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Your Guide To El Nido, Palawan: Instagram Edition (Tour B)

Not another Instagram guide. But hey, you’re here either reading it or skimming through the pictures, aren’t you? I figured you’ve already read about twelve different travel guides for El Nido.

What to do in El Nido. Where to eat in El Nido. DIY El Nido. El Nido 3D2N Itinerary. The Ultimate Travel Guide To El Nido.

There’s so much useful information on the internet on El Nido already, but nothing really on how to nail those Instagram shots. And although this part 2 of my El Nido Instagram edition series took quite a while, the most important thing is– it’s finally here! If you missed my first post about this, don’t forget to check it out as it covers one of the most coveted tours in El Nido. (READ: Your Guide To El Nido, Palawan: Instagram Edition Tour A)

This time, we’ll be covering the locations in Tour B. Although not as popular as Tour A and C, I truly enjoyed this one. I guess it could be because this was the first time I did this tour, but perhaps it could be the fact that the stops are actually quite lovely too. Lovely in a way that they’re quite shy but damn they are gorgeous! (READ: El Nido vs Coron: Which Palawan Paradise is Better For You)

First and foremost, you gotta find a really good tour company. I went with Sealand Venture and I have recommended this personally to my family and friends because their guides really do know the good stuff. Keep in mind that there’s a lot of you in a group tour so you gotta work your charm and bedazzle the tour guides so they help you find the most Instagrammable corners. With Sealand Venture, everyone was so nice– from finding secret corners for kickass Instagram shots to diving lessons in hidden beaches– they freakin’ made this trip one of the best!

So now that you’ve found yourself a reliable tour company to help you indulge in the lesser known islands of Tour B, let’s get to know the locations and their prime photogenic spots. (READ: How To Up Your Beach Photography)

Snake Island

I very much loved Snake Island! It’s pretty much a sand bar in the middle of the ocean in a twirly shape of a snake that you can see from up above if you decide to do the short hike. I didn’t, and I was okay with it because I really wanted to indulge in the water. It’s quite easy to take photos here because it’s huge! But here’s a trick to make sure you get amazing shots without anyone photobombing you: WALK AHEAD, duh. Don’t be slow. Get to moving asap, like right when the boat parks! Take your shots fast so you can enjoy actually being there. Tour B is less popular so chances are, there wouldn’t be much people taking this tour so it definitely wouldn’t be like the crowds in Hidden Beach. Try to capture the blueness of the water and the gradient that forms the snake shape. It’ll be a challenge that even I couldn’t successfully implement, but try to be playful with the camera and you’ll never know what you can achieve. If you fancy a hike, go for it too!

Pinagbuyutan Island

This one, I wasn’t the biggest fan of. It was our last stop for the day because I guess the tide was too low during lunch. The beach is a bit rocky, and I would probably rate it a 6. There are lots of coconut trees in the island though, and there’s a field big enough to play volleyball or frisbee. Photo wise, you’ve gotta let the creativity flow. I feel like the coconut trees would be your most authentic shot here. Otherwise, you can do a simple beach shot with a boat in it like I was able to grab real quick.

Entalula Beach

This is possibly my favorite beach in El Nido! Okay, this is DEFINITELY my favorite beach in El Nido. The name itself sounds magical enough, doesn’t it? The beach that is available to public is a small one, but it’s absolutely stunning! It could just be me, but it felt like the water here is the most turquoise of them all. There’s a private resort on the other side, and maybe one day, I’ll be lucky enough to stay there. But until then, I’ve got amazing memories good enough to last me a lifetime. We only stayed there for thirty minutes which was a shame, but I was able to enjoy it with and without my camera. Balance, am I right?

So my favorite shots here were easily on the beach because of how pretty the water is. I also love the mushroom shaped rock— I think it gives the name Entalula a very mystical appeal to it. There are some cave-ish little corners too so utilize that so you don’t keep posting the same ol’ basic beach shot. Although it’s never really basic in El Nido. Ever.

Of course, as per quintessential Philippine island vibes, there are tall coconut trees that you can play with here and though pretty enough to photograph, I would really just focus my attention on the beach itself.

Cathedral Cave

This one is a quick little stop. It’s a cathedral like cave with high ceilings. So basically, it’s just a dark little cruise in there if your boat ever decides to go inside. But mostly it’s just a photo stop and though I didn’t really get any outstanding shots, you probably could capture it better if you’re prepared. I was too busy sipping my coco to really care! That said, a coconut makes a pretty cool prop here since it’s such a simple photo. Take note that because the background is quite dark, you might wanna wear something that pops here! I changed to my electric blue onesie already which would have worked great if I weren’t so preoccupied with my coconut and actually decided to commit to pictures. Oh well. Can’t win them all.

Cudugnon Cave


We stopped by another island for lunch where Cudugnon Cave was, but I skipped out on the Cave because I felt like it would be full of people anyway. I was right, of course, but I felt like the cave really wouldn’t be the highlight of my El Nido trip anyway so I didn’t mind skipping it. However, the beach we will be eating at is right on this stop so I was able to relax and just chill while waiting for the food to be ready. This is a typical lunch spot so expect lots of people coming in. There are coconut vendors and an overload of coconut trees so pick a good spot. Don’t forget your trusty beach blanket. It’ll make a great lunch shot under the trees with your food provided by SeaLand Venture. Maybe you can even bring your own fruits to add some colors in.

There’s also a swing on the beach that of course makes a picture perfect spot. Utilize it! Put a flower in your hair and voila! Who’s in paradise? You are, babe!

I hope my part 2 is useful to you. If you’re deciding whether Tour B is for you, I hope this post helped you out a little. From my experience, Tour B is definitely a lot less active than A and C. You can relax more in this tour as it’s mostly beach stops so instead of kayaking or swimming, expect to be beach bumming a lot. This is the perfect tour if you want to achieve the exotic beach picnic shots, sipping coconut under a tree type of vibes, or just hanging in the beach shots. The best part about it? You get to just chill. Watch out for my part 3 of this series where I’ll be covering Tour C. Hopefully, it doesn’t take another 8 months to produce it! Meanwhile, you can check out my other posts on Palawan! From Coron, to Puerto Princesa, to where to stay in El Nido and Puerto Princesa, I got you covered.

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For booking and inquiry with SeaLand Venture Tours, you may checkout their official Facebook account here.

Disclaimer: Thank you so much to SeaLand Venture for taking care of my tour needs in El Nido. As always, all thoughts, photos, and opinions are my own. I only recommend things that I know will be great for my readers.

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