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A Classic Batangas Getaway: Eagle Point Resort

The weather was bad. It’s been bad the last couple of days, with heavy rain pour and howling winds that didn’t seem to end. 2018’s monsoon season is unapologetic, with nonstop showers that could last for weeks, and the sun seemed elusive, leaving me with massive withdrawals that might have led to cabin fever if it kept going like that. I already postponed this getaway once, and by then I knew nothing could stop me from getting out of the house. So off we went around 6 in the morning.

Coming from Tagaytay, our ride started off in a foggy haze, with me constantly checking the weather app for any changes or any glimpse of hope. It was gloomy, and my heart sank as rain started pouring down. My husband, driving carefully, reminds me that the weather in Anilao could very much be different from where we were at, and I knew he was right. If there’s one thing I learned from living in the Philippines, it’s the fact that the weather here is not only bipolar, but it’s also quite trippy. You can have a warm and hot afternoon at the beach, and it could be pouring like crazy in a town an hour away. Although Anilao is about two hours away from us, I gave up. I felt defeated by the weather gods. There might be no sunshine and beach, but, I could go back to sleep and enjoy a little rainy staycation at the resort. I didn’t mind that, but I was still heartbroken. It was a rollercoaster of emotions actually, as the weather kept changing throughout our drive there. We finally saw some sunshine by the time we reached Batangas area, but along with winding road to Eagle Point itself, it started raining, and the last 30 minute drive was spent with constant sound of the wipers clearing the windshield from endless drips of rainwater. But alas, we’ve reached the resort. And it was right then and there when somehow, the clouds parted, and a little bit of sunshine blessed us as we parked our car. It was the beginning of a wonderful weekend.

Eagle Point

Eagle Point Resort is one of the original resorts in Anilao catering to diving aficionados and it’s easy to see why. Their top notch location gives them an access to the open ocean where corals are alive and where beautiful underwater biodiversity has inhabited. For decades, Eagle Point has evolved from being specific to diving, to now where it caters to those looking for some kind of relaxation like I was. Needless to say, Eagle Point is no new kid on the block. And being a stone’s throw away from Sombrero Island, plus having their actual own private island– Sepoc Island, Eagle Point stands out in Anilao. When you speak of diving in Anilao, Eagle Point is most likely the first thing you’ll consider.

Sepoc Island

However, I was already 19 weeks pregnant when I visited Eagle Point so scuba diving was not an option for me. But I knew they had other amenities I could enjoy inside the resort, and besides those, I knew I wanted to visit Sepoc Island. And since the sky has cleared and the waves were calm, I was delighted to learn that boats are allowed to venture into the ocean. Otherwise, they actually forbid boat men to take you if the weather report didn’t cooperate. I once experienced that a couple of years ago when we wanted to go to Sombrero Island. Little did we know that despite the lack of rain fall, there was a typhoon and the winds were too strong for small boats.

Sepoc Island is only about a 20-30 minute boat ride away from the resort, and although Eagle Point gives you a private access to the ocean, it doesn’t have a sandy beach you can abuse to lay out in the sun or to just pretty much get your traditional beach fix. Anilao is pretty much beach-less in general, as it’s mostly visited for the scuba diving. So this special access to Sepoc Island is definitely a huge perk! Sure, you can perhaps go to Sombrero Island instead, and although beautiful and charismatic in its own way, it’s a small island so it can easily get crowded. Sepoc Island, being a private property, is limited to guests of Eagle Point. That means no overcrowded beach, and more private moments. Another great thing is that when you book with Eagle Point, a choice of lunch is offered so you don’t have to worry about taking care of food– you can just enjoy the beautiful water, lay out in the sun, or swim further away to the corals if you want.

It’s actually a really pretty island. It has the convenience of tables and chairs, and even a shaded lounge where you can eat, and even a restroom, yet, it still doesn’t lack the rustic island vibe. It still makes you feel like you’re in an exotic tropical location. Well, you are in the Philippines, after all. But it definitely makes you forget that you’re only 2 hours away from the hectic cosmopolitan.

