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Staycationing On A Budget At Jupiter Suites


One of the downside about living away from the city is the inconvenient distance from the airport. Truth be told, I rarely ever find myself in the city nowadays, and when I do, it’s mostly because I’m headed for the airport. Living two hours away from the it can be such a pain in the ass, so most of the time, my husband and I opt for cheap hotels by the hour if we have to catch an early flight the next day. We usually stay very close to the airport, but on our most recent trip, we thought we’d spend a night in the heart of the city instead and have a little date night before catching our 6am flight to Davao.

Makati City is more than just the business capital of Manila. Everything you want in a night out, a date, or just a casual weekend to entertain yourself can easily be found here. From lavish malls to trendy cafes and fine dining restaurants, Makati offers a plethora of things to do and see so it’s a pretty great district to be stuck in while in transit. The downside about locations like this though is that accommodations tend to be pricey. And we’re not talking by the hours here. Being surrounded by five star luxury hotels like Shangri-La and The Peninsula,  you better believe you’d be splurging a bit if you choose this location. Unless of course you know where to look.

Jupiter Suites, though just outside the posh malls and the business district, is still centrally located. It’s a short 5-10 minute cab ride away to Glorietta and Greenbelt depending on traffic, and just a short walk away from Makati Ave. You’re surrounded by plenty of fast food and restaurants including my personal favorite, Papa John’s, which is literally next door. Cabs pass by on the regular as its situated along the Main Street so you’ll never have a hard time catching one.

Jupiter Suites isn’t hard to find at all, and it seems that most cab drivers are familiar with the hotel. It’s been around in the neighborhood for more than a decade but they recently just went under renovation. We had a standard queen room for the night and it seems to me that almost everything is basically refurbished as none of the furnitures looked like they’ve been around for over a decade. The room that we had is extremely spacious, with more than just the basic bed that we needed. Equipped with a vanity table, a small couch area, a flat screen tv, a closet, and a small table with chairs, there was more than enough room left for the two of us to move around. Quickly I knew this is a room I can get comfortable in for more than just a night. The bed itself was everything I wanted in one. Talk about quality.

Everything else in the room worked perfectly, from the aircondition that cooled down almost instantly, to the water pressure, down to the hot water itself. Compared to the pricier neighbor hotels, this affordable hotel in Makati makes every penny worth it. This hotel works best for anyone looking for a budget hotel in the heart of the city. Although it boasts of its central location, Jupiter Suites is the most affordable you’ll find in this area. You’re not only paying for the location, but the comfort you’ll be getting as well, which is pretty much the same level of comfort you will receive at the more expensive ones.

Jupiter Suites is 20-40 minutes away from the airport, depending of course on the time of the day. We left at 4am so we got there in less than 20 minutes. Our room actually came with complimentary breakfast, however, we left too early to avail this. Remember that traffic everywhere in Manila is ruthless, so do keep that in mind nonetheless wherever you go. But that’s the thing about Jupiter Suites. You don’t need to worry about getting from one place to another and being stuck in gut-wrenching traffic, because everything else you could want and need can basically be found in this district. And best of all, if you’re all about a posh city experience while staying true to your budget, look no further. It’s the perfect staycation on a shoestring.

Jupiter Suites
102 Jupiter Street,
Bel-Air, Village,
Makati City, Philippines 1209


Thank you to Jupiter Suites for inviting me to stay the night! All thoughts, opinions, and photos are mine. And as always, I only write about places and things that I know would be great for my readers.

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12 thoughts on “Staycationing On A Budget At Jupiter Suites

  1. The room looks very simple but spacious. I like that it’s near the many shopping malls in Makati and also the business district, too. This is a decent hotel to stay at for vacationers and those coming to Makati for business trips.


  2. Waooo. That’s a great shopping mall. The city is not for business personnel. I adore the rooms because they can accomodate may things. Thanks for sharing


  3. Jupiter is a very good location. There are many activities right there on that street and Makati Ave near it. This is a good place for a Makati staycation.


  4. It’s good to have a hotel nearby so you can stay any time just to get away for a day or two or just to take a break and it doesn’t even have to cost much! I think they have nice rooms and the bed looks really comfy!


  5. I used to pass by this place almost everyday when I was working and living in Makati. It’s convenient to travel to the airport from there. I understand your predicament because since I moved back to Bacolod and had to travel abroad, I had to take a day in advance flying to Manila. Good thing I have friends who always offer me a home to stay for the night. 🙂 -Claire Algarme


  6. The room does look great and it being in the heart of Makati makes it a very good place to stay around here. But for someone like me who has kids to tag along, I have one question…do they have a swimming pool? 🙂


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