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Girl, Unspotted

Hi, you! I’m Erica and this is my travel blog.

When I was seven, my mom bought me this giant atlas book. It was my favorite book, and while kids my age swooned over Cinderella, I grew an obsession reading about places I couldn’t even pronounce yet.

My curiosity to learn about the world grew bigger as I moved around while growing up– from the sunny islands of the Philippines to the bright lights of Las Vegas, to the cold suburbs of California, to the deserts of a small town in New Mexico, and then back to familiar places– you could say I never really had the chance to consider any place “home” yet.

As I grew older and traveled to more places, I have become insatiable. I aim to inspire girls and women to see the world too. That’s why I started this blog– to share my wonderful experiences and priceless knowledge that I would have never learned in school. From my short tales to ingenious travel hacks, I’m pretty generous with ideas. And because I sort of have a knack for telling people what to do, I write my personal destination guides to make it easier for you to plan your travels.

This is my collection of personal stories during my pursuit of finding home. Until then, I will continue to be a slave to my curiosity. Girl, Unspotted is all about living a life of freedom, adventures, and finding beauty anywhere and everywhere.

Be free and be wild, but if you must be enslaved, be a slave to your own curiosity.

girl, unspotted

Wanna reach me?

girl, unspotted

Email me at girlunspotted@yahoo.com

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17 thoughts on “About

  1. I just started following you on IG. ❤ I think we both had the same atlas book haha! I remember having one bigger than me and I would memorize countries and capitals too 🙂 ANYWAY so happy I came across your travels!! Look forward to more of your pictures!


  2. That is funny that your love of geography and travel began at the age of seven with a world Atlas! Same thing happened to me when I was six years old and my parents had a World Almanac.

    Not only did it have maps of every country in the world at the time (1986), but a section at the back with each country’s national flag. I would spend hours trying to recreate those flags with scrap paper and dream of visiting every single one of them one day.

    I’m up to 23 countries now some 30 years later, so guess I really buggered up that dream! LOL! Glad to have stumbled upon your blog. Looking forward to reading more about your adventures!


    1. Thanks Ray! I’m a believer that it’s not about how many stamps you have in your passport but instead how much you’ve learned and how these places opened up your mind. Cheers to more adventures!


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