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The Answer To Traveling Lighter Is Here: Anywhere Apparel + A GIVEAWAY! 

Tale as old as time, the struggle of packing is a classic travel dilemma. Trying to fit everything you need in one suitcase or backpack is already stressful enough, but picking out what to actually bring is often overlooked as the real challenging part. It doesn’t take a seasoned traveler to be a wise packer, of course. Although experience will mold the way you pack for your travels, sometimes, all you need is the right resources.

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve overpacked AND under packed  no matter how much I’ve travelled. Being someone who tries to see as much places and go on as much adventures as possible during trips, packing appropriate clothing for each destination can be a bit of a tricky game. I’ve always been a believer of packing light, but how exactly do you do that when you’re going to different destinations with different temperatures and different cultures?

Anywhere Apparel 

“Travel light. Discover more.”, they say. And their catchphrase couldn’t be any more on point. Catering to travelers like myself, Anywhere Apparel aims to bring us versatility, convenience, and fashion all at the same time. Imagine  clothing items that you can wear in different types of destination, allowing you to pack less, and all the while still looking cute and stylish. Imagine exploring the city by day and going out at night still wearing the same shirt, but without all the sweat and musty scent. Because did I mention that they design their products so efficiently that you dont have to go through the hassle of having to wash them every after use?

Versatility and beyond

Anywhere Apparel takes the versatility of their pieces very seriously. For instance, their super genius transfer top is not only reversible, but its material (bamboo) makes it odor resistant too. That means you can wear it more than once without worrying about smelling kinda funny. So whether you’re headed for an extreme activity by day, you can still go straight to dinner in the same top by night. I love that it works as an active wear, a casual attire, and if you style it a little more, you’ll pull it off for a fun night out too.

Minimalism is key

If there’s one thing I know about packing efficiently, it’s that you’ve got to stick with the basics. Packing a couple of basic pieces in neutral colors will allow you to mix and match effectively. I love that Anywhere Apparel values this. The simplicity in their pieces is far from boring, but like I’ve said, they take their versatility very seriously. They focus on timeless pieces which offers flexibility, making it easier to mix and match while keeping your style intact.

Stylish comfort like no other

I have no problem going on a plane in elephant pants and a tank top because when it comes to long flights, I make sure to put comfort first. But that’s because I’m tired and I care a lot less, but truth is, most of the time, I do care a little. Despite the freeness that travel blesses us with, I still like to express my own personal style. But sometimes when you’re in a time crunch, you want to save as much time as possible and having to change outfits compromises that. Anywhere Apparel let’s you go straight from a flight to your next major agenda while not having to worry about looking like you just rolled out of bed. From sleeping peacefully and comfortably on a plane, you can head out and start checking things off your bucket list right away. Stylish comfort never gets old, because really, why compromise comfort or style when you can have both?

Travel Light. Discover More.

It’s true, isn’t it? It’s always the smarter choice to pack lighter because it makes things a lot more convenient for us. Whether you’re saving yourself some room in your luggage or you’re freeing yourself from the burden of transporting your heavy load from one place to another, packing light gives us more freedom to discover more indeed. It’s a liberating feeling when you don’t have to stress about such a major dilemma. Travel light. Discover more. Free yourself and succumb to your curiousity with the world instead.



A giveaway?! Yes, a giveaway! Anywhere Apparel is feeling generous and wants to give one of my loyal subscribers one of their awesome tops– a choice between Women’s Transfer Top or Men’s Terminus Base Tee. The rules are incredibly simple (no need to follow umpteen accounts) and all you need is an active Instagram account. Here are the rules to be more precise;

1.) Follow us on Instagram:   @girlunspotted and @anywhereapparel

2.) Like the photo of the Transfer Top on my Instagram

3.) Tag two friends who believes in traveling lighter to discover more!

The contest will run from August 29, 2016 until September 7th. Winner will be picked randomly. You may enter as much as you want– the more you enter, the more chances of winning! The winner will have the option to choose between a Women’s Transfer Top OR Men’s Terminus Base Tee. The winner will be announced on my Instagram. Giveaway is open worldwide.

Now if you don’t win the giveaway, Anywhere Appparel is offering my readers an exclusive 20% discount on their first order. Use the code GIRLUNSPOTTED upon checkout.

To learn more about Anywhere Apparel and to shop their styles, go to, read their blog, and check out their collection.

Disclaimer: Big thanks to Anywhere Apparel for sponsoring this giveaway! All thoughts and opinions are mine. Some of the photos were provided by them. As always, I only recommend products and places that I absolutely believe would be good for my readers.

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11 thoughts on “The Answer To Traveling Lighter Is Here: Anywhere Apparel + A GIVEAWAY! 

  1. Very nice giveaway, will try to join it. Travelling light is the best way to go. For me, if you are in a city, you can easily buy things we do not bring. If the destination is remote though, you have to pack what you really need only.


  2. It’s really easy to travel light when you visit during a particularly pleasant season. Spring time is truly the best because you can pack light and you never seem to get tired with the cool weather! 😀


  3. Versatile clothes are important when you travel a lot. I love the idea of traveling lighter. It’s definitely a lot easier if you’re planning to go out at lot during your stay in a specific country. Awesome giveaway!


  4. I love their classy and simple outfits. Packing for traveling experience can be tedious at times but having a direction or guide to where you can easily sort yourself depending on the trips make it more rewarding to prepare and expect a relaxed mind in enjoying the adventure.


  5. Nice tips to travelling light, love the universal lightwear… But this really depends on the location and spots you go. Going to some countries like Thailand temples, or Islamic countries like Brunei and Malaysia, shorts might not be safe!


  6. Now that I have been traveling every month for the past 7months I finally learned to travel light. Its my slr and gadgets whos making my bag heavy actually lol


  7. I couldn’t agree more. It’s really convenient to pack light. As for me, aside from bringing a light pack, you also get wiser of bringing the priority ones instead of those unnecessaries.


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