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10 Reasons Why You Need To Go To A Cat Cafe ASAP

Cats are such mysterious creatures to me. They’re graceful, beautiful, and there’s something so captivating about them that even if you aren’t a cat person, you’re bound to be charmed by them almost as quickly as you would for a basket of puppies. I’m not a cat person myself, but their unpredictable side kinda reminds me of myself. I see me in them, in a way that they’re friendly when they want to be, and they’ll let you know when they’re not having it. They’re so real, and they literally dgaf. ME in a nutshell.

The first time I went to a cat cafe was in 2014 (READ: I Went To A Cat Cafe And Found Out I Don’t Like Cats). It was a specific inclusion in my itinerary that I’ve been wanting to do as soon as I heard they existed. Months before that, I spent hours looking for one in Hanoi only to find out they already closed down. Needless to say, my first cat cafe experience was super hyped up. And because I had the wrong expectations and knew zero about a cat’s persona at the time (like, I legit thought they would be all over me like puppies), I was a bit…disappointed.

But this time around, I knew better.I took in some stray kitties over the last years so I now had a better idea how cats are, and by now, I’m more than intrigued by them- I actually really like them! So when I found out there’s a new cat cafe in town– mind you, in MY turf, not in the city where it takes 3 hours to get to, I was ecstatic and I knew I had to go.

Tabby Town Cat Cafe Tagaytay

Tabby Town Cat Cafeis Tagaytay’s only cat cafe. Technically, it’s in Silang, but it’s close enough to Tagaytay that I pretty much would consider it a part of this little city. Home to a number of gorgeous cats straight from Ukraine, this cafe offers their guests a chance to interact with those beauties as you enjoy a cuppa or perhaps some delicious snacks. The great thing about this cat cafe is that if you’re coming from Manila and took the Sta. Rosa route, there is no way you will miss this. And trust me, you do wanna spare an hour here. Now before I lure you about getting a cat, let me first convince you that you, my friend, actually want a legit cat cafe experience at Tabby Town Cat Cafe.

1.) It’s therapeutic.

Tabby Town Cat Cafe Tagaytay

It’s a proven fact that pets can have a therapeutic effect on us humans.Why else do we get pets in the first place? You can’t say it’s all for selfless reasons because admit it or not, pets change lives, and usually for the better. Snuggles help rid of all the stress in our daily lives, and doing this with animals are just as good, if not better.

At Tabby Town Cat Cafe, you pay by the hour to spend time with these lovable furry friends, and trust me, an hour is good enough to relieve some stress. Have them on your lap, pat them while they sleep, or play around with them if you want– they will make you feel good! Unfortunately, they don’t serve wine here, but they have delicious snacks and drinks to give you the full experience. So whether it’s stress from work or from a relationship (or lack thereof), let the cat do the trick.

2.) It’s educational.

Tabby Town Cat Cafe Tagaytay

Can you name 10 different breeds of cats? Neither can I. It’s quite interesting to learn about the different breeds of domesticated cats. I know I want a Russian Blue Cat (that I shall name Earl Grey), but after being introduced to different types, I want them all! It’s nice to see the differences between the breeds, but it’s also fun to observe the differences and similarities in their personalities. One cat is never the same from the other, that’s why they’re so fun! The best thing about this educational experience is that it’s interactive so you get a chance to get to know them more.

They have 21 different breeds of cat at Tabby Town, each one of them with their own personalities and uniqueness. Persian cat, Siamese cat, tabby… They’re all gorgeous and exotic in their own ways. All of them are imported from Ukraine (fancy cats, aren’t they), but you know who the sweetest one was? The local pusang kalye (stray cat) they they’ve adopted from the streets!

3.) It makes a nice date.

Tabby Town Cat Cafe Tagaytay

Why welcome the risk of awkward silences at a fancy dinner when you can let a cat break the ice? Cat cafes are a great novel idea for a date. I mean, this is 2017 after all. Picnics and walk on the beach are soooo primitive. Why pet a cat in the streets when you can play with them while sipping hot chocolate? It’s a cute way to get to know someone, and hey, this is a great introductory course to see if your date will pass the test of being kind to animals or not!

