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Where To Stay In El Nido: Sea Cocoon Hotel

Back when I first went to El Nido in 2015, I was young, fearless, and I was down to sleep on floors if I had to. I suppose I’d say I still am, but today, I’m older and my back will probably hurt easily if I do. See, my first trip to El Nido was on a tight budget. I went with eight others and although our big group made it fun, a big group with a small budget can also make certain things uncomfortable. The fact that we stayed at a budget inn didn’t really make things easier for all us. Cheaper, sure, but a huge of a hassle nonetheless. But love for travel outweighs all. However, this time around, I was a month away from turning 30. I knew in order to appreciate El Nido even more, I had to be a lot more comfortable, and comfort usually starts with your accommodation.

It was a no brainer that Sea Cocoon Hotel will make the perfect base during my week in El Nido. I’ve read nothing but great reviews online. I really just wanted a comfortable bed in an AC room to be honest, but I found much more than that at Sea Cocoon.

Check In

It seemed like a busy afternoon by the time we reached the hotel. People are checking in and out, yet it seemed as if the process went by quickly. We met the owner, Eric, who I’ve had the chance to chat with throughout my stay. He made sure we felt at home every single day and he treated us as if we were his guests in his own home. Upon check in, I already noticed the friendliness of the staff, always offering if we need something or if they can assist us with anything at all. It remained that way throughout our stay, and instantly, I knew I was home. In El Nido, at least.


We all want a good beach front hotel, but although Sea Cocoon doesn’t give you the view of the ocean when you wake up in the morning, it’s only a 3 minute walk away. The hotel is situated right in the town proper, and it’s pretty much impossible to get lost in there. Lined with rows of restaurants and shop, you’ll have easy access to all of them. There’s an array of bars beachfront as well, so tipsy late night walks shouldn’t be a problem as the location is quite convenient. On the street right behind the hotel, there’s a budget local restaurant that serves pretty good food. It’s also connected to a convenient store so if you need any munchies, you need not to go that far.

The Room

What do you look for in a room when you’re looking forward to a comfortable stay? I’m a simple gal, to be honest. I look for a decent bathroom, a comfortable bed, and of course, I look for cleanliness. Each of those requirements were definitely met with high standards at Sea Cocoon. 

The bathroom had running hot water every day. There was one afternoon we came home to a sign outside our door saying there will be a bit of maintenance work going on with the water, but it was over by then. Pretty much, we had zero water dilemma throughout our stay. You have to understand that El Nido is a pretty remote island still, so the chances of inconveniences in your daily comfort such as the luxury of water, is no stranger to the island. Sea Cocoon’s aim is to make sure you experience doesn’t get compromised with the island’s inconveniences. Suffice to say, our bathroom served us no problem at all. Toilets work great, shower head had amazing pressure, and we were provided with enough toiletries.

As for the comfort of my bed, let’s just say I went to bed early and woke up in good spirit every single day. It gets pretty cold, which I really like, but they provide thick comforters. Yes. THICK AF blankets that can handle your AC if it’s put on blast. I think one of my biggest hotel pet peeve is a sorry, thin blanket that does almost nothing. The queen sized bed was also very spacious for my cousin and I, which is good, because I tend to take over the bed. The sheets and pillows are of course, very comfortable and clean. I mean, how can one find something to be comfortable without being clean though? That’s a conundrum I wouldn’t want to understand.

Speaking of cleanliness, it was something I was very happy with at Sea Cocoon. Every day, after a long day of island hopping, with sand stuck in our hair and crotches, and every day, we would come home to a clean room. With the amount of sand we brought in, our room would have been an island already if they didn’t clean it everyday, so I was very thankful for that.

Besides those three factors getting an A in my book, there were also other great things about the room that definitely made our stay even more comfortable. For instance, our room was spacious for the two of us, plus we also had a balcony which worked perfectly because we needed a place to hang our towels and clothes. The room is also equipped with a TV complete with cable channels so even if we preferred staying in at night, we kept ourselves entertained. There were enough power outlets to charge all of our equipments at once as well which is definitely a significant perk in this generation. The room does have wifi but because it’s a remote island, do not expect the connection to blow you away. El Nido internet might drive you insane, so it’s best to prepare yourself for that. Even I couldn’t get decent connection on my data. But you know what they say, disconnection is one of the best gifts of traveling.

The Perks

The most essential feature of Sea Cocoon Hotel is the fact that they have generators. From what I’ve been told, electricity in the island is a lot better now than a few years ago. Back when I went the first time around, electricity would turn off from 6am-2pm every single day. Although most of the day, we’re out exploring, it was still a buzzkill waking up in the morning from the sound of the AC turning off. Although times have changed, blackouts are still a norm. Island life, amirite? The generator is an absolute touch of heaven. There were definitely some nights that it had to be put to use and boy was I happy to be under their roof.

Another great thing is their pool. I’m not much of a sunbather since I’m already pretty damn tan, but a morning or afternoon dip in a tropical country is always a good idea. Some nights were a bit chilly, but most days, the pool was highly appreciated.

Their breakfast is a blessing especially we did island hopping tours every single day, we needed a full stomach. With a variety of local breakfast, they made sure we were well fed before we went off to our adventure. Complete with rice, eggs, and your favorite Filipino ulam, it sure was the breakfast of champs.

The Verdict

I wouldn’t even recommend any other place in El Nido. This is where you wanna stay, whether you’re a big group of 6, or you’re traveling with your lover, or even if you’re simply on your own. Imagine the long journey coming to El Nido. You want to reach a comfortable place where you can turn on the airconditioner any time you want, or jump in a pool when it gets too hot for you. You want to relax after all the traveling and even all the activities. I’ve done budget, and I’ve done comfortable. I’m definitely going for the latter. Sea Cocoon Hotel is where it’s at!

For booking and inquiries, you may check out Sea Cocoon’s official website here.

Disclaimer: Thank you Sea Cocoon Hotel for hosting me in El Nido. All opinions, pictures, and thoughts are my own. As always, I only recommend places that I know would be great for my readers. 

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