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Finding Mordor: Mt. Batulao Hike

Ever since I began appreciating the joy of hiking which wasn’t too long ago, I’ve had Mt. Batulao in mind. I live about 20 minutes away from the jump off point, but being a rookie and all, I was a little intimidated by it. Every time my husband and I make plans to climb it,… Continue reading Finding Mordor: Mt. Batulao Hike

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Mountain Climb Monday – Mt. Talamitam

I was never a fan of hiking until recently. Lately, my thirst for any thrill has been on top of it, which is great, because I’m bringing myself to new heights- literally and figuritively. So one weekend, I was able to convince my husband to go on a hike with me. We decided to go… Continue reading Mountain Climb Monday – Mt. Talamitam