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Navigating College Madness With Your Sorority Sisters

The Value Of A Good Community

Did you know that studies have linked qualities of personality like charity, or a giving heart, to physical wellbeing? It’s true, and indicates that human flourishing requires more than simple food and water. A sense of community is key. In the college world, this is no different—though that community does have a “monochrome” nature to it for a while.

College is beautiful for a lot of reasons, not least of which being the opportunities you’re able to explore with like-minded, similarly-experienced and similarly-aged peers.

Collateral Sorority Benefits

They say it’s not what you know, it’s who you know; and perhaps nowhere else is this more apparent than in the world of collegiate brotherhoods and sisterhoods. After college, those in your Greek named “house” will be peppered throughout the workforce. When you encounter them, you may be hired simply for your affiliation!

Now, granted, if you have a rivalry, this could also keep you from getting hired at certain places. But a fraternity or sorority essentially represents a “brand”; and by becoming part of one, you’ve been “branded” such that you’re recognizable beyond the collegiate institution. The greater the size of the fraternity/sorority, the greater this influence ultimately is.

Accordingly, if you’re involved with a sorority, you want to be sure you bring something to the table so that you can make the most of it. College is only four years for an undergraduate degree, and even if you pursue masters and Ph D. certification, the minimum is still only eight years. If you were able to tread water a decade atop that Van Wilder style, it’s still only a fraction of your life. So make the best of your time when you’re in such a group.

For example, you may help the “den mothers” save money at your sorority by pointing them to sites like Azazie, who offer discounts on sorority dresses and wide selection. Finding the perfect sorority dresses is important for making a great first impression. Azazie will offer your sorority a full range of chic colors and styles that will make everyone look and feel amazing! (source:

Bettering A Young Community

Additionally, your sorority house acts as a small-scale apartment complex, and is definitely a community. You’ll also want to “trick it out”, as the saying goes, with the latest fashions. One that’s a lot of fun involves installing beverage and snack vending machines. For a sorority, you might give it that sweet college-girl kick by installing a vending machine which is specifically designed to dispense candy.

At  you can find all your vending machine candy needs; according to the site, they are the number one source for all the best-selling vending machine candy; gumballs, Skittles, Runts, M&Ms, and more. Buy the candy in bulk and save.

When you have meetings with those in the higher echelons of your sorority, providing them information like that afforded here can help them to give their “house” and members a unique flair which is recognizable across campus. You may even end up initiating a trend which echoes down the corridors of time, and is there to greet you when you return later as an alumnus.

Collegiate life today isn’t what it was in the middle of the twentieth century. In certain respects it’s better, and it’s worse—as is any new era a generation is in the midst of defining. One thing is the same, though: being in a sorority puts you into a group of friends you can keep for a long time, and adding to that sorority in a positive way benefits everyone.

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