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Where To Eat And Drink In Boracay: Sunset Like No Other At KASBAH

It wasn’t the best time to be in Boracay. There was a tropical storm, an insane number of crowds of tourists, and a festival in the nearby town of Kalibo coming up, making every place in Boracay pricier than usual. I’ve been told that rain showers came in on a daily the past week, and my visit was no exception to that– it’s been gloomy for the last two days I was there.

But one Thursday morning, I woke up with extreme positivity as I opened the curtains.

The sun was out.

The sun was out and I wasn’t going to waste it. I was determined to take advantage of the sunshine. At the end of this trip, that day turned out to be the only perfect day in Boracay as it went back to gloomy weather the following days after. But is it really perfect without the ever so popular Boracay sunset though?

Boracay is not only known for its white sand beaches, but thanks to its glorious peachy pink sunsets, almost everyone and their mama are trying to rush to this little island to witness it in all its glory. I’ve experienced Boracay sunsets almost every way possible. With Derick, with friends, alone, on a boat, on a rooftop, drunk, sober, you name it. But I’ve never experienced it the Kasbah way. And a Kasbah sunset is no ordinary sunset.

After milking every bit of sun ray the universe has allowed me to in the morning, I would have been okay just staying in the rest of the afternoon. I had a full day spending time with the kids of Ati Village, a tribe local to the island of Malay, ending it with a tour around the island at the back of a motorcycle of a new local friend. It was a long day, and truth be told, I was already over Boracay because of how disappointing the drastic changes have been. However, I knew a drink or two would be a great way to end such a fantastic day.

We were staying at Ferra Hotel, so after freshening up a bit and putting on our most colorful dresses, we took a public tricycle ride all the way to Station 1 and got off at Discovery Shores. As soon as we turned left, we saw a nice bar/restaurant with colorful pillows and great music playing. This is it, I thought. It looked cozy, inviting, and well, I really wanted a drink already. We got the front seat in the house, and although we were between two weddings playing different music of their own, we were in our own little world. Karla and I had plans on going out later that night so I figured I was gonna take it slow with the drinks (spoiler: I stayed in). But as soon as we were seated, the waiter approached us and talked so highly about their bestselling mojitos that I knew I had to order one right away. After all, sunset was coming.

The setting was just as lovely as I wanted it to be. Being on this side of the island really helped bring back the nostalgia of the old Boracay that I’ve learned to love. I’m still attached to the island, clearly, but it’s no doubt that what was once a virginal gem, is now a used and abused old maiden. But more that later, perhaps on another post.

Kasbah’s setting was pure Moroccan vibes. The vibrant colors, the pillows, the food… the only thing that’s better about this Kasbah from the real Morocco is well, the world’s number one beach is right in front of it.They serve hookah (shisha) as well for those who wants a more authentic experience. Karla and I, however, we were for the drinks. And the food. And well, the sunset.

We had the classic hummus served to us, and my oh so favorite baba ghanoush— both were delicious. The pita bread they served were in perfect texture just how I wanted– soft, not too thick, and heavenly with every bite. It worked well with my mojito, and the waiter wasn’t lying. This was literally the best mojito I’ve had in the island.

As the sun gradually disappeared through the horizon and as the colors of the sky flirtatiously transformed from blue, to orange, to peach, pink, and finally, purple, it felt as if everything else in this busy little island stopped. Just for those few magical minutes, it felt as if I was transcended in a different dimension. It was just the type of beauty that no matter how closely you witness it, it’s almost impossible to describe. This was the Boracay I once knew.

And just like that, I was falling in love again.

They served us the gambas at the perfect time because by then, the sun has set, the alcohol is making its way through my system, and I’m finally hungry. Prawns are my favorite, but I tend not to order it in restaurants in the Philippines because the portions always ended up being a disappointment. But not at Kasbah, nope. I mean, we were in an island after all, so I was excited when they served us the dish. Now I haven’t been to Morocco yet, but I have high expectations with their food. I was supposed to move there when I was in high school, and I’m really sad that didn’t happen. Anyway, every time I go for Moroccan food, I’m never disappointed. That said, Kasbah sure is meeting the expectations so far. The sautéed prawns had so much layers of flavor— so good that I’m pretty sure I was being a little cheeky and ate a lot more than Karla did.

Another thing from the menu that is a must-order when in a Moroccan restaurant is their grilled chicken. Perfectly smoky with just the right balance of different herbs and spices, Kasbah has set the expectations higher. The meat were tender and each bite was like an introduction to another dimension that despite my love and exposure to Mediterranean food, my palates are just getting to know even more layers flavors now. It was incredible. The herbs and spices made love together and produced a creation so perfect no words can describe.It’s almost quite hard for me to write this not because I find it hard to find the words that would articulate the way my taste buds danced with each bite, but because I’m halfway to drooling thinking about it at this point.

The drinks kept coming, and although we tried other cocktails in the menu such as my all time favorite Piñacolada, it was their mojito that we kept coming back to. We gotta keep the balance of food and drink, this is just the Kasbah way.

Finally, the lamb tagine. Ah, the tagine. The quintessential Moroccan stew are also not to be missed here at Kasbah, not only because you wanna experience it as close to authentic as possible, but because it’s just too damn scrumptious to miss. The dish was concocted impeccably with all the right flavors and aroma. I love strong flavors so this was unmissable for me. Again, it hit the spot. It’s very rich so I recommend ordering it with rice.

We stayed for a little longer just to enjoy the atmosphere– the music, the stars, the moment. By then we were in a Kasbah highalready, topped with the perfect Mojito buzz. We had another drink before heading out and though we ate a little too much tonight, there were absolutely no regrets. My tummy was happy, and my taste buds rejoiced.

After years of coming to Boracay, I’ve noticed it’s decline in authenticity and charm. But fortunately, with all the big changes within the island, there were some little good wins. Though many may view its evolution as a failure, there’s a thin silver lining to it if you try to look at it very closely. Good restaurants, for instance. Either way, I do recommend stopping by Kasbah when in Boracay. Whether you want a romantic date or just wanna be in a different setting with friends, or you just want a drink or two alone, or maybe you just want to know where to drink or where to eat in Boracay, Kasbah is the perfect choice. Try to do it around sunsetand get there early enough to call dibs on the best spot. I assure you, if the universe is cooperating and there are no clouds in sight, it will be a magical sunset at Kasbah. There’s just no other way to do it.

It wasn’t the best time to be in Boracay. The weather was shitty, the changes are too much, and there were just too many damn people. But this day, this sunset– it made all the difference.

And don’t forget– the best mojitos in Boracay.

For inquiries, you may check out their official websiteand Facebook page.

Disclaimer: Thank you so much Kasbah Boracay for feeding us! As always, all thoughts, photos, and opinions are my own. I only recommend places that I know my readers would love.

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