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Where To Stay In Gili Trawangan: Les Villas Ottalia

Ah, Gili Trawangan. Did you really go to the Gilis if you didn’t experience the busiest island? I almost skipped this one as I was looking for my previous trip to be a quiet one, and with Gili T being the popular party island of the three, I wasn’t convinced about it. But as I did more research, I learned that it is possible to achieve the perfect balance of fun and romantic in this small island paradise.

Although Gili T is known as the backpacker’s top choice amongst the three, I was happy to hear that there are also private villa resorts that are perfect for couples who are looking for a more quiet and romantic experience. Gili T was actually the first stop of our 10-day trip in Lombok/Bali so we wanted to just kick back and relax for our first couple of days. When I saw pictures of Les Villas Ottalia on Instagram, I was intrigued right away. I knew I found the one in Gili T. (READ: The 3-Minute Gili Guide For Beginners and Lazy Readers)

Les Villas Ottalia — Gili Trawangan

Les Villas Ottalia has two different branches– one in Gili T and one in Gili Meno. Somehow, my husband and I chose Gili T because at the end of it all, we wanted to still have the convenience of having different options of bars and restaurants around the island and we knew Gili T would be the one. And truth be told, as much as we wanted to relax, we knew a little party ain’t neva hurt nobody.

The great thing about Les Villas Ottalia is their location. Though others might find it a nuisance or inconvenience to be located far back away from the beachfront, I actually didn’t mind it because it meant a quiet and peaceful experience. Because of the lack of public transportation around the island, it was also a great way for us to adventure and explore the island. Usually, when I stay at comfy resorts, I tend to get too lazy to leave the comfort of my bed, or I get tempted to head back as soon as possible. But the fact that it takes a little bit of a bike ride to get to Les Villas Ottalia, it gave us a nice perfect balance. The location isn’t for everyone especially if you don’t ride bicycles, but guess what? The fact that it was located far from the main part of the island was the absolute reason I learned how to ride a bike in the first place!

The Villa

Even though I was looking forward to the island life, I definitely wanted to prioritize comfort when it comes to our temporary home in Gili T. It was important to me that we can feel totally relaxed especially after a long day playing under the sun. And finally, it was definitely a huge plus that the interiors and exteriors of the hotel were staying at are Instagram worthy, because why not?

Les Villas Ottalia was a great choice for us because despite having a jungle-in-the-middle-of-nowhere kind of vibes, our villa itself was perfectly tropical and rustic. I couldn’t imagine a better way to describe it. It was even how I imagined Gili T would be before I even got there.

Our villa was perfect for us two. As most villas usually are, our gated space offered us privacy that made us feel like we were in our own little universe. The plunge pool, a quintessential Indonesian villa must-have, was perfect for our afternoon as morning dips. It was in the beginning of summer so it was hot and humid every day. I love the little patio we had where we drank Bintang beer at night and ate cheap satay from the streets.

The room, just as rustic as I wanted it to be, was just impeccable. The mosquito nets that draped around bed gave our villa the perfect romantic atmosphere that got us feeling like we were on our honeymoon all over again. It seemed that they added the right level of luxury despite their affordable prices, which is normally not the case in Southeast Asia. You usually get what you paid for, but in this case, Les Villas Ottalia will give you so much more than what you paid for.

Our bathroom was very spacious and the toiletries they provided were lovely. We never ran out of hot water and the pressure is always strong. The mirror is huge and if you’ve been reading my reviews for a while now, then you know that I’m all about a good full body one.

What I liked about our villa is that despite its rustic charm and wooden beauty, the mosquitos and bugs were under control. Sure, I may have gotten a bite or two while sitting at the patio at night, but there were no unnecessary attacks in the middle of the night during my sleep. Whether it’s the mosquito net or the actual villa itself, I’m happy that I slept like a baby.

Amenities and More

Even if you’re not looking for a private villa, Les Villas Ottalia also offers private rooms for a very affordable price. I love that they also have a bigger swimming pool so even if you didn’t go for a villa, you have an access to a nice pool nonetheless. Located right by the restaurant, the pool side makes a great spot for breakfast. Surrounded by tall coconut trees and being fed amazing breakfast food, what’s not to love? Unlike most private villas, they offer free buffet breakfast instead. That means if you would rather enjoy your meal at the privacy of your own villa, you would have to order from the ala carte menu. Either way, you are going to start your day great here for sure.

One important thing that Les Villas Ottalia offers that is pretty necessary in the island are the free bicycle rentals. Because this is the best means of transportation around the island for you, this will save you a lot of money. Their bicycle are not brand new or anything, but they are well functioning and will do the job getting you around. Keep in mind though that their bikes are on a first come first serve basis so make sure you get up early enough to grab a bike. The earlier, the better, so that you can pick the perfect bike for you.

The Downsides

Because Gili Trawangan is a small island, there are inconveniences that are bound to happen. The WiFi, for instance is quite slow here so don’t expect to be catching up on Netflix while you’re here. The aircon usage is also limited as they only allow it for certain hours, mostly from late afternoon to early morning. This is simply because electricity is quite limited in the island.

In A Nutshell

Overall, I enjoyed my stay at Les Villas Ottalia. I loved the rustic charm and the simplicity that comes along with it. The service is pretty great, and they will definitely do their best to assist you. One time, our AC was having a little bit of an issue and they sent someone in the instant we called. Most importantly, I love that the place is reasonably priced and that there is definitely something for you even if you’re on a budget. After all, feeling like luxury in Indonesia does not have to cost you an arm and a leg!

For booking and inquiries, please check out their official website here.

Disclaimer: Thank you so much to Les Villas Ottalia for hosting our stay! As always, all thoughts, photos, and opinion are my own. I only recommend places that I know would be great for my readers.

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