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Hong Kong Hack: Stay At Pentahotel In Kowloon

Hong Kong is one of my favorite cosmopolitan. Big, busy, and bright, the city is pretty much Asia’s NYC. The skyline is impressive and no doubt it will continue to evolve. The community is diversifying faster than before. The modernization is unstoppable. But you know what the best part is? The city stays true to its roots and traditions. (READ: An Instagram Friendly Guide To Hong Kong)

I’ve never seen a place filled with such contrast other than Hong Kong. I love that the pace can be so fast that the crowd can move you along, yet just a little further away, and you can take it nice and slow. To be quite honest, as much as I love the city life, staying in Mongkok, one of the busiest part of Hong Kong, was a bit overwhelming. I loved it, but I needed a break from it. So when it was finally time to check in at Penta Hotel, I knew things are about to slow down a little for me, which is exactly what I was looking for.


pentahotel hong kong
a popular IG-worthy spot near Pentahotel

Located just far enough from the hectic Central, but close enough for convenience, Pentahotel is on the quiet side of town. There are less tourists and more locals, less shopping malls and more hole in the wall restaurants, and finally, more vernacular tongue and less English. Though others might consider the location not strategic enough, I actually do. Pentahotel are for travelers needing to slow it down without completely missing out on anything. Because if you ever feel like you are, the MTR is just a 10-minute walk away and it can take you anywhere else in the city.

The area is so laid back, with mostly locals just getting on with their day. I find this to be a great thing because every time I find myself in places, I like to spend time just observing how one’s community works on a regular basis. I love people-watching and nothing ever interesting enough happens when the people you’re watching are tourists like you. That said, this was an absolute plus for me.


You may or may not have heard of Pentahotel, but it’s a chain Hotel all over Europe, and now making their way around Asia. The theme is different in each hotel and in Kowloon, it’s straight up old Hong Kong vibes. The building and interiors itself are modern, but this contrasted by the old school urban theme decorations. From the graffitis created by well known local artists to the overall appeal of the hotel, what more can be representative of Hong Kong other than contrast itself?

Chill, relax, and laid back. That’s really what stands out about this hotel. It’s like hostel meets luxury. Pentahotel has different lounge areas which makes such great hangout spots. Whether you’re here with a big group or not, the lobbies and the game rooms are the perfect spot for a cool down after a long day battling the humidity. It’s a nice way to meet people, I suppose, especially if you’re a solo traveler. Because really, how reliable is a regular hotel lobby when it comes to making friends? At Pentahotel, their game rooms not only offer comfy chairs, but they are also complete with pool tables, video games, and board games. If that’s enough for a social lubricant, the bar is just a few steps away too.

The Rooms

Hong Kong is highly congested and that can easily be proven at how the city is built. Majority of the housing are in a high-rise building with very small spaces to offer. It’s almost claustrophobic in some cases, so I was expecting hotel rooms would be pretty tight too. To my surprise, my room was actually quite fitting. With more than enough room to move around, Pentahotel rooms offered just the right amount of space for you to feel completely at comfort.

My king size bed was huge, which was a shame because I was traveling alone. It was so comfortable that unfortunately, I found myself passing out way too early for my liking. I needed the rest though as the days before were pretty hectic so it was much needed. Complete with my comfy robe and thick comforters, I left the TV on and blasted the AC. I milked the hell out of that aircon, because the instant step outside, I know I’m in for another sweat bath.

The bathroom is also very spacious, especially in Hong Kong standards. And you know what’s so amazing? Mirrors everywhere! Full body mirrors! I’ve mentioned this in my previous reviews but a full body mirror is absolutely necessary for me. The bathroom is complete with their own toiletries in the quirkiest and cutest packaging ever, and the shower head is graciously generous with not only hot water, but with water pressure itself. The towels are pretty fancy, in Diesel, hello. I was very tempted to take one but I’m a classy gal. Needless to say, the towel material is heaven. I also noticed that the housekeeping took care of my needs every single day and replaced my towel on their own. Service is absolutely on point.

pentahotel hong kong

Finally, my favorite part of the room is the little window nook. At one point, I wanted to sleep there and watch the city lights of the buildings around me. I’ve got a fantastic view of the mountains and some high rise building, reminding me that I’m definitely in Hong Kong. I usually like to keep my drapes shut in a hotel, but not here. The view is very much appreciated. On my final afternoon, I ordered room service from the pizza bar downstairs and devoured it while appreciating life itself. Not too bad, Hong Kong.

The Breakfast

Like most amazing hotels, Pentahotel offers breakfast buffet to their guests. They have a pretty good variety, from dim sum, to wok specialties, to intercontinental options. Everything is made fresh in the kitchen and with the old Hong Kong vibe going on in their restaurant, it sure feels like an authentic Hong Kong experience, especially I kept coming back to get more dim sum.

I wouldn’t say their breakfast is the highlight, but with the variety they have, it will definitely fill you up. One morning, I went to breakfast a little late, and for a second, I thought they weren’t refilling the trays anymore, but they still did. However, it takes them awhile to do that so that is one thing they can improve. But whatever hotel it is, there’s always room for improvement.

They also serve lunch and dinner buffet although I never had the chance to try those as I’ve been very committed to hole in the walls in the area. They deliver to your room too which I would recommend. Eating the pizza while watching the view– priceless! Grab a bottle of wine too and it’s golden!

The Amenities

pentahotel hong kong

Did I mention how hot and humid Hong Kong is in the summer? Like, EXTREMELY. Boob sweat was endless, hair volume was excessive, and sweaty armpits was a daily norm. With that said, hotel pools are necessary for a quick morning or afternoon dip. Pentahotel’s pool is huge and perfect for doing laps.

For workout aficionados (not me), they have an amazing gym with a variety of equipments so you have no excuse to skip leg day. Although, workout day is pretty much everyday in Hong Kong because of all the walking and sweating.

Also part of their amenities are the game room lobbies I’ve mentioned earlier. Here are a couple more photos as they speak a thousand more words;

The Service

If there’s one word to describe Pentahotel, it’s chill. Laid-back is good too, but laid-back could mistaken as lazy. Pentahotel is chill, but doesn’t lack great customer service. They cater to the young and it’s a place where the employees wear hoodies instead of a suit, but it doesn’t mean their service is limited. They just stay true to the atmosphere of the hotel, which is, like I’ve mentioned many times– super chill and relaxed.

pentahotel hong kong

Don’t misinterpret though, because despite the dress down code, they get things done. Friendly, accommodating, and most importantly, they speak and understand English properly, making it easier for them to give you the service you need. They do the little things to go the extra mile as well. For instance, I asked if they could break my 100 HKD because I was going to the take the bus to the airport and I wasn’t sure how much left I had on my Octopus card. Of all my traveling experience, this was the only hotel willing to give me change. It might not seem like much, but it’s those little things that makes a memorable stay.

For bookings and inquiries, you may check out Pentahotel’s official website here.

Disclaimer: Thank you so much to Pentahotel Hong Kong for hosting me during my trip to Hong Kong. As always, all thoughts, opinions, and photos are my own. I only recommend places that I know would be great for my readers.


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  1. I never knew about this chain! I will definitely consider using pentahotel when I go to Hong Kong, thankyou


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