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5 Free Things To Do In Singapore

It’s no secret that Singapore is an expensive country. Considered as one of the world’s most expensive cities, it is without a doubt that Singapore isn’t like its neighboring countries. Accommodations are high, taxi fares are a killer, drinks are a luxury, and shopping is all about the high-ends. But don’t let its reputation impede… Continue reading 5 Free Things To Do In Singapore

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5 Important Things To Consider Before Picking A Travel Buddy

Traveling with someoneĀ is all fun and games until true colors show. Whether it’s with your bestie, your sister, your significant other, or a stranger, travel will somehow bring you to depths your relationship has never been to before. Unless your idea of travel is an all-inclusive trip, or more like a vacation, (which is fine… Continue reading 5 Important Things To Consider Before Picking A Travel Buddy

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A Balinese New Year

After a week of beach hopping and temple runs in theĀ Island of Gods, we were lucky enough to catch the Balinese new year on the final days of our honeymoon. I was aware of the Silent Day when I planned out my honeymoon, but I didn’t really had the time to learn about the festivities… Continue reading A Balinese New Year

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I Rode An Elephant And I’m Not Proud Of It

It seems that these days, one of the most popular things to do in Thailand is to ride an elephant. I mean, how authentic does that sound, right? You sitting on a saddle on the back of beautiful gentle animal, going for a stroll in the lush tropical jungle in an exotic land. Now that… Continue reading I Rode An Elephant And I’m Not Proud Of It

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I Fell In Love In Coron

  Falling in love is never as easy as they make it look like in the movies. It requires a perfect balance of timing and perhaps some sort of cosmic force. They say once you meet the right one, you just know. I don’t necessarily believe in love at first sight, but this I can tell… Continue reading I Fell In Love In Coron