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Why You Need Switching to Slow Traveling Mode While Visiting Philippines this Time

zamboanga philippines

The Philippines is one of my most favorite places and I have already talked a lot about it in my blogs. But I think, this time, we need to change our traveling mode while visiting this splendid place. Yes, I am talking about slow traveling that is turning into my new love all for good reasons.

I think that you all can relate that whenever we hear the word traveling, what appears in our mind is an adventurous journey, new experiences and a bag full of memories – something to cherish for the rest of our life.

But is it possible to engross all the amazing colors of the Philippines while hopping from one site to another? Would you be able to bag quality memories by just skimming through the destination? If your answer is ‘no’, then it is time to switch to slow traveling mode.

You might be wondering what is this slow traveling and why am I going gaga over it? So, here is your answer.

What is Slow Traveling My New Love?

Slow travelling simply means to consider quality rather than quantity. Oh… we are not discussing setting your wardrobe, but believe me, quality matters in traveling as well.

Slow travel means not to cram your tour with a target to see as many destinations as you can in one go. It means to lodge at a place for a long time until that place starts recognizing your smell, footprints and presence – so even if you leave that place, that place still remembers you for a long time. Sounds poetic? Well, this is what slow traveling is all about.

Discovering a few places but knowing them by heart is better than traveling to every nook and corner without bagging any worthy memory.

Here are given inspiring reasons to turn you into a slow traveler:

You Don’t Need to Break Your Bank:

Starting from transportation to your lodging and from eating to shopping – traveling is all about money, money and more money. But, ‘slow traveling’ can cut short your flowing revenue because if you stay for a long time, you can enjoy cheap local transportation facilities, or have your own bicycle ride. You also don’t need to book expensive hotel rooms. You can rent out a room in a guest house or become a paying guest of a local who might entertain you better than hotels’ staff.

There are so many things to do in the Philippines that you might end up spending all your money before the end of your trip. The good new is you can ask your family to send you the money you need for the rest of your trip. Show them how to send money to the Philippines using a mobile app or an online service for their convenience and so you get the money you need quickly.

Experience Adrenaline-charged Adventures:

I wonder why people think that adventure only means living on the edge – diving from a cliff, battling with waves of water, climbing a dangerous mountain or doing nasty things. I differ!

I think discovering a new world is also an adventure – an adventure initiating other adventures. Slow traveling lets you experience the pleasure of discovering new meanings of adventure. You start finding adventures in little daily activities. Or you can also feel the rush of adventure by stepping into a new place because you don’t know what you will encounter.

See? There are so many shades of adventure that you can only explore through slow traveling.

Embrace the People of other World:

Traveling doesn’t mean to just hop from one place to another in a quest to discover places; it also means to discover new people, culture and their lifestyle. Slow travelling definitely helps us to slow down our pace and walk along with the locals. When we stay at a place for a long time, we slowly start feeling an inbound relation with the surrounding people.

The Philippine is so culturally enriched that you can’t miss out getting into its roots. Isn’t it an exciting thing to know about thoughts, mindset, culture and lifestyle of people of different regions? For me, it definitely is! And I am sure you also feel the same way.

Now you know what to do if the Philippines is flashing on your travel bucket list this holiday season. So, what are you waiting for? Slow travel is waiting for you…

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