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First Time Camping With Your Partner? Top Do’s And Dont’s

couple camping

So, you’ve been with your partner a while, you think they could be the one. You’ve asked your friends opinion, you checked with your gran and you’ve consulted your horoscope. You’re absolutely certain the time is right to finally pop the question…”Will you come camping with me?”

They say yes! Hooray! You pack your bags and head on up to the hills. What could possibly go wrong? Well. just about anything is the answer, have you not seen the film Deliverance? When doing anything for the first time with your partner, there’s always the chance you can see a side of them you never noticed before. And in the wilderness anything could happen if you are not adequately prepared mentally and materially. To ensure that your first couples camping escapade is as successful as it could possibly be why not have a quick read of our dos and don’ts below…

Do make some lists

The absolute classic first time couples camping argument revolves around a forgotten item. The inevitable cry of, “Don’t look at me like that! You were supposed to bring the tent!”

The best way to avoid such a cliche lovers tiff is to make sure you don’t pack in a hurry. Best yet make some checklists and if possible note down whose responsibility each item is to bring. Now, I can’t guarantee this will prevent something still being forgotten but it will make it a lot easier to establish who is to blame.

Top tip: If you do forget to bring something, there is no point trying to defend yourself. Accept your responsibility with humility and get back to the task at hand, enjoying your camping adventure.

Don’t forget to pack some treats

In most relationships there will be one partner who is a little bit more confident in the outdoors than the other. If you’re the one who’s the experienced woodsperson the onus is on you to take control a little bit. Now, I don’t mean be bossy but I do mean have a think about the potential things that may lead to disagreements. Like being hungry and tired.

Camping is hard work, all the hiking, bag carrying, lumpy sleep surfaces and early mornings can be exhausting. When we are tired tempers can flair and this can put a strain on relationships. The best way to diffuse any tension is with treats. If you and your partner have had a little squabble, imagine the look on his or her face when you pull that stash of candy bars out of your back pocket. I guarantee all ill will will vanish as quickly as those wrappers can come off.

Also, don’t be afraid to bring some home comforts. Going camping is of course all about getting back to nature but you don’t have to go full Bear Grylls to enjoying the wilderness. The sleep advisor notes some great lightweight air mattresses as alternatives to sleeping on the cold hard ground.

Do be prepared to snuggle

Girls in general tend to feel the cold more than guys. Chaps, you may have already noticed this at home in bed when your girl keeps hogging the cover. This is not just them being the fairer sex, far from it, rather it’s due to very real biological differences between the sexes when it comes to temperature.

Women in general have slower metabolisms,colder extremities (hands and feet) and require a higher core temperature to remain comfortable. Much of this is to do with the female body protecting the sensitive child rearing parts.

What has this got to do with camping? Well, if your lady is lying in the tent bemoaning the cold while you are sweating away don’t just take her comments idly. Be galant, be a gentleman and do something about it. This is the perfect time to pull out the secret extra blanket/pair of socks/hat you brought with you. Or simply do your manly duty, unzip your sleeping bag and invite her in for a warming snuggle.

Do slow your pace

If you do have more experience of camping than your partner be prepared to cut them some slack. Just because you are used to scrambling up mountainsides and swimming rivers doesn’t mean everyone is. Slow your pace and make sure your partner is able to enjoy the experience as much as you are.

Don’t forget to check the weather

Now this one doesn’t really have anything to do with going camping with your partner, it remains true if you are going camping alone or with perfectly platonic friends. I include this tip here because so many campers still fail to check the weather forecast before they head to the hills and it still amazes me. Do your homework and always be over prepared. Nothing can spoil a nice romantic camping trip with your partner quicker than being in the woods, getting rained and you don’t have a coat.

Well, there you have it, some classic dos and don’ts for first time couple campers. Follow them and I am positive your nights shared under the stars will be some of the most memorable of your entire relationship.

2 thoughts on “First Time Camping With Your Partner? Top Do’s And Dont’s

  1. Not backpacking in a hurry is key Erica. Loving these tips! If you take your time, remembering stuff is not prob 99.99% of the time. If you rush, lots of fights ensue LOL. Camping, or doing anything, really. Fabulous insights that will help ya avoid some fights.



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