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Rizal Park Hotel Is Manila’s Most Instagrammable

Prior to the pressure of social media, life was much easier when looking for a hotel. A quick TripAdvisor search usually tells us what we need to know– comfort, service, value, cleanliness, location, etc. But in 2018, there’s another criteria that is millennial can’t help but include in our standards– it’s Instagrammable potential.

Rizal Park Hotel Manila

When in Manila, there is but one hotel that meets all the expectations in what an IG-able standards would be.If there is a book for that, Rizal Park Hotel would be the first on the list. Forget the fact that it’s beautiful and grandiose in every aspect possible, but with its history, level of service, and overall hotel standards, Rizal Park Hotel has got the whole package. If you have one night in Manila, this is where you wanna be. (READ: The Perfect Itinerary For A 3 Day Long Layover In Manila)


Rizal Park Hotel Manila

Built in 1898, Rizal Park Hotel was originally the Manila Army and Navy Club, where all the fancy Americans and elite local socialites held the boujeeiest parties. It was a very exclusive club that housed probably the most extravagant parties during the 20’s, can you imagine? This century old landmark must have witnessed the most scandalous secrets throughout the years.

After the Americans left, it turned into many different things and served many different purposes. During the Second World War, the building served as an evacuation center and as a bomb shelter, and later on, it became a museum, a filming location, and finally, after complete restoration, a hotel. But more than just being a hotel, it’s a national landmark filled with so much history.

Rizal Park Hotel

Rizal Park Hotel manila

Situated next to Rizal Park, this newbie in the hotel industry is already quite known around social media not only for its IG-friendliness, but because the location is pretty central to tourists who wants a bit of an introduction to Manila’s histories. Intramuros, Binondo (world’s oldest china town), Ocean Park, and National Museum are just some of the other nearby destinations that you can visit.

The lobby already screams lavishness and grandiose. With the black and white patterned tiles, I could help but feel like Alice in Wonderland in the Queen of Hearts’ castle. The grand staircase is an original and although it’s clearly a historical building, the feeling of modern luxury is highly present as soon as you enter the door.

The Rooms

Rizal Park Hotel manila

After walking through the hallway of what seemed like a stroll through a kingdom of elegance and class, the rooms speaks for themselves. If there’s one thing Rizal Park Hotel is definite about, it’s that they don’t shy away from details. And when I say details, I meant pure elegance in every aspect and form. From the pretty champagne wallpapers to the intricately designed tiles, the old school colonial American times is very evident in every corner. This is what I imagined a 1920’s elegance would be. I can imagine Ernest Hemingway sitting in the desk, writing a piece while drinking whiskey.

The furnishing is great– comfort and luxury are put together so harmoniously that I was absolutely fine sleeping in the next morning. The bed and beddings are pure bliss, and let’s just say my plans to explore Manila for a day turned into a lazy day slash snooze fest for the most part. Let’s not forget about the lavish chandeliers in every room as well. Stunning would be an understatement.

Every aspect of the room is pure quality, so that includes the bathroom too. The toiletries and towels are pure class, and the the bathroom itself is very spacious. And yes, one of the most important thing I look for– full sized mirrors. THEY HAVE IT.

The Food

Rizal Park Hotel manila

They serve the breakfast at Cafe Rizal, which has yet another elegant setting. The food variety is great, ranging from local delights to international cuisines. My favorite of course was the local dishes which they served with enough gourmet standards to remind you that you’re in luxury hotel, but also with just enough humble flavors to give you a kick of nostalgia and the feeling of being home. Talk about the perfect combination.

The Service

Rizal Park Hotel Manila

Although they were on their soft opening when I stayed, the customer service wasn’t bad at all. It could be improved, sure, but for a brand new hotel, they knew enough to satisfy their guests. They were set to open this January, and that includes the infinity pool that gives a gorgeous view of the Manila sunset. Unfortunately, it wasn’t ready during my stay there, but with the quality I’ve seen so far, I’m sure it wouldn’t fall short.


Rizal Park Hotel Manila

Overall, it isn’t just the Instagrammable aspect of Rizal Park Hotel that stands out. It’s the quality of service, the history, the luxury, and most importantly, the comfort, that is highly notable in this newly opened gem in Manila. But if it’s the gorgeous photos you’re after, then it definitely doesn’t fall short in that department. I’ve seen plenty of prenup shoots set here and it’s easy to understand why Rizal Park Hotel is a hotspot for that. Every corner screams IG goals, so definitely get your camera ready for fun shots.

For bookings and inquiries, please check out their official site here.

Rizal Park Hotel Manila


Disclaimer: Thank you so much to Rizal Park Hotel for hosting me. As always, all thoughts, opinions, and photos are my own. I only recommend places that I know would be great for my readers.


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  1. We stayed here for 2 nights during soft opening too, it seemed you had a better experience when you went! It really is a gorgeous hotel, I can’t wait for it to be fully functional and stay here again.


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