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An Instagram Friendly Guide To Hong Kong

When I was planning my second trip to Hong Kong, I knew what I wanted. I’ve seen all the noteworthy popular spots from my first trip back in 2013 and I wasn’t particularly craving an immersive experience this time. I just wanted this trip to be laid back, simple, and with no pretensions.

I wanted to take photographs. Pretty photographs. At first I felt extremely guilty, googling places known to be photogenic, or if I may just be real here, Instagrammable. But to hell with it, I said to myself. Why should I be guilty? I want pretty walls and lovely city views, so that’s exactly what I dedicated this trip to. For a few minutes, I stared at my screen, trying to find a way to eloquently justify my reasons on why I chose to travel the way I did this time. But I realized that I had such an incredible time, so who do I owe an explanation to?

Judge me all you want, but I’m not gonna play my readers and claim I “accidentally” came across this super cool graffiti when in reality, I specifically researched it. I found Hong Kong’s Most Instagrammable Places and I shouldn’t be sorry for that, because now, I’ve got jam-packed information and I get to share it with you! Victoria Peak, Avenue Of Stars, Man Mo Temple, meh, they’re all fun too, but I’ll give you the ones that doesn’t pop up on the first page of your Google search.

TIP: With urban adventures like this, I recommend having Google Map in your phone. It saves you a lot of time and effort. My trip wasn’t complete without keeping myself connected with Kkday’s Unlimited Wifi. Without it, I probably would have missed a lot of these places! You may check out their products here.


1.) Choi Hung Estates

This is an extremely popular site and it’s not hard to see why. The pastel palette painted buildings really are quite pleasant to photograph. The basketball court, where no one comes to play basketball, is located on top of a parking garage so I spent ten minutes going around looking for it. But alas when you get there! You are greeted with other Instagrammers with tripods and selfie sticks waiting for you to join the fun. Nearest MTR station: Diamond Hill

2.) Instagram Pier

Giving you a nice subtle skyline of Hong Kong, this Pier has been named after Instagram itself. Clearly, people saw its potential. There are a few IG worthy spots all around the pier– from the crates to the storages to the ocean itself to a cute random blue couch. The grungy vibe will bring any creative its fire. Nearest MTR station: Hong Kong University

3.) Nathan Road

Nathan Road is one long street famous for Hong Kong’s neon signs. It’s a modern day setting contrasted by traditional Chinese characters– bright city lights never looked so good! There’s really no specific crossroads you need to get to because the neon sign overload is pretty much in every corner. Nearest MTR station: Jordan

4.) Flower Market

flower market hong kong

You can’t go wrong with pretty flowers! So many flower shops lined up offers an array of gorgeous selection that you can cheekily snap or smell. They’re quite cheap too (by first world standards) so don’t feel guilty if you wanna be extra fancy and grab yourself a bouquet or two. Or as an IG accessory? Treat yo self. Nearest MTR station: Tsim Shia Tsui or Jordan or Mongkok

5.) Yik Cheong Building

The beauty of this concrete jungle isn’t limited to viewing these buildings from afar. Some places, such as Yik Cheong Building, is actually best photographed within its walls. Symmetry paired with a little bit of grunge equals a picture worth a thousand character. Nearest MTR station: Quarry Bay

6.) Nan Lian Garden

All the way from my hotel room, I could see the view of traditional Chinese roofs in a garden like setting. Must be a temple, I thought. I wasn’t entirely that interested until one morning, I hit up Google to see if there’s anything cool to do nearby. When it gave me Nan Lian Garden, I knew it’s gotta be it. This beautiful Chinese garden is another perfect representation of Hong Kong’s stunning contrast between traditional and modern. Truth be told, I never really understood how people can be so drawn to gardens until I found one in the middle of a busy cosmopolitan. It truly is therapeutic, got damn. But of course the most important factor that made this garden worthy of a spot in this list is the fact that it’s gorgeous and totally belongs in your feed. The Banyan grove is my favorite part! Nearest MTR station: Diamond Hill

7.) Goldfish Market

goldfish market hong kong

I had to think twice if I wanted to include this because it wasn’t really that cool to photograph different types of fish in a plastic bag. Not only that, but most of the vendors are very snappy when you try to take a picture. But it is different, and sometimes, a good feed is also about novelty. It doesn’t have to be all breakfast goals and pink wall all the time, guys. Nearest MTR Station: Jordan or Mongkok

8.) Disneyland

Umm do I even need to explain this?! Disneyland is EVERYTHING. If you come during the right season, like the end of summer where kids are in school and it’s too damn hot to be outside, you might get it quite empty like I did. That means 5 minutes maximum waiting lines, and pretty pictures!!! Nearest MTR station: They have their own station. (READ: Top 5 Tips For Hong Kong Disneyland)

9.) Tank Lane

Graffitis. Beautiful graffitis. They’re always fun to photograph. I like to take advantage of pretty murals for OOTD shots, you know when you’re wearing something cute and you really wanna show it off, but you don’t wanna be so obvious so you include a pretty wall in the picture instead. It’s those kind of walls you’ll find here. Nearest MTR station: Sheung Wan

10.) Random Rooftops

Rooftopping is something I’ve always wanted to try— but with the insane Hong Kong humidity when I previously went, it was impossible to let my adventurous juices flow. Nonetheless, random rooftops all around Hong Kong are humble brag worthy of your city escapades. Totally worth the vertigo.

11.) Lokwah South Estates

I don’t advocate getting on a plane just to take pictures with a wall or a parking garage. But this one makes a great stop in between your itinerary. Just make sure you specifically go to the South building. Otherwise, the road is uphill and quite tiring to climb. Nearest MRT stop: Ngau Tau Kok

12.) Sevva

Hong Kong is blessed with the most stunning rooftop bars that is worth splurging on a cocktail for. Sevva is one of the city’s best, offering an exquisite view of Victoria Harbor. Sipping on your drink over a view indulgence is one thing, but a good happy hour picture ain’t never hurt nobody either. Nearest MTR stop: Central

Bonus aka places I wanted to go to but didn’t have enough time or I’ve given up on because it was too damn hot: Lai Tsak Tsuen. Sai Wan Swimming Shed. Tai-O. Garden Hill. Cape D’Aguilar. Lion Rock. Innovation Tower. Upper Lascar Street.

Another Bonus: Avenue Of Stars

I really just wanna share this cool photo from my first trip 🙂 Even the most famous and most touristy gems in Hong Kong are so Instagram Friendly. Simply walking around and getting lost in this urban jungle is already a guarantee that you will be catching something fun to photograph. But if all else fails, this is what this list is for! xx

Disclaimer: Thank you Kkday PH for supplying me with my Hong Kong necessities, helping me stay connected so I never have to scavenge for wifi when I’m lost. As always, all thoughts, opinions, and photos are my own. I only recommend things that I know would be great for my readers.

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