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WESTGATE Hotel Is The Perfect Hotel In The Heart Of Taipei

First timers in Taipei usually have one essential thing in mind in the midst of their planning: where is the perfect location to stay? Although we’re all looking for different things and our travel style isn’t the same, we all just want the convenience of the perfect location. In a metropolitan city like Taipei, you want easy access– MRT stop, bus stops, food, shopping, just to name a few. To some, hotels are basically just a place to leave your luggage and to sleep at night. But to many others, hotels could be the basis of a good trip.

WESTGATE Hotel has it all. Partially new to the Taipei scene and having been open only for a couple of years, this boutique hotel is the epitome of the ideal vacation home base. This is where comfort, convenience, and relaxation is all wrapped up with a big bow on it– Taipei style!


Situated in the heart of Ximending, WESTGATE’s central location is what had me right from the start. There are different districts all over Taipei that attracts tourists, but for me, Ximending was the one. Though it’s known to be the shopping district of Taipei, it’s also home to quintessential Taiwanese food, restaurants, and cafes. With WESTGATE being right in the center of it, you can literally join the action just by stepping outside your door. But once you enter these doors, you’re transcended into a serene universe, leaving the bustling noises of the busy streets behind.

The best part about its location has got to be the fact that it’s a stone’s throw away from Ximen MRT stop– literally a two minute walk away. That means everything else is pretty much accessible from here. The bus stops are also a few minutes walk away from the hotel, giving you plenty of options to transport yourself around the city.


WESTGATE’s chic and modern design is simple yet very alluring. The attention to detail that made up the interior of the hotel is hard to go unnoticed. Though the contemporary vibe is obvious, WESTGATE adds a touch of tradition in their elements of design as proven with their flying Buddhas, known to them as The “Fatty Men”, and their dragon mascot that you’ll see all over the hotel.

From the black and white tiled wall decor inside the elevator that are reminiscent of snake skin, to the variety of stylish elements on each floor, WESTGATE isn’t only visually inviting, but it gives out that feeling of luxury without overdoing it. You know those luxurious places that are overly decorated that it takes away the homey feeling? Not at WESTGATE. Its aim is to provide that cozy vibe and to make the guests feel completely at home, but without lacking the feeling of luxury so you can still be reminded that you’re on vacation.


WESTGATE has different room types, each with their own unique features. Just like the interiors outside the rooms, each offers a stylish ambiance that doesn’t just accommodate you in a comforting way, but also gives you the full package of having a home away from home.

Our room was perfect for the two of us, offering us a view of Ximending. It’s even better at night when the lights and glimmer are all turned on. Noise was never a problem– our room was sound proofed and we were basically in our own world when we’re inside. Every room is complete with more than just your basic hotel needs. Each is equipped with a flat screen tv, fridge, blow dryer, and even an iPhone dock– although that needs to be updated as its built for the older generation iPhones. Nevertheless, you have all the comfort you’ll need in your room.

The beds are huge, even if you opt for a single bed. Every material they use are five star status– from the beddings, mattress, the pillows, down to the towels.  Most of the disappointment I get from boutique hotels are the cheap materials, but with WESTGATE Hotel, expect to be spoiled with first class treatment.

The bathrooms differ in style in each room. Family rooms offers a huge bath tub, while other rooms get a roomy shower. I love that the shower is in a separate cubicle from the toilet. And they’re shower heads, let me tell you, are the winner! I love a good shower head, even more, a variety of it. That’s right. They have three different types of shower head for your convenience. I also love the contemporary style of the sink being in an island right in the middle. It adds a bit of a unique touch to it.

Each room is stocked with complete toiletries, and the products they use (which you can also purchase from the lobby) are of course, as you’ve expected, are of very good quality. None of those cheap shampoo that makes your hair sticky! These olive scented toiletries were definitely one of my favorite features from the hotel.


WESTGATE Hotel’s dedication to bringing their guests comfort is impeccable. They have denied offers to build chain stores such as Zara in their lobby because they want to maintain the homeliness. I mean think about it, wouldn’t you rather come home to a familiar place without having to deal with a whole bunch of strangers?

Every element and dimension of their services is done to make their guests happy. That includes their generosity. Each room has complimentary bottled water, soda, and snacks, which are all restocked daily. During colder months, they provide hand warmers as well. Clearly, it’s not just about your comfort inside the hotel, but they’re concerned about you when you’re outside too!


The breakfast is good quality, although not the best I’ve ever had. They have a decent amount of variety, focusing on Taiwanese essentials mixed with universal ones such as fruits and bread. The great thing about their breakfast is that it caters to all diets. They have a salad bar although I wish they also had an omelette station. Nonetheless, the food is fulfilling and will get you good and ready for the day.

Wifi is tremendously reliable at WESTGATE Hotel. I don’t know about you, but as much as I like to disconnect during my travels, I do have to pop in and out of my social media because how else would I keep you guys updated? WESTGATE’s wifi service is amazing. Each room has their personalized password so I never had a problem with my connection slowing down.

If you aren’t equipped with a computer or a smart phone and are badly in need to check your email, there is a lounge on the second floor that has desktop computers each guests can use. It’s a also a great spot to chill during our down time. They serve free coffee here and it’s complete with comfortable couches and reading materials for your reading pleasure.

For those wanting to squeeze in a little workout during their vacation, they also have a gym on the second floor that has all the basic workout machines and paraphernalia. They also have washers and dryers on the same floor if you need to get some laundry done.


I loved my stay at WESTGATE Hotel and I would definitely recommend it in a heartbeat. Though they’re not officially a five star hotel, it’s exactly the kind of service you will receive. One thing I love about boutique hotels, WESTGATE in particular, is that it’s easier for them to focus on their guests because it’s such an intimate setting and there aren’t too many guests to lose track. In conclusion, this is the perfect home away from home. The only problem I had was getting too comfortable that I never wanted to leave.

For prices, bookings, and inquiries, check out their official website here.

Disclaimer: Thank you WESTGATE Hotel for having me over! This is a sponsored post written in return of a complimentary stay. However, thoughts, opinions, and photos are all mine. As always, I only recommend places and products I know will be great for my readers.

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8 thoughts on “WESTGATE Hotel Is The Perfect Hotel In The Heart Of Taipei

  1. The hotel looks chic & stunning! The bed looks just perfect! Good that’s bang in the centre of the city! I totally love the fat man decor, esp the one flying with wind is awesome!


  2. The hotel looks very good and luxurious. But more importantly, the location at Ximending is so key! We returned to that place twice during our last trip to Taipei, maybe next time we should stay there.


  3. Staying in the WestGate Hotel seems to be almost perfect. I haven’t been to Taipei yet but based from my research if a Filipino applicant has already a Japan or Korean Visa, then he can go to Taipei without asking for a tourist visa from that country. I will definitely check this hotel when we can finally go to Taipei. Thanks for sharing.


  4. Ohh I love your first photo, Really romantic! Love is (in the air).. in white bed and robes. Lovely post and beautiful hotel!


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