4.) The cuteness overload!

Tabby Town Cat Cafe Tagaytay

Do I need to say more?Cats are so fluffy it’s too much to handle! Sorry if you’re allergic to them, but just take a bunch of antihistamine prior to coming and you’ll be fine! Ok well I mean, you’re doing that at your own risk, but I do have a friend who loves cats so much that despite her allergies, she even took a couple of strays in during nursing school.

The cats at Tabby Town are beyond cute and if it was possible to put one in my purse, I probably would have been tempted to do so. I mean look at them. JUST LOOK AT THEM!!!!

5.) Kids will love it.

Tabby Town Cat Cafe Tagaytay

I had the chance to bring my younger cousins with me here and boy did they love interacting with them. How could they not? If adults like us can go gaga over them, imagine kids having the time of their lives petting cute little creatures. It’s always a good idea to expose children to animals as early as possible so why not include a cat cafe on your next day out?!

6.) Everyone loves a new experience.

Tabby Town Cat Cafe Tagaytay

I’m not saying to hop on the hype, but we all love a good quirky experience, right? If you’re here on my blog, you must love to travel, and what is it that travel teaches us? To embrace new experiences and live life to the fullest! Don’t knock it before you try it, because you just might never know that you’re a cat person after all. The goal is to fall in love with as many things as possible, right?

7.) The Instagram shots with the cuties!

Tabby Town Cat Cafe Tagaytay

Tabby Town Cat Cafe is so IG friendly,and not just because of the cats. The blush and pink aesthetics here reminds me of Precious Moments greeting cards. But of course, the real stars here are the furry friends. You don’t have to be a cat whisperer to get them to pose because they’re camera friendly enough. Just try not to annoy them with the selfies! Look for the cat with two different eye colors, that one’s a star!

8.) If you’ve always wanted a pet, a cat cafe is a great alternative.

Tabby Town Cat Cafe Tagaytay

Mom won’t let you have one? Your roommate is allergic? Or you’re not ready for the full responsibility of being a pet owner? Get your fix at a cat cafe!Just because you can’t afford to take one in doesn’t mean you can’t be a crazy cat lady.

Most cat cafes I know charge by the hour, and it’s no different at Tabby Town. For 200php, you get a full hour to pet 21 different cats plus enjoy a glass of iced tea, and for 270php, you get a choice of hot or cold drink. But if you’re feeling fancy, opt for the milkshake package for 350php instead.

9.) It’s another excuse to eat.

Tabby Town Cat Cafe Tagaytay

Besides the yummy drinks, cat cafes also serves snacks and pastries. Or it wouldn’t really be a cafe if they didn’t, now would it? Tabby Town offers a variety of snacks for hungry cat lovers such as fries and cheese sticks. Just make sure the cheeky pussycats doesn’t steal your food.

10.) It’s a great way to turn someone into a cat person.

Tabby Town Cat Cafe Tagaytay

Here’s the thing I learned about cats. You may think you don’t like them, but you do. Just give them a chance! Bring your mom here to let her know that cats are low-maintenance. Show your boyfriend that he does, in fact, adore cats and he just doesn’t know it yet. Maybe you can prove to your roomie that she’s not allergic and she’s been living a lie. You’ll never know. Cats, after all, are full of mystery, and if you play your cards right, they may make you feel like you deserve them after all.

For Tabby Town Cat Cafe inquiries, you may check them out on their official Facebook account here.

Disclaimer: Thank you Tabby Town Cat Cafe for giving me and my cousins such a fun experience! As always, all thoughts, photos, and opinions are my own. I only recommend places that I know would be great for my readers.

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2 thoughts on “10 Reasons Why You Need To Go To A Cat Cafe ASAP

  1. These are such beautiful cat friends… you are making me want to run to a cat cafe, though I have to find one first. Thanks for all the wonderful photos and story. I will look forward to more!


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