rock a natural glow by applying your makeup soon after washing your face, right after putting on your moisturizer and sunscreen. It will give you a nice dewy look like you’re glowing effortlessly. I don’t wear full on make-up anymore especially when traveling, but I like to even out my complexion just a little with Bare Minerals ( powdered) mineral foundation (I hate any other kind of foundation to be honest). Use whatever rocks your boat, but just keep it minimal to maintain the fresh faced look, unless of course that’s not what you’re going for. Curl those lashes, put a bit of mascara, add a little blush, and some nude-ish lippie for a semi-deceptive “I woke up like this” look!

5.) Exfoliate like a pro.


It’s important to exfoliate once a week because you don’t want those dead skin lingering and clogging your pores, causing you dull skin and unnecessary breakouts. If you have a favorite facial scrub product, pack that if you’re traveling for a longer amount of time. But if you’d like to go more organic or perhaps save some space in your luggage, stick with homemade recipes. My favorite are the simple ones– sugar or sea salt mixed with massage oil (or coconut oil). Raw honey will do wonders too as it works as an anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, and anti-viral. Both products are easy to find and you can make it in your bathroom with no additional necessities.

6.) Stock up on face masks.

I’m sure you’ve seen those scary looking face masks with holes only for your eyes, nose, and mouth. It used to be exclusive to Asian stores but now they’re everywhere! They’re inexpensive too so stick some of those in your suitcase or backpack and put one on during the days that your skin needs a little moisture boost. It’s perfect for anyone spending time in sunny places or if you’re prone to dry skin. It’s also a great hack for your flight. Slap one on before landing for a freshened up look when you step out of the plane.

7.) Eliminate oil with baby powder.

Not entirely the most convenient hack of all, but baby powder is most local Filipino girls’ go to on a hot day. It’s something I learned here in Nursing school, though it’s not really my first choice. It works best on a makeup less face. So if you’re strolling around during the peak of humidity and your face won’t stop dripping, apply some on but make sure you put just enough and put it very evenly to avoid looking like a ghost. The powder will dry out excessive oil but use it with caution– a little too much especially over matte makeup might make your skin look too dull!

8.) Plan wisely.

Schedule your activities accordingly. For instance, wake up extremely early if you’re going on a hike. Sun exposure is seriously the worst. Do you know how much damage the UV rays can cause though? You’ll see it as you age, so take it a little more seriously. The sun can’t be avoided completely, but you can limit your sun exposure. Avoid activities that requires you to be under the heat at the worst hours which is between noon to 3 pm. If siesta is not your thing, use these hours to explore indoors instead. Perhaps read at a coffee shop? Visit a museum? Watch a cultural show? It’s just for a few hours. Your skin will thank you later.

9.) Use Advil liquid gels on your pimple to reduce redness.



Ibuprofens reduces the hormones that causes inflammation. Naturally, dabbing some over a new zit will tone down its redness and would even get rid of it faster. Use a safety pin to make a tiny incision and then squeeze some out on your clean fingertip and voila! Shrink that damn pimple.

10.) Hydrate meticulously.

Yeah, yeah, yeah. Drinking loads of water is obviously such basic knowledge when it comes to effective skincare. But some of you really needs to be reminded! Have a water bottle with you wherever you go, and you can just keep refilling it when you get the chance to. Water mixed with other ingredient such as iced tea or fruit juice doesn’t completely count. Although adding a slice of lemon in your water is actually a pretty great hack too! The more you drink water, the brighter your skin will look. It’s my first answer every time I get asked how I keep a natural glow on my skin.

11.) Go bare once in a while.

I believe in letting your skin breath. Sleeping with makeup on is like breaking the rules of skincare. But even if you don’t, I still believe in going bare faced once in a while. Especially in extreme temperatures that your body’s not completely used to, you need to allow your face to just breath. Traveling to hot places will also make it so much easier for the makeup to clog your pores, causing you nasty breakouts. It’s really quite liberating when you slowly learn how to walk around in public without any makeup on, so give it a try. If anything, you can always cover up with oversized sunglasses!

12.) Use Aloe Vera gel for an overnight remedy.

Aloe Vera is not only great for sunburn. If you need a quick moisture solution, apply Aloe Vera gel before bed. Because of its anti-inflammatory properties, it can also heal acne before it even reaches the surface.

13.) Don’t use too many products.

I know it can be fun and tempting to test out new products after an unnecessary hoarding sesh. But another rookie mistake, sampling out too many different products for your face can be pretty harsh for you. When going back to the basics, dermatologists advises to find a product that works for you and stick with it. It’s the key to an effective skincare routine. Otherwise, the transition phases for you to adjust to different chemicals may have a very obvious negative effect.

14.) A little sweat ain’t never hurt nobody.

Releasing those horrible toxins by sweating it all out is actually really good for your skin. So this is when those exhausting days pays off even more. But if you’re heading to a wintery place, just squeeze in a quick work out! Remember, excercising induces secretion of endorphins, which gives you a natural happy glow!

15.) Love yourself.

Speaking of a natural happy glow, if you didn’t know yet, the happier you are about life and yourself, the better you look physically. It’s a proven fact that happiness radiates within you and manifests on your skin. So my point is? Learn to love yourself. We all have something we’re insecure about but that’s okay. Focus on the things you’re proud of, and soon after you’ll learn to love even your biggest flaws. Find your confidence and it will change your life. It’ll change your SKIN!

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14 thoughts on “15 Skin Hacks Every Traveling Woman Should Know

  1. Having a beard since I was 15, I’ve always had to moisturise my face (definitely appreciative I did now I’m in my late twenties), so it always makes it into my travel bag. Sometimes i forget to get bottles under 100ml though (doh).
    Never heard of the toothpaste trick! Definitely going to have to give that a go next time. Mosquito’s love me!


  2. Nice ideas but for anyone over 40 or with Rosacea most of these don’t work well. Aloe Vera is drying. Exfoliation causes excessive redness. If you have very sensitive skin, even Coconut oil can be problematic. I wish that I had your problem free complexion!


  3. I love these hacks. My skin is ALWAYS taking a toll due to my travels AND My hair. After 11 months in Indonesia now both my skin and hair seem “unrepairable” sigh. I have tried everything. Any tips for oily/combination skin in particular?


  4. Totally with you on coconut oil – it literally does everything! big fan! I try to just use a moisturiser and BB cream at the moment when I travel and I have some days where I just go bare. It’s important to give your skin room to breathe.


  5. Great tips! I’ve never tried coconut oil but I’ve heard so many great things about it. And you’re right about hydration! It’s super important and helps the skin to flush out toxins. My biggest problem would be dark spots. Hate that I have lots of them.


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