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Most Famous Food In Manila You Cannot Miss

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If you are in Manila then there are a lot of food that will satisfy your taste buds. One must taste the cuisine of different places in order to get their essence. If you are visiting Manila than opt for the cheap Jetstar flight booking.

Here come some of the dishes that you must taste whenever you are in Manila. 

Chicken Adobo: If you want to try out the famous food of Manila then you must not miss out the chicken adobo. Adobo indicates marinade. It is prepared by using a mixture of vinegar and soya sauce.

Balut: Balut is one of the famous street foods of Manila whose origin is the Philippines and is also found in Cambodia, Laos, and Vietnam. Balut is duck embryo which is having an age of 17 days. The duck can never be old enough for developing feathers, beak, bones, and claws so you will be consuming underdeveloped ducks.

Buko Pie: Buko Pie is a famous roadside attraction. It is quite similar to the custard pie and it has a dense filling.  This filling is made by using condensed milk and sweetened cream. It has a simple yet complex flavor. 

Kinilaw: In this dish, a lot of fresh fish, garlic, onions, tomatoes, ginger, chilies along with citrus and coconut vinegar is used. The fish is then dipped in a sauce of coconut cream. One can enjoy the great taste of this food because it articulates simplicity.

Kare Kare: Kare Kare is another stew that has ox tripe and oxtail in it. Roasted peanuts or peanut butter is used for flavoring along with garlic and onion. Shrimp sauce is added for a better taste. Filipino lime along with sprinkled chilies are used for added taste. In the entire country, you can see that this food is extremely famous and it is influenced by the Indian community.

Kinilaw: Kinilaw and ceviche are quite similar and is one of the most famous dishes of the Peruvian. This is a salad that has fish in it and it is served by including some acidic juices like vinegar and Filipino lime. This acidic juice is used for cooking the meat. The term Kilaw signifies eaten fresh. It also has other ingredients included in it like ginger, pepper, onion, garlic, red chili and many more.

Sinigang: Sinigang is another dish which is based on meat. Here is stew or soup is prepared by including a lot of veggies. It also has tamarind in it which is the prime ingredient of this dish. Most of the time pork is used for preparing this dish but one can also use fish, beef, chicken and other types of meat for preparing this dish. Sometimes guava or tomatoes are used as a souring agent.

Paksiw Na Lechon: The term Lechon stands for suckling pig. Here and an entire pig is roasted using charcoal and is prepared for any special occasions. This dish is considered to be the national dish of the Philippines or Manila and if you want to have this then you can visit Cebu. All the leftovers are then stewed by using some spices and vinegar. This dish is then called as the Paksiw Na Lechon. 

All the foods mentioned above are very famous and one must not miss out the dishes. Manila has dishes that comes with a unique flavor and you can see a lot of influence in the dishes. A lot of marination and mixture of sauces are seen in the dishes. It will make your tastebuds alive after you taste these foods. In order to taste the delicious food of Manila book your Tagbilaran to Manila flights today! 

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