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Planning The Perfect Trip Abroad With Friends

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Planning The Perfect Trip Abroad With Friends

Planning a holiday abroad with friends can be stressful, especially if you have a large group. Fortunately, putting in some time and effort will help your trip run smoothly and ensure that everyone is happy while you’re away. To help you arrange an unforgettable holiday, here are some useful tips on how to plan the perfect trip abroad with friends. 

Discuss budgets 

Before you start planning your trip, you must discuss what everyone can afford so you can set a realistic budget. There is no point planning a luxury 5-star holiday in the Caribbean if only a few of your friends can afford this. Remember to be mindful of people’s budgets and discuss finances openly before selecting a destination or planning your itinerary. You can easily create a budget in Google Docs or Excel and then share this with the group so everyone can keep track of expenses. Free bill splitting apps like Splitwise and Splitoo are also useful as they allow groups to calculate and divide trip costs quickly and conveniently.

Choose your group carefully 

When planning a group trip abroad, it’s essential to choose the right group of people who will get along and enjoy each other’s company. Nothing puts a dampening effect on a holiday like a massive argument on day one! Friends with laidback and low-maintenance personalities are likely to cause less tension or arguments while you’re away. Inviting people who already know each other is another great way to ensure that everyone gets along. Remember that arguments may happen on your holiday. One of the best ways to prevent arguments is by being proactive and speaking with everyone to get an idea of their expectations. Find out everyone’s travel style and work out what they want to get from the trip. This will help you defuse potentially heated situations and keep everyone happy while you’re away.

Hire a villa

Villas are an excellent choice for groups as they offer more space and privacy than hotels or other accommodation choices. Plus, you will all get to stay together and won’t have to worry about trying to book adjoining rooms or find a hotel with enough rooms available to accommodate your group. Again, you must be mindful of people’s budgets, but villas can often be cheaper than hotels as you get to split the cost across your group. Many villas also come equipped with incredible amenities to make your trip even more memorable. This includes things like games rooms, private pools, and high-tech kitchens. If you’re interested in booking a villa, many companies are offering group villa holidays to suit every size and budget.

Pick the right destination

Make sure that you determine what everyone wants from the trip. One friend may want to spend a quiet week relaxing on the beach, while another might want an action-packed city break. Discuss potential destinations with your friendship group and make sure to include everyone in the decision-making process. You can find plenty of useful advice and tips on the best travel destinations to visit with friends by reading travel blogs or forums online. Be sure to do your research and select somewhere that will offer enough entertainment and activities to keep every member of the group entertained. 

Keep communicating 

It can be easy to become caught up in the excitement of booking a holiday and forget to keep everyone updated on what’s been booked, timings, etc. However, this can lead to miscommunication and arguments, hence why it’s so important to keep communicating with your group throughout the planning process. Make sure you set up a travel group chat where you can post updates and discuss the trip. That way, all of your group will feel involved and have the opportunity to share their opinions on trip decisions. Check-in on your friends regularly to make sure that no one has any concerns over things like the location, accommodation, or activities. This will help your trip run smoothly and ensure that everyone in your group has an unforgettable holiday experience. 

Final thoughts

Going on a trip abroad with friends is exciting and gives you the opportunity to spend lots of quality time together and make amazing memories. However, planning a successful group trip can be a challenge, especially if you have a large group of people who want different things. You can help keep the group happy by listening to everyone’s opinion on trip decisions, being mindful of people’s budgets, and communicating regularly throughout the planning process. 

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