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Lux Siargao Is The Siargao Accommodation You Didn’t Think You Needed

Siargao’s reputation is hard not to acknowledge. A small island with all the tropical vibes you need, it isn’t just a place to experience true authentic island lifestyle.  It also allows you to experience it without lacking the basic comforts we’re all accustomed to today– decent wifi, western food, and hip accommodations. You’ve got a variety of places to choose from and the options of places to eat will never run out. We all know about the popular hotels– Siargao Bleu, Isla Cabana, etc. Yes, they seem nice, yes it has good ratings– but everyone goes there. How about a nice little unknown gem for a change?

Tucked in the area of General Luna, close enough to the main hub but also far enough to block out the noise, Lux Siargao is the accommodation you didn’t think would suit you. I went there with a friend, and I wasn’t particularly in my best state (READ: Siargao Guide For The Young And Lonely), but I genuinely believe staying in a comfortable place allowed me to process my thoughts and enjoy my time in Siargao at the same time. However, whether you’re coming here with a clear head or not, I can guarantee you satisfaction.


Lux Siargao can be booked either via their website or via AirBnb (although I think they’re in Agoda now too). It’s a small boutique hotel with just six rooms, and if you’d like to rent the entire place for your group or your family, you can do that too. That being said, this place is quite intimate. The staff is small, but there will always be someone available to tend to your needs. And because it’s a small property, it feels just like being a guest in someone’s home, without the inevitable awkward feeling of discomfort thinking you’re imposing. They have two furry residents as well– two retired canine dogs from LA. One of them, Kona, kept me company/- she slept outside my room and would casually chill with me while I take my afternoon dip. They’re very friendly, although a bit smelly some days.

The Property

If you’re a fan of beachfront accommodations, you’ll be happy to hear that Lux gives you access to its private little beach. It’s no Cloud 9 or Naked Island, but it’s always nice to wake up and seeing the ocean first thing in the morning. Lux’s contemporary design is hinted with a dab of tropical vibes— lush grass, Hibiscus plant, native hammocks, and of course, tall coconut trees. It’s the perfect balance of modern and traditional.

The plunge pool, just right outside my room, was the perfect early morning hang out spot while waiting for my breakfast. I went at the end of the summer so while it was raining in Manila, it was extremely hot in Siargao, which made my afternoon dip absolutely necessary. Because it’s a small hotel, I basically had the pool to myself every single time I used it. I didn’t have neighbors majority of the time, so it really felt like I had the entire place to myself. I felt spoiled, but it was wonderful.

I ate my breakfast at the lobby, although on my first day, I had it where the restaurant used to be, just right in front of the beach. The lobby was the perfect hang out spot, with a rectangular table big enough to accommodate a group of up to ten people. There’s a fridge available for you to use, and they also provide dining utensils for your convenience. The lobby would be the perfect spot to just chill and maybe do some work in the early evening, but just make sure you slather enough Off Lotion.

The Room

I had the pool side room which was just lovely because I love its close proximity to everything else. The room’s design stuck with the hotel’s contemporary concept. Giving a bit of a minimalist atmosphere, the room is airy, fresh, and bright. Coming from my flight at 6 in the morning, I literally had no sleep the night before because I went out with my friends for my birthday. I planned to sleep in the morning which I managed to do as soon as I showered and shut the curtains.

The windows, especially the one on the sliding door brings a lot of light in, but with the curtains shut, it can be really relaxing and peaceful. The bed is a huge king size comfort paradise so there was more than enough room for my friend and I. The sheets are clean, soft, and hotel quality. The entire room itself is clean and the housekeeping makes sure it’s tended to every morning.

The bathroom is very spacious and although the water pressure can be low here and there, it never ran out of hot water. They provide toiletries scented so beautifully and they give you fresh towels whenever needed, either for the pool, or for your room.

We have a nice little patio that’s shared with the room next to mine, which makes a great spot for morning coffee or in my case, talking to my husband who was all the way in California because the signal is great here. On some mornings, I switched it up and spent an hour on the hammock instead. Just remember that you are in a tropical island so you gotta strap up– with bug repellant.

The wifi reached my room, although it is best used outside or in the lobby. The television was not working during my stay, but I didn’t mind too much since I’m not really a TV watcher on my trips unless of course I’m with my husband. Normally, I wouldn’t want to be located next to the pool. But because this is a very intimate setting, I never once had a problem with noise issues. Like I said, the pool pretty much belonged to my friend and I when we were there.

The Location

Lux Siargao is a short habal-habal ride away from Cloud 9 beach. You can ask the staff to text a driver for you, and depending where you’re going, it can cost from 20-60 php. Although it is located in General Luna, it’s on the quieter end so you will definitely have to do  a bit of motorbike riding to get somewhere. Motorbikes can be rented throughout the island, and so can bicycles, but the easier way is to be “uber”ed around with a habal-habal.



My stay at Lux was fabulous. You know, I’ve actually never stayed at an AirBnb before, and although this is a boutique hotel, its intimate setting still gave me a glimpse of an AirBnb experience. The staff pretty much acts like your family host, making sure they’re available when needed, but also leaves you to yourself and your own privacy. They can also arrange some tours for you and pretty much help you simplify your trip should you need them to.

Lux is an absolute hidden gem in Siargao. A hidden gem within a hidden gem. It’s just nice to come home to your own quiet little area without having to be stuck within the borders of your own room. It’s a different Siargao experience, and if you make it your own, you’re bound to a heavenly treat.

For booking and inquiries, you may check out their official website here.

Disclaimer: Thank you to Lux Siargao for hosting me. All thoughts, opinions, and photos are my own. As always, I only recommend places that I know would be great for my readers.

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