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How To Be An Annoying Traveler

You’re at a museum having a grand time learning about history and admiring phenomenal arts. You’re fully indulged as you walk by paintings and sculptures, pausing in front of some pieces to savor its beauty. You’re a world away, completely transcended to another place and time. When, wait a minute, there’s a big group inhibiting… Continue reading How To Be An Annoying Traveler

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Date Ideas For Adventurers

Dates are fun, but the usual movie and a dinner can get pretty old. If you’re just like me, or you’re trying to impress a girl whose idea of a great date involves an adventure and trying something new, then I’m sure getting wined and dined wouldn’t cut it. This piece is for those unconventional… Continue reading Date Ideas For Adventurers

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Kuala Lumpur For First Timers

When I booked my flight to Kuala Lumpur, I knew very little about the place. I just got back from Hong Kong and Macau and I was still running a travel bug fever. But why Kuala Lumpur? My husband (boyfriend at the time) asked me. I didn’t really have a reason when I booked it.… Continue reading Kuala Lumpur For First Timers