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Why You Should Go To Goa

You Should be Going to Goa

Out of the many countries in the world, India is definitely among those with the most definitive personalities. Just like China, Japan, and a few other countries, it’s very hard to mistake India for any other place. In India, culture pervades everything. This alone is an important reason to visit the country.

But even if you’re not big on culture, you should be visiting India as well. In its southwestern region, Goa stands out as one of its most tourist-worthy spots. Here, the pace of life slows down to a crawl. Can you imagine the tropical beauty of the Caribbean, mixed with the unmistakable Indian vibe? This is what Goa is known for!

Here are the top reasons why you should look for those flights to Goa, India.

Golden Beaches.

This is perhaps the biggest draw of the region. The fine golden sands shimmer under the sun, and the Arabian sea stretches far beyond in a mesmerizing, undulating blue. The central areas are where all the happenings are, so if you like the party atmosphere you can head there. But if you like the peace and quiet, you can go either north or south and find largely untouched stretches of coastal beauty. Goa has about thirty beaches, and you’re sure to find your favorite!

Another thing you should watch out for in the beaches are the spectacular sunsets! No matter in which of the thirty beaches you are, the sight of the dying red orb above the golden sheet of sand is a glimpse into paradise! If you are so inclined, there are also cruises available so you can watch the magnificent sunset right in the middle of the calm ocean.

Of course, candle light dinners are also a great thing to have in this kind of atmosphere!

Water Activities

Goa has both beaches and backwater, and is literally a one-stop shop for all sorts of water activities. The beaches offer great diving and snorkeling activities, especially around the shallow areas of the coast such as Grande Island. The marine life here is bustling with beauty, and is a must-see.

There are also dolphin cruises in Goa! These intelligent sea mammals can be seen in Candolim, Sinquerim, Baga and Calangute, often during the sunrise and sunset. The cruises will take you as close as possible to these beautiful creatures without getting wet. If you want something more up close and personal, snorkeling with these wonders is also possible.

Aside from these, the coastal areas also offer other water sports such as banana boating, jet skiing, water skiing, parasailing, and more! And if you prefer something more serene on the surface, you can head over to Nerul, Salcete, or Zuari for kayaking. The placid backwaters are perfect for rowing, and a session lasts around two hours. This can also be done any time of the year!

Backwater Adventures. Speaking of backwaters, these lush places are the home to a lot of wildlife! You can reach these places easily with a motorbike or a car, and you can trek along the waters to see the raw natural beauty of the Goan ecosystem. While you can see cows frolicking in the beach, you can also see monkeys, crocodiles, barracuda, and kingfishers in the wild.

Another thing you can do in these places is to immerse yourself in the idyllic lifestyle of the surrounding area. The backwaters are also the site where the local fishermen haul in their catch, and experiencing this firsthand is a unique opportunity.

If you want something more luxurious, there are backwater cruises that are held in traditional water vessels. These are best done at night, when you can see the sun breathe its last over the sea and gloriously rise again from the land. In between, you can see the serene, pristine natural ambience of Goa. Wildlife is more active at night, too!

Treks and Trails. If a bit of bushwhacking sounds a little tame for you, go full-blown trekker at the Dudhsagar Trek! This is a fairly challenging adventure, that pays of with the jaw-dropping sight of the Dudhsagar Falls. Find your way through picturesque terrains and lush forests, and feel the power of Nature all around you.

If you’re the type who would rather stroll quietly on wheels or on feet, Goa also has its offering. In the far south and north of the region are long, quiet roads lined with coconut trees and beautiful panoramas. These are the perfect places for a quiet afternoon or early evening. You can also rent a scooter or motorbike, and feel the breeze on the quiet trail.

Elephant Riding. Here is a weird way to get wet! Goa also offers elephant riding tours, which are perfect if you are with family or friends. The trip invariably includes treading into a body of water, and getting splashed by the gentle giant you are riding on!

Amazing Architecture. In Goa, Catholics and Hindus co-exist peacefully. Their worship places do the same, and make up some of the most amazing exhibits of architecture in this area.

The Goan region is largely influenced by its Portuguese history, and this influence has melded gracefully into the local architecture. You can see structures with curves, arches, and other distinctly European designs. At the same time, you can see the intricate details which are traditional of Indian architecture. This is best appreciated by visiting the various temples and churches in Goa.

Shopping in Anjuna. What’s a trip to an exotic land without being able to bring back souvenirs? The Anjuna area is known primarily for its trance parties, but if you go here on Wednesdays you will be treated to an entirely different experience. Here, the place turns into a bazaar, quite similar to those you seen in movies! Indulge in trade and barter, and check out some of the interesting trinkets and second-hand goods. Haggle your way to the best price, and take home something that can be truly considered one-of-a-kind!

Goa Carnival. February is a great month to go to Goa. This month, the streets turn into streams of color and the atmosphere becomes so much like Mardi Gras or the Brazilian Carnival! The Goa Carnival is celebrated for 4 days, and various fun and extravagant activities fill the place.

Food! And of course, what kind of tour would it be without some great food? Like its architecture, Goan cuisine is inspired by both Indian and Portuguese roots. You can have coconut, rice, and seafood aplenty. The fresh catch comes directly from the fishermen, and are served practically off the boat! Beach shacks are perfect for these places, as you take in the delicious food over the world-class view!

These are just some of the attractions awaiting you at Goa. If you are looking for a single stop that has everything you and your travel buddies are looking for, give this region a real, hard look! Better yet, book your flights and feel the magic firsthand!

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