They prepared us a wonderful lunch, complete with veggies, grilled fish and chicken, and of course some tropical fruits. The typical island hopping food, which you don’t ever wanna miss when you’re experiencing the Philippines! We were able to grab the table at the balcony which gives us a stunning view of the ocean at its bluest, showing off its playful gradients at its finest. It was nice to take our time, we didn’t really have anything planned the whole day but to enjoy the beach and each other’s company. Plus being preggo and all, I didn’t mind just allowing myself to relax.

Meanwhile, about 40 volunteers are freediving around the island to handpick trash.

Save The Mermaids Mission

There were about 40 volunteers that were at Sepoc Island for the Save The Mermaids, a non-profit org whose aim is to clean up the ocean, one trash at a time. Besides manually picking up the trash, which are mostly plastic, from under the sea, they also carefully extract Crown of Thorn Starfish, which are known to be really bad for the corals. This is the first time I’ve heard of this parasite, and as I did my research about them, I learned that they actually contribute to coral bleaching, and that they actually don’t have any symbiotic purpose in their own habitat. Hence, the only way to deal with them to save the ocean is to extricate them. They then spray them with vinegar once at the shore, and then the locals will bury them, serving as fertilizers. If you think about it, they’re more useful that way, than if they we’re in the ocean freeloading off the innocent corals.

Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to contribute to this cause because one, I was 19 weeks pregnant, and 2, I’m a terrible diver. The volunteers gathered a disheartening amount of trash though, together with a couple of COT starfish that they’d later on spray with vinegar. I learned that Eagle Point Resort regularly hosts this cause which is pretty amazing. Not only are they keeping Sepoc Island clean, but they’re contributing to protecting the ecosystem as well.


Our stay with Eagle Point Resort was fantastic because we were able to end our days watching the sun set dramatically over the horizon. Our balcony room had the best view of the ocean, so every sunset was phenomenal. Regardless of the rainy beginning, we were actually blessed with stunning sunsets throughout our stay.

The room itself was very comfy and clean, and a goodnight sleep was always ensured. The room’s simplicity gave out a fresh feel, yet once you look out at the balcony, the feeling of luxury and extraordinary touch is easily exuded because of the atmosphere itself. It was absolutely the perfect pick for a quick getaway, and not only was romance completely lingered in the air, but the convenience of it all just totally put the cherry on top.

One downside though, is the spotty internet. However, you’ve driven around a mountain to get here, so this is to be expected. Plus, life is too short to spend vacations on your phone anyway.


Eagle Point Resort boasts their one of a kind restaurant, The Eagle’s Nest Bar, which not only serves a great variety of food and drinks, but also offers a majestic panoramic view of the ocean. We always timed our dinner around sunset and we were always blessed with golden rays as we gobbled down delicious food.

They have an extensive menu which offers more than just your typical resort menu– they have quite the variety, from Filipino to continental. They also have a bar, but it’s not like I could be drinking so I stuck with my usual mango shake!

Diving & Snorkeling

Unfortunately, since I was pregnant, I wasn’t able to do the famed activity to do in Eagle Point, which was scuba diving. I definitely have to come back for that here. Anilao is actually the birthplace of scuba diving in the Philippines, and they have a great reputation. Scuba divers from all over the world flock to this town for a glimpse of their rich marine life.

If you’re not a scuba diver, snorkeling is a great option, and not like most resorts where you need a boat ride to be able to see corals and colorful fish, you literally just have to step outside and jump in the water. Eagle Point’s location is impeccable, and you don’t have to swim too far either! They have a dive shop that offers all your diving needs, including rental of gears. They also have an infinity style saltwater pool where you can practice scuba diving.



Eagle Point is a classic Batangas resort. It’s been here for decades, and it’s definitely not going anywhere for now. Whether you’re in it for the diving, the beach, or just to laze around in the pool, it’s a great choice for sure. It’s only 2 hours away from the city, which is another plus, but at the end of the day, it’s what they have to offer that really makes it a must in my list.

For booking and inquiries, you may visit their official website here.

Disclaimer: Thank you Eagle Point Resort for inviting me! As always, all thoughts, photos, and opinion are my own.

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