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Top 5 Tips For Hong Kong Disneyland

I’m not really a big theme park person. I’d rather hike a mountain than stand in line for hours to ride a rollercoaster. Disneyland, however, will always be an exception. I’m a true 90’s kid so that means I grew up watching original Disney movies when it actually came out on the theater. Not on DVDs, not on VCR. I was actually there enjoying my childhood when movies like Aladdin or Toy Story came out.

Hong Kong Disneyland may not be the best Disneyland there is, but it’s still Disneyland. There’s still Mickey, princesses, and lots of magic, so whether you’re a grown up going for the sake of your children or you’re an adult going for the fun of it, there’s no shame in it, and I would actually still recommend it. How cool would it be to hit up all the Disneylands world wide?! (READ: An Instagram Friendly Guide To Hong Kong)

Theme parks can be a bit of a dreadful trip…if you look at it dreadfully. Disneyland however, just the name itself, already makes it sound like a magical experience is already upon you. Every kid at heart will forget to pay attention to the dreadful lines and the havoc of being surrounded with children everywhere, because, hey it’s Disneyland. But for those realistic enough, don’t worry, there are some ways to hack the system to make your day at Disneyland a little less stressful and a lot more magical. All you need is a little pixie and a little knowledge from moi. Read on!

1.) How to score discounted tickets for Disneyland

Disneyland tickets are getting more and more expensive, and it’s no exception in Hong Kong. There are plenty of ways you can purchase your Disneyland tickets– by booking online, by purchasing on the spot, with a travel agent, the airport, and there are even kiosks all over the city. Some charges full price, others higher than most, and some offers different types of promo. But there’s a sure way to score discounted and cheaper Disneyland tickets. By booking with Kkday, you’ll be able to save a couple of bucks, which, let’s be honest, is a damn big deal because Hong Kong isn’t entirely the cheapest place to begin with, let alone Disneyland. Booking is made easy and hassle free with Kkday. You go online, book, receive an online voucher, and go to Disneyland. This not only saves you a good amount of money, but it saves you time from getting in long lines to purchase the ticket too.

2.) How to beat the crowd

Timing is essential. The first time I went to Disneyland Hong Kong in 2013, it was right in the beginning of summer. It was packed and the lines were long as expected. The last time I went was in September, at the very end of the summer, just before the transition to autumn. I can’t tell you enough how incredible my timing was. It was practically empty. The longest time I had to wait in line for a ride was 5 minutes. But of course there’s a reason as to why it was a ghost town then. It was unbearably hot. And I don’t mean just heat from the sun either, because when the sun disappears, it’s still freaking hot. It’s the extreme humidity that’s the enemy around this time of the year. But if it means short to no lines at Disneyland? Why not. You might also want to consider that this being a less busy season, expect some booths to be closed. I think this was the major downside of coming on a low season for me. It felt a little less magical and a little Disney. But still, no lines and no big crowds.

3.) How to stay comfortable

Just like any other theme park, it’s important to be prepared for a day at the Disneyland. Sometimes, I feel like a whole day at Hong Kong Disneyland is more tiring than a 4 hour hike to a mountain with major assaults. I mean, here you’ve got the tropical heat, lines, and surrounded by hundreds of kids… oh boy. Don’t forget to keep yourself hydrated no matter the season you go. Double up on hydration in the summer. I’m not kidding when I say the heat is almost unbearable. Think boob sweat, warm air, and patronizing sun. Hydration is essential. There are water fountains conveniently located around the park and you can also ask for disposable cups free of charge. However, bringing a tumbler or reusing a water bottle you’ve purchased inside is a lot better for the environment, so let’s try to practice that.

If you go right in the smack of summer or end of summer like I did, consider bringing an umbrella. It actually rained for 5 minutes during my last visit so the umbrella was very handy. But truth be told, it’s handy either way because it’s a great protection from the sun. That said, make sure you slather on some sunscreen!

Footwear wise, you already know the comfortable, the better. There are plenty of ways to look cute and stylish while being extra comfy at the same time. Don’t forget to bring a small towel or facial tissue because you’ll be sweating a lot! (READ: Making Magic At Disneyland)

4.) How to take the best pictures

Timing, of course is everything, even with taking pictures. Especially with taking pictures. The season is one thing, but the time of the day also matters. If your aiming to get better pictures than going for the rides, then it’ll be super easy especially if you go early. Head to the castle first to get it nearly empty. You don’t necessarily have to stand too close to it because the castle looks just as lovely from afar. The balloon vendors are also quite friendly so you can ask to borrow their balloons for a fun shot! Oh, and don’t forget your Minnie ears!

5.) How to avoid the lines

Lines are pretty much inevitable at Disneyland unless you catch it on an exceptional day like I did. As always, the rule is to always get there early. Try to learn you’re train route to Disneyland the night before so you don’t waste your time getting lost and switching trains. Most likely you’ll be coming from Central station and it’s pretty much straight forward from there on. Once you get inside Disneyland, start with the rides all the way at the back because those would most likely not have a line yet especially during opening hours. Using your map, strategically pick the most popular rides at the back of you may so that you can get that out of the way.

If you have a little more budget, you can splurge on a VIP ticket which allows you to go on the express line. But why spend a hefty price when you can spend that on some fun Mickey Mouse waffles and popsicles! If all else fails, just make sure you refill your water bottle regularly so you don’t get dehydrated while waiting in line.

Don’t forget to watch the parade which is usually around 3pm. Pick a spot already at least half an hour before because the front line gets packed fast. Same with the firework display, you gotta call dibs on your spot early before everybody else does.

Disclaimer: Thank you Kkday PH for a wonderful day at Disneyland! My Disneyland ticket was generously provided by Kkday but as always, all thoughts, opinions, and photos are my own. I only recommend companies that I know would be great for my users.

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