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10 Tali Beach Hacks: The Perfect Day Trip Getaway Near Manila

Manila is insane. I haven’t lived there in a very long time but it seems that the traffic and chaos is a lot worse than I can remember. It’s no surprise that people are flocking to the nearest getaways any chance they can, and while the north offers a few beach destinations that will give any tired, exhausted soul a great weekend fix, there’s one place just a little down south that not only promises warm pretty beaches, but also guarantees a lesser crowd that comes with it.

Tali Beach is a private gated property in Nasugbu, Batangas. I’m sure you’ve seen it in social media before. Cliff diving, private beaches, and gorgeous beach houses. Sounds boujie? It’s because it is. Unless you’re a property owner or know someone who is, your access to Tali Beach is pretty slim. I mean, you have an option to shell out at least 15k PHP per night if you really wanna spend a weekend here and rent a house for the group, but what if you just want a quick beach fix with no pretenses? What if you don’t have a group to go with? What if all you need is a day at a beach? This is a guide on how to successfully manage a day trip to Tali Beach without splurging a lot of cash. Keep reading.

1.) Join a group tour with DG Travel and Tours.

Tali beach nasugbu

It’s a simple, yet very ingenious hack. DG Travel and Tours offers weekend group tours to Tali Beach for a small price. Not only will they give you an instant access to the private beaches, but they’ll hook you up with transportation too. The meet-up is in Mall of Asia and from there, they’ll take you with the rest of the group all the way to Tali Beach in Nasugbu, Batangas, and at the end of the day, they’ll take you back to Manila too. Lunch is also offered for a price. We had freshly grilled chicken and it was AMAZING! The great thing about group tours is that you’ll never have to feel alone because you meet other people, but if you’d rather have your privacy, well, you’re absolutely free to do that as well. And another plus with them? You have access to a bathroom so you can shower before heading back home. No need to feel sticky icky during the ride.

The day tour is reasonably priced at 1199 PHP . You may check out theirFacebookaccount to see theirscheduled toursand make sure you contact them as soon as you can to save your spot as there are very limited slots.

DG Travel And Tours: 0916793699209228398127.


2.) Cliff jumping is a MUST.

Tali beach nasugbu

The cliff jumping beach is one of the things that popularized Tali Beach. It’s not just for the sake of jumping too, the beach actually has gorgeous turquoise blue waters that makes jumping even more inviting. There are different heights to jump from, but if you’re there, you might as well jump from the highest one, which I believe is at least 10 meters high. It’s not too bad, and that’s coming from me, who’s terrified of heights. Even my 10-year old cousin had a great time cliff jumping.

DG Travel and Tours usually have a scheduled time with the beaches, but since it’s a group tour, you have to be mindful and considerate of the other people in your group. I suggest jumping right away the instant you get there! Trick your mind into just doing it. The more you try to talk yourself into it, the more you’ll freak yourself out. Remember that you’re with a group, so don’t annoy others by making them wait, if you’re gonna end up not jumping after all. Just do it, it’s fun, I promise!

3.) Seize all the Instagrammable view points.

Tali beach nasugbu

With five beaches to explore, you’re guaranteed some incredible background for some kickass IG content. Get your social influencer mode on by utilizing the prettiest corners of Tali beaches. Cliff Diving beach has the bluest water but the Main beach and Sunset beach are more private so there’s better opportunities for some killer beach shots. Just pack your cutest bikini on and voila! The beaches of Tali itself will do all the magic for the photo. And you know what’s great about their beaches? They’re clean AF.Like I said, it’s a private property so you can expect the beaches to be well taken care of. No need to worry about floating trash or plastic bottles in the sand.

4.) Pack some food for a mini beach picnic.

Tali beach nasugbu

With five quiet beaches to choose from, don’t waste the opportunity to have a fun little beach picnic. Pack some fruits, chips, and sandwiches to keep it handy and less messy when eating. If you miss your rice, don’t worry, DG Travel and Tours offers a specific place to have your lunch. Some of the beaches in Tali prohibits eating but others allow light snacks. They also prohibit hard liquors but a little bit of wine would be perfect for a nice beach bumming session. Just please make sure to clean up after yourselves. Although it’s a private property, it’s never an excuse to not practice good manners and respect for our environment. Otherwise, if you have constant disregard for keeping it clean, then I’m sorry but you’re a disgrace and shouldn’t be traveling.

5.) Go as early as possible.

Tali beach nasugbu

If you’re going with DG, they head to Tali Beach early enough for you to be able to cover all beaches. This is a basic rule for traveling though. Start early, and you shall be rewarded.However, since the beaches are private, it’s never crowded (except cliff diving beach which seems to be everyone’s favorite despite the lack of sand). The crowd isn’t the problem, but if you want to enjoy the waters during the sun’s friendliest hours, then the earlier the better.

6.) Enjoy the privacy of the quiet beaches.

Tali beach nasugbu

You have 5 to choose from! It doesn’t require a boat nor massive amounts of walking and climbing. All you need is a vehicle, which DG will provide, to be able to explore all of Tali’s beaches. Don’t be afraid to indulge and feel the attachment to the ocean. Maybe if you really wanna just beach bum it without the hassle of moving around, you can ask your guide if you can stay in one of the beaches and they can come for you when it’s time to head home. Perhaps bring your Bluetooth speaker and create a kickass beachy playlist for a one of a kind beach day? Priceless, amirite?!

7.) Bring your snorkeling gears.

Tali beach nasugbu

I mean, it’s no Anilao down there but there’s some tiny little fishies you can lurk on while bathing in the ocean. You’ll see some live corals and though they’re not as life changing as Coron or Apo Island, snorkeling is always a fun water activity. Don’t be mistaken about Tali Beach, it’s not just for the lazy beach bums, there’s a little slice of something for everyone!

8.) Be active if you must!

Tali beach nasugbu

DG Travel and Tours also has a kayak you can rent out. Since some of the beaches here have access to little lagoons and beach caves, why not put on your adventure suit and explore around the area?! Don’t worry if you can’t swim, they provide life jackets and trust me, if you have one on, you will not sink. Relax.

9.) Surround yourself with the best company.

Tali beach nasugbu

There is one unspoken universal rule for beach trips– go only with those whose company you enjoy. Either that’s your significant other, your besties, or your kickass self, it makes a huge difference of how awesome the experience would be if it’s shared with people you have fun with. In my case, that’s my husband and my bratty little 10-year-old cousin. But don’t worry if no one else is down as you are to make spontaneous decisions to hit up the beach. As I’ve said earlier, this group tour will give you a chance to meet others as well. At least one thing is for sure– you’ll be meeting beach lovers too! However, if you decide to go with a big group of your own, I suggest booking as early as possible to make sure there are enough spots open. How epic would it be to bring your entire squad?!

10.) Don’t wait for summer, do it NOW.

Tali beach nasugbu

Life is too short, summer is too long of a wait. Now is the best time to go. Don’t give yourself excuses and just book the damn thing.

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Disclaimer: Thank you so much to DG Travel and Tours for arranging this trip in return of a writing about my unbiased experienced. All thoughts, photos, and opinions are my own, and as always, I only recommend things that I know would be great for my readers!

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