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7 of Southeast Asia’s Most Affordable Romantic Getaways

Just in time for Valentine weekend coming up, I have compiled some of the most romantic places around Southeast Asia that will without a doubt set the mood for love. From sunsets to breathtaking views, one does not need to shell out a lot of cash to put a little love in your soul. So… Continue reading 7 of Southeast Asia’s Most Affordable Romantic Getaways

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The Raw Beauty Of Casaroro Falls

On my last post, I’ve shared with you the fact that in 2015, I fell in love with hiking. And while yes, I meant it, the truth is…sometimes, hiking really just sucks. And by that I mean, the struggle makes me want to cry sometimes. Okay maybe not literally, but if I’m being real here,… Continue reading The Raw Beauty Of Casaroro Falls

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2015 Travel Resolution Accomplishments

2015 has been one hell of a year. So many places visited, so much fear conquered, and a handful of lessons learned along the way. I’ve crossed off a few things in my wanderlist and added a bunch more. But hey, that’s how falling in love with adventure works, right? With all the travel goals… Continue reading 2015 Travel Resolution Accomplishments

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How To Be An Annoying Traveler

You’re at a museum having a grand time learning about history and admiring phenomenal arts. You’re fully indulged as you walk by paintings and sculptures, pausing in front of some pieces to savor its beauty. You’re a world away, completely transcended to another place and time. When, wait a minute, there’s a big group inhibiting… Continue reading How To Be An Annoying Traveler

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Travelers vs. Tourists: An Honest Comparison

Today, where tourism in many corners of the planet is booming faster than we can imagine, travel, by any means, has become more possible than ever. With thousands of millenials flocking to the airport in different cities everyday, and thousands of articles on the internet inspiring those not traveling yet to get up and go,… Continue reading Travelers vs. Tourists: An Honest Comparison


Top 10 FAQ On Southeast Asia Travel

Dreaming about traveling through the jungles and exotic islands of Southeast Asia but somehow feeling a bit unsure? I’ve listed the top 10 frequently asked questions that I get asked a lot to make it easier for your research. Inspired mostly by questions I come across in Girls Who Travel, a travel group on Facebook, I tried to… Continue reading Top 10 FAQ On Southeast Asia Travel

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On Being A Third Culture Kid: Where Do I Belong?

“Third culture kid (TCK) is a term used to refer to children who were raised in a culture outside of their parents’ culture for a significant part of their development years.” When meeting new people especially while traveling, one of the most common questions being thrown around is usually about where you’re from. It’s easy,… Continue reading On Being A Third Culture Kid: Where Do I Belong?