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Where To Stay In Boracay: Ferra Hotel Is Like A Sleepover At Your Favorite Rich Tita’s House, But Better

I lost count of how many times I’ve been to Boracay. All I know is that with every visit, despite all the ups and downs, I find something new to love about it. I don’t wanna sound like a broken record, but I’ll say it again one more time: Boracay isn’t the same. It breaks my heart to say it but, Boracay, she looks tired and weary.

kasbah boracay sunset

Last January, I found myself making a side trip to Boracay before hitting up the Ati-Atihan festival in the nearby Kalibo. Why wouldn’t I, it’s still a gorgeous beach, after all. I was alone on my first day, and I don’t know if it was merely because I was alone that I was a bit emotional, or because the weather was gloomy, but I got terribly sad as I walked through Station 1 and 2. This was the worst I’ve seen Boracay. But you know what they say. There’s always a silver lining. And just when I thought I completely hated Boracay, I’ve found its saving grace.

Ferra Hotel.

After a decade of returning back and forth to what still remains to be a happy place for me, I’ve had quite a run of different types of accommodations all over Boracay. I’ve done mid-range, extremely low-budget, fancy and boujee, beach front, back in the ghetto, Balabag beach, Station 1-3, D’Mall, up in the hills, you name it. I’ve experienced luxury, I’ve experienced budget, and I’ve experienced ghetto. But I have never experienced the Ferra way. And that, my readers, is a game changer.

You must be thinking I’m kidding, right? Of all the things that could save my attachment to the island, it’s a hotel? Are they paying me to write this? Absolutely not. Did they host me, yes. But I speak not only for myself, but for the nearly 500 reviewers on TripAdvisor. See that’s the thing about Ferra Hotel. It isn’t just a hotel. They’re your local host.

Situated just a 2-minute walk away from the ever so poppin’ D’Mall in Station 2, Ferra Hotel’s location offers convenience and easy access to restaurants, bars, and of course, the beach. It’s not beachfront, but it might as well be considering its extremely close proximity. Ferra Hotel is a small boutique hotel, and the great thing about boutique hotels is that it’s quite intimate, so you know their attentiveness to their guest is a lot more guaranteed. Well, at least at Ferra Hotel, this is the case. But we’ll get to that later.

They offer different types of room, from standards, to lofts, which are great for groups. We stayed at a standard room on the ground floor which was perfect for my friend and I. We shared a queen size bed– a huge, comfortable bed that we definitely milked during the rainy days, which was pretty much the entire time we were staying here. The linens, pillows, and comforter were wonderful and can keep you absolutely warm if you decide to blast the AC. In front of the bed is a flat screen tv with cable channels. Because we stayed in most days, this was truly useful.

Our bathroom is spacious enough– the shower has a generous amount of space to even dance around, the sink has enough room to hold toiletries, and sitting in the toilet would not make you feel claustrophobic at all. I’ve said it many times that I prefer small cozy rooms, but when it comes to the bathroom, I need my space. And of course, my number one must have in a hotel room–a full body mirror, CHECK.It was also equipped with all the essential toiletries, and they restock upon request. Speaking of which, the room is cleaned daily, and housekeeping does a great job.

Because there was a tropical cyclone lingering around, we only had one full day of complete sunshine with sunset to top it off. The next couple of days were kind of a blur, as all we did was eat, sleep, repeat. That’s not normally how I choose to spend my beach trips but thank God that we were checked in at Ferra because it literally made all the difference. We ate a lot. Like, a LOT. And because we didn’t need to go very far, our eat-sleep-repeat plan was even more easier to execute. We’d start our day having breakfast next to the plunge pool, which got us feeling like we’re on our own private villa. Breakfast is great and I specifically loved their Filipino delights. You can’t go wrong with a good tocino and egg. They also have salad for vegetarians, waffles for dessert-for-breakfast kind of people, and bread and cereal for the continental lovers. And because it’s a buffet, there’s no limit to what you can spoil yourself with.

After breakfast, we’d head back to our room to catch up on some work while watching HBO. With that of course I meant, we check our emails for 15 minutes while a movie is playing, and then we fall back asleep for the next two hours. By the time we wake up, it’s lunch time, and after lunch, we’d literally nap again. We also had a chance to try dinner at their rooftop restaurant/bar, Ruf, and we were lucky to catch Ladies Night where all ladies get free drinks! They’re not a gender biased, of course, so there’s also a Gentlemen’s Night during the week.

Ruf is a nice open air concept, but because it was a gloomy couple of days, we didn’t get to catch sunset here. It would have been magical though, I’m sure. They have palm trees up there that I’m sure would add a little bit of drama to a fiery sky. The dinner was great. We had beef salpicao, quesodillas, kare-kare, bagoong rice, and a nice, hot bowl of Korean soup. On top of that, we’ve had an unlimited amount of drinks coming our way. We finished our dinner with a great flambe that they made fresh in front of us. Talk about dinner of champions.

Now that I’ve given you all the basics, let’s get to what really makes Ferra Hotel stand out from the rest. What is it about Ferra Hotel that makes me instantly think of it when people ask me where to stay in Boracay? What is it that made my rainy staycation outstanding and phenomenal? And most importantly, what is it about Ferra Hotel that somehow changed the way I feel about the fast changes in Boracay even just by a little?

I could easily say it’s the food, or the comfort, or maybe their affordable rates. But truthfully, I’ve stayed at many different hotels that offered me the same value of money or the same level of comfort. What’s different about Ferra Hotel is the way they take care of their guests. The instant we stepped inside their lobby, we were treated like, we were…family. It was like entering a Filipino home, when the tita would even insist that you don’t have to take off your shoes because you’re a visitor. When the family would literally go out of their way to get you some refreshments even if it means asking their youngest son to climb the coconut tree. Or when their happiness literally relies on your satisfaction throughout your stay.

It wasn’t just the prompt assistance they offer you, but the desire to offer even morethan what you need. It was more than the hi’s and hellos in the hallway by the housekeepers, or the welcome banana bread they had ready for us. It was the sincerity of their greetings, the confirmation that everybody loved their jobs and what they were doing, that has somehow produced a domino effect, keeping every guest in the hotel happy and satisfied. Like the law of thermodynamics, energy can neither be created nor destroyed, but simply passed on by one to another– I think that’s what it was. As a blogger, I try to observe other guests so that my review doesn’t end up one-sided. Are they being attended to the way they attend to my needs too? Are they giving them the exact special treatments as well? How do they communicate with them? In the end, I’ve not seen an unhappy soul checked in at Ferra Hotel. Everyone seemed to be sharing the same sentiment as I do.

It was hard to say goodbye to Ferra to move on to our next destination. It was a short stay, but it really felt like I was hosted by a local family who took care of us in every way possible. But because of this stay, I now know my go-to spot in Boracay. And as much as Boracay keeps disappointing me, I know I’ll be back anyway. And with Ferra Hotel waiting, I’ve got even more reason to come back. Despite the commercialism we all seem to hate about Boracay, the silver lining is that once in a while, there are new places built like Ferra, that’s really hard not to appreciate. And of all the thing’s that’s wrong in Boracay, Ferra Hotel is the one thing they got right.

For booking and inquiries, please check out Ferra Hotel’s official website here. FYI, they’re opening their second hotel, Ferra Hotel and Garden Suites Boracay in May, not too far from their original location. Ferra Hotel is offering 35% off direct booking, while Garden Suites Boracay is offering up to 45% off!

Disclaimer: Thank you so much to Ferra Hotel for hosting us during our stay in Boracay. As always, all opinions, thoughts, and photos are my own. I only recommend places that I know would be great for my readers!

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