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Wondering Which States to Visit in the US? This Has You Covered


An American road trip might seem like a cliched bucket list option (Route 66 anyone?), but there’s a reason that many travel list dreams are clichés – because they’re the best experiences. The US has a helpful offering of 50 states to choose from, which means if you’re hoping to bag all of them, a road trip is probably the best way to go about it (or at least to take in the majority of them, anyway). 

If you’re looking to narrow down the search area a little, or you’re looking for one state to spend some quality time in, then any of the below options are sure to ignite your wanderlust fire. 


If it’s glorious sandy beaches you want, then glorious sandy beaches you’ll get. A sun-seekers paradise, Florida is a huge hit with the tourists, especially Miami with its famous art scene, buzzing nightlife, and the iconic South Beach. 

If lying on a beach simply doesn’t provide enough adrenaline for you, never fear – because a trip to Orlando will see you united with some of the most spectacular theme parks in the world, a must for Disney fans everywhere.

Florida is also awash with historical sites, culture, and national parks, so you’ll never be bored, that’s for certain. 


Everyone dreams of going to Las Vegas, right? How about stepping it up a gear and considering a private jet Las Vegas? Or are you more interested in desert hiking trails rather than vibrant neon lights? Maybe a bit of both? If you’re going to Nevada, try everything on offer. You won’t regret it!

Nevada is home to some gorgeous state parks, including Cathedral Gorge State Park. There are also some fantastic experiences to be had, whether enjoying the casino, dancing in a fountain, or trying the Slotzilla zipline!

If you didn’t think there was enough neon already, there’s even a museum dedicated to neon lights (naturally best visited during the darker hours when they flip the switch and light up the night!).


Heard of Yosemite National Park? Of course you have – and here it is, in California, ready to be ticked off your hiking bucket list. If you’re a fan of beaches, sun, a vibrant tourist scene, and a variety of activities like walking, partying, relaxing, or the arts, then California’s for you. It houses two of the most popular tourist destinations, Los Angeles and San Francisco, and if you’re a movie buff, you’ll want to visit Universal Studios Hollywood, naturally.

New York 

The city that never sleeps, which is great news if you’re an insomniac or want to make the most out of every second of your vacation. If you’re a hectic, bustling, crowded city sort of traveler, then New York can provide extremely tall buildings, amazing views, a huge theatre scene – and it’s simply the place to be if you’re looking for an extra special New Year’s Eve spent in Times Square. 

No matter where you choose to go in the US, there’s no doubt that there’s something amazing to find in any state. 